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April 13 2006

Update from Jewel Staite. Jewel updates her blog with news of her travels, new movie and future con plans. Also something about scary grilled cheese.

She is so adorable! Good to know about the grilled cheese, though my hubby hasn't gone that extreme yet and we've been together for 3 yrs this July. Maybe after you hit & pass 3 yrs the weird cooking comes into play...
I love mayo and mustard on my grilled cheese. She needs to give it another shot!

And for the record, I've been married 4 years and I don't let hubby cook. That saves us a lot of drama.
See, were I married I'd be the kind of husband that enjoys cooking. And my food is actually edible!

I love they bit where they "saved Santa Monica."
Rogue Slayer, and here all this time I thought he was pretty nigh perfect!

*sigh* Illusion dispelled. ;)
I'm gonna second the grilled cheese reaction... Mayo?! Ehuww! No thank you...
The Tribe then... Well, it sounds a bit cheesy but alot of good things sometimes do and getting Jewel as a lead(ish) in anything is something I've been looking forward to for a good long while now. As long as it's not another Demon Island I'm happy. And after all, cheesy is fun sometimes, unless combined with mayo that is...
"I can confirm that I'll be back in LA for the Flanvention in December as well."

I guess Jewel just scooped Booster Events, since this isn't announced on their website yet.
I love her writing style. She should write a novel or something.
theonetruebix: I guess Jewel just scooped Booster Events, since this isn't announced on their website yet. This is true, but if I'm gonna be scooped by anybody, let it be Jewel.
I hope that Matty doesn't make grilled cheese sandwiches for many people 'cause she's just given them all permission to kiss him if he does.
How adorable is Jewel? I second, third or fourth (I've lost count) the scary grilled cheese thing.

I love the "and now I miss them even more" part. I still can't get over how this cast just... gets along. I mean, put a random group of nine people together and they all actually like each other? It's a good thing Firefly wasn't reality TV, they'd have been cancelled halfway.....

Oh. Forget it.
Yeahhhhh!! She's going to be at the Flanvention in December! Can't wait to see her there, again!!!
SWF ISO SM with great cooking skills. :)
Hey, I was all set to go when Nathan said he'd be there. It's also great she stays in contact with much of the cast.
Could she BE more adorable?
So toasted sandwiches in two threads now. Odd that?
Could she BE more adorable?

I don't think that would be physically possible. Maybe if she merged with Nathan... ew.

I'm interested in the movie she described, Tribe: I wonder if it's a theatrical movie, and considering how she's in almost every scene, if Serenity has boosted her profile. Hope so!
Maybe if she had fur and big floppy ears ? Actually, that has a pretty big eww component as well (but I bet Jewel could carry it off, she so luuvly).

I'm also intrigued by 'The Tribe'. And she was great in Stargate: Atlantis so it's nice to see that acknowledged.

It's Easter nixygirl, it's the time for toasties. Hang on, that's not right... Sorry, i'm getting it mixed up with Breville Day ;).

And for the record, to all you naysayers (and assuming mayo is mayonnaise) there is nothing, nothing I tell you, that can't be improved by spreading it on top. As a callow youth, before the days of heart attacks and the 'wrong kind of fat', I used to have mayonnaise sandwiches (OK, this was in Scotland, home of the deep fried Mars Bar ;).

(and in Holland they have it with their chips ! Truly a progressive nation ;).
Dear Jewel's husband:
* Home-made bread
* A dash of ketchup spread even (alternatively, thin tomato slices)
* Pepperoni
* Cheese ("I likes me some cheese")
* Oregano
8 minutes in a pre-heated 250 degree celsius oven

Served with a nice, cool glass of orange juice.

Try it! :)
All Hail the Great Breville Day!
(the jaffle maker not the company)
Hey! Mayo is fine on a grilled cheese sandwich. Though my wife won't eat it. But I'm sure that she's smiled and said thank you to things I've cooked before, just because I'm cooking.
As long as we're on the subject of best toasted cheese sandwiches, a layer of pesto on the inside of each slice of bread and heaps of cheese is the only way to go! Mmm, garlicky. You might not get kissed though.

(and in Holland they have it with their chips ! Truly a progressive nation ;).

I actually plan parts of my vacation around the fries with mayo and peanut sauce when I go to Holland...mmmm....
How much do I love Jewel? (Well...a lot...obviously). Seriously, these updates, though sparse, are always interesting, even if it is in a strange grilled cheese sort of way.

I actually plan parts of my vacation around the fries with mayo and peanut sauce when I go to Holland...mmmm....

Heh, good choice. Ofcourse, the Belgian variant fries (thicker) are also worth your time. But yes, although the Dutch menu contains no exciting (or even remotely worthwhile) dishes (potatoes, vegestables and a piece of meat - all served seperately - which spells 'boring'), we can snack like the best of 'em. Our 'kroketten', 'kaassouflés' and 'frikandellen' are sublime and fries + mayo or peanut sauce (that sounds kinda yucky, translated) are a must. Although, obviously, not all the time :-p.
A single slice of thick farmhouse bread, good mature English Chedder and a sprinkling of Worcestershire sauce would be my favourite
and we saved Santa Monica (life guard tower was on fire, we called 911, we're heroes).

No, you're big damn heroes. =D
Loooooooooove her. (And mayo on grilled cheese, too.)
Sharin' the Jewel love! I think she should have her own travel show, the way she describes restaurants, sites seen, lifeguard tower fires doused, etc. Really, with Jewel's enthusiasm and cuteness, even I would watch that show, and the only travel shows I ever watch are Michael Palin's. ;-)

Sorry, i'm getting it mixed up with Breville Day ;)
All Hail the Great Breville Day!
(the jaffle maker not the company)

Oh, gods, no, not another British Empire reference that I have no clue about whatsoever! OK, guys, I give up: what's (or who's) Breville, and what's a jaffle?

FFS, I'm starting to feel like that imbecile Kellie on AI! ;-)

BTW: Sliced tomatoes, yes. A little butter on the bread, yes (hey, I'm young enough that my arteries can deal with it!). Garlic or even chopped onions, sounds good. (With enough garlic, onions and tomatoes, you're actually making a pizza with a slice of bread on the top!) But mayo? Or mustard? On a toasty hot sandwich? Not so much.
I'd never heard the word "jaffle" before, but the trusty Wikipedia informs me that it's a toasted sandwich in South Africa and Australia. And Breville makes sandwich toasters.

Make mine a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe . . .
Ohhhhhh...thanks, SNT! But, mutton? Is it too much to ask for a BLT? (OK, they have mayo, but they're usually not steamin' hot, so the mayo is just fine.)
Hahahaha, oh those darn colloquial expressions!
Yep, we call them jaffles here in Oz.

Thanx SNT for explaining yet again, what the hell I'm waffling on about. ; D

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