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April 14 2006

TAX REFUND? Don't forget the Whedonverse! "As of this morning, fans have raised $129.33. We now have until the end of the day on April 17th to raise the additional $70.67 to make the original challenge goal of $200....."

Hey, if only 1% of our membership contributed the shortfall, that would make $2,638. Although we wouldn't want the site owner to have to contribute that amount, it is very doable.
As the site owner, I would be thrilled if 1% of Whedonesque's membership each donated the shortfall amount of $70.67 and submitted their donations to the Project on APRIL 18TH! ;)

BTW, we just raised more money in the last hour or so than we did in the last month. Thanks ever so much!
This is my first post so I'm excited! Been lurking here for months. I just got my refund a couple of days ago and am pleased that a portion of it could go to this. I didn't get a lot so I couldn't really afford a big bunch. Besides I had to budget in the Serenity soundtrack and another Firefly DVD set as mine is continually on loan.
I'd love to see a follow-up post about how much this post raised!
I don't understand the link between "tax refund" (what is this?) and the WMP.

But that's probably because I know nothing about the tax system in the US...
For most Americans, taxes are automatically taken out of their paychecks throughout the year. By April 15th (unless that day falls on a weekend), they are required to submit a calculation of the taxes paid compared to the amount of taxes owed. If the amount paid is less than the amount owed, then they have pay the government the difference. If the amount paid exceeds the amount owed, the the government sends them a refund check. With lots of people getting refund checks and therefore having a little extra money in their pockets, it seemed like a good time to ask for a donation.

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