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April 14 2006

Serenity talk in the UK. Milton Keynes, April 30th. 40 minute talk, followed by screening of the movie. It doesn't actually say, but Alan and Ron are at the convention that weekend so I'd presume they are doing the talk.

Oh this may be the most OT thing I've done in ages but the Serenity in-joke in The Inside finale was hilarious.
I can't resist biting: What was the Serenity in-joke in the The Inside finale, Simon?
One of the characters talked about how they went at the weekend to see a space-western at the cinema.
The character in question was Adam Baldwin's character. I think.
Shiny! I mean, who better than Tim Minear and Adam Baldwin to give us a shout-out? And Fox must have poo'ed themselves when they saw it -- oh, wait, that's right, Fox never aired the last ep. Well, I'm glad it's getting seen somewhere! ;-)
I think episode 1.13 Skin and Bones of The Inside gets my vote for most "Ewwwwww" episode in a quite some time. Excellent stuff. I'm gutted it's over. BTW, congratulations Simon -- you get the slashdot award for most successfully sending the comments OT in the first post!
Just watched episode 13 of The Inside, the finale. It's 5am. My brain is broken. "Welcome to LA".
>>Alan and Ron are at the convention that weekend so I'd presume they are doing the talk.<<

At a fifteen-pound admission fee, they'd better be. Yikes. *s*
It's either that or I'll be singing for the 15 pound to everybody.

Running commentary to Serenity with gossi: "Here's the bit where they yak. Oh, Jayne is eating. Bet none of you spotted THAT before!".
Damn, I move back to Birmingham (away from MK) on the 28th. Not v interesting, but just testing out my new registragion. Oh yes, Whedonesque, you may think you're clever opening registration at the last Christian festival, when I'm obliged to visit my parents and leave my laptop at home, but you don't get me twice. Mwwwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Well I booked my tickets on Thursday, hope we get both Ron and Alan at the talk, either would be Shiny, but at least we get to see the BDM on the big screen one more time! And, uh, yes I'm new to the site too, so, Hi.

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