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April 13 2006

Peter David posts missing dialogue from Spike vs Dracula #1. Ever noticed how that one page just had everybody be really quiet?

Apparently something went wrong and writer Peter David comments:
"Spike vs. Dracula #1." I finally got my comp copies, only to page through it and discover that page 21 was completely devoid of dialogue. Didn't ANYONE wonder why the ending made no sense? What's really mystifying is that it was on the jpegs that IDW sent me for approval. Somewhere, between the printer and the printing, an entire page of my dialogue completely vanished."

He then posts the missing dialogue on his blog: click here

I never noticed. Oh boy. How did that mistake get past IDW?
I didn't notice that either. Think there could be a proof-reader at IDW that's not going to have a very happy easter. It's kind of a testament to the artist, I guess, that the story didn't feel incomplete while missing a page of dialogue.

(and categorically not a testament to my own lack of observiness, nope, no siree)
and categorically not a testament to my own lack of observiness, nope, no siree

LOL. Well I did notice at the time it was a weird moment to go 'quiet' since the page before it is the same scene and there's talking there. But I thought they just picked a weird time to go 'artsy';) Mr David is now probably wondering if we're all morons...

I looked it up and it does make more sense now, hehe. And I too wonder how that happened since the proofs DID contain the dialogue. I'd think you'd actively have to take it out again for this to happen, but....

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Peter David has been announced as a guest at Shore Leave 28, July 7-9 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Yeah... I thought Spike just pissed them off by killing someone and making that gesture. Thank god it's a little more redeemable now.
I'd assumed it was a jokey pantomime of the 'Big Bad Monster' then the two fingered salute then leg it and let the villagers think that Spike lived up in the castle, hence the motivation to burn it down.

With words is even funnier though.

(BTW, I hadn't clicked the link when I first posted - wanted to wait until I got home and had the comic in front of me - but someone commented on David's blog about the 'testament to the artist'. Spooky. Must've been testament particles floating around or something)
When I read this comic and got to this page it crossed my mind that it needed dialog. I thought it was my own lack of comic book reading experience that made me feel I was missing something. I was wondering if Spike also killed the woman on that page, there is a frame where he leans in toward her. I figured he killed her too, which now that I have read the missing bits I know he didn't.

Despite the missing dialog I really enjoyed this comic book. I hope Peter David keeps the level of quality writing he showed in issues 1 and 2 for the whole Spike vs. Dracula series.
Chris Ryall has posted the actual page with word balloons here. He also promised the problem would be fixed in the upcoming TPB.

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