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April 14 2006

Happy Birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar! Everyone's favorite Vampire Slayer turns 29 today.

Also, a happy birthday to the rest of us who also might share this birthday.

Hey where's the 'Van Helsing' love ? ;-)

Happy birthday to SMG, indeed (and possibly to you Emma Frost if i'm reading between the lines correctly ?).

(course if Ma Geller could've held out for one more day she'd have shared a birthday with Leonardo Da Vinci but, as it is, she'll just have to 'settle' for Rod Steiger, John Gielgud and Julie Christie)
Was I really that obvious? Thank you!

Hee! No, but April really does seem like a month full of birthdays (my department at work alone has, like, eleven, and seven of those are between today and Sunday), and I'm quite sure that there're a lot of people who share this birthday here too.

[ edited by Emma Frost on 2006-04-14 10:52 ]
Let's all chip in on a severed arm! Come on guys, what do you say?
Happy birthday to SMG and to our very own Emma Frost. Hope you both have a really great day.

[wcip]Angel, I'm a little broke at the moment. Probably just going to steal a jacket for her. Must remember to take off that security tag ...
You know, if you smash all her toes, it'll still be the bestest Buffy Sarah Birthday, ever!.

Gotta break that date with her for the Ice Capades. Don't let me forget.
So you don't think we should celebrate by locking her in a house with an insane vampire (who needs to take headache medicine frequently)?


The Internet just broke.

Buffy-reference overload!
Yet amazing at the same time.
You think she's young now, she was 19 (and already a veteran) when she nailed the "I don't wanna die" speech. Happy Birthday, Sarah! The bestest Buffy there ever was!

Birthday wishes for EmmaFrost as well!
Happy Birthday Sarah! =) *...and many more!*
Happy Happy Birthday, SMG! May your cake be over run with little flaming sticks of fire...or candles, as most people call them.
Happy Birthday Sarah and Emma Frost! =)
Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Thanks for seven years of the MOST AMAZING TELEVISION EVER!!! We miss you!
April really does seem like a month full of birthdays

That's because there's nothing else to do in July... ;-) And yes, I'm an April baby, too.
Happy birthday, SMG and EmmaFrost! Enjoy the day and many happy returns! :-)
EW is encouraging its readers to write a birthday haiku for SMG. That is all.

[ edited by Scotto on 2006-04-14 20:12 ]
Happy Birthday Sarah :-) xxxx
Happy Birthday Sarah! You were an absolute delight to watch from Buffy to The Grudge! Hope this year is filled with much happiness and bliss! Best of everything!
Dear Sarah. Have a happiest of birthdays. David Boreanaz may have made me question my sexual orientation for a while there, but you were the pin that burst that balloon. :)

[ edited by [wcip]Angel on 2006-04-14 20:38 ]
A very happy birthday to you, Sarah!
happy birthday sarah!!
hope you have an awesome day!
you ROCK!
Thanks for including the rest of us born on the 14th, Emma Frost!!

Happy birthday to Sarah!
Happy birthday to Sarah and Faith21!
A Happy birthday to Sarah.
29 claps and one for good luck to the wonderful SMG. We were thinking of you! And a few for Faith21 too, if she's desperate. :P
Thank you ilanit & buffy_kitten (I am desperate, but that's another story *g*)!!

Didn't get back to this until now because writing papers have left me swamped. Two weeks left of classes and I'm still tempted to drop out. :)

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