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March 20 2003

(SPOILER) David Greenwalt Ponders Buffy's End. The former Buffy executive producer says it's right for the show to end and drops a hint for what the finale will be like.

Somehow I doubt it's going to reach the scope of LOTR... Angel's widescreen format and huge stunt budget might allow for something approximating that, but a Buffy battle will still be Buffy-scaled.
Well, Greenwalt's gotta talk it up as big as he can. Though he's moved on to Angel and Miracles, it is still effectively his job, for lack of a better word. He wants Buffy's finale to do good, so he's gonna say whatever he thinks is necessary to get us fans salivating for it. However, I agree that comparing it to LOTR may not have been the best idea he's ever come up with. =)

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