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March 20 2003

(SPOILER) Spoilers for S7x21 "End of Days" posted by bubonicplague at FanForum. Scroll down for the ep 21 info.

There's not much here that wasn't included in Wendy's recap (oh, except for that part about Faith and Wood having sex in Buffy's bed sometime previous - yeesh) but bubonic's snark is always good for a laugh.

No spoilers for episode 20 yet, I wonder why.
Well, the spoiler sources all say that they're filming 21 before 20, because Eliza is a huge part of 20 and she's busy right now filming her pilot for FOX. Bubonic's script even noted that Eliza wasn't needed for the "Faith's unconscious" scenes at Casa Summers in 21.
Personally, I could do without bubonic's snark. If I want to read a spoiler summary, I prefer it to be as objective as possible--"just the facts, ma'am"--so I can attempt to make up my own mind rather than have it colored by the previewer. It's hard enough to know what to make of spoiler-summaries as it is.

Which is why I generally avoid them, and in fact have not read this one. I read the first "bubonic" spoiler epic, and decided his/her screenname was well-chosen.

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