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April 14 2006

Project Teddy Bear 2006 includes denizens of the Jossverse. A woman named Lisa Spodak raises money for breast cancer research by getting celebrities to pose with teddy bears.

I spied with my little eye at least eight celebs with ties to the Whedonverse--did I miss any?

I spied with my somewhat smaller and droopy eye seven. :)
{wcip}Angel, I included Joel Grey (Doc in Season 5). Is that the one you missed?
I got nine.

Don't forget Ivana.
When did Rue McClanahan turn into EVIL CLOWN LADY? Maybe she wants to be The Joker in the next Batman movie.
Ah, good catch, cirby...I knew there had to be at least one or more that I missed.
Cute pictures and a good fundraising idea. I make it eleven.
I got eleven also - Sean Astin (director of "Soulless"), Morena, Amber, Eliza, Ron, Summer, Joel Grey, Aly, ASH, George Hertzberg, and Ivana M. And Neil Gaiman and Jason Segal are pretty closely affiliated too (well, Jason at least, and I still have hopes of the Whedon-Gaiman team-up somewhere down the line) . . . cute pics.
Is it just me, or does David Cronenberg look like he needs to be staked? (At least with Ms. McClanahan, it was all makeup -- or was it? *shudders in fear*) ;-)

These pictures are awesome -- some really cute, some funny, some -- I just can't describe. Nice to see that NPH was full-on suited up for his picture!

ETA -- Hey, SNT, if we are counting "close affiliates," can we add William Sadler and Tracie Thoms (Wonderfalls), & NPH, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders and Suzie Plakson (HIMYM)?

[ edited by billz on 2006-04-15 02:29 ]
SNT - you got one that I missed. I didn't count Sean Astin, his name seemed familiar but I couldn't place him. So I revise my count to twelve - the eleven you list plus John Rubinstein (who played Linwood in Angel).
Poor Teddy that Cronenberg is holding. God only knows what ordeal he has gone through. ;P
Good call, purplehaze (and good affiliate additions, billz)- together we are more mighty.

It's funny to me how the subjects divide evenly between Whedon associates and people I've never heard of in my entire life (obvious exceptions, such as Julia Roberts and Chita Rivera aside). Lesa Amoore? Carmen Argenziano? Robert Bogue? Barrett Foa? etc.
I've just been having a look around the rest of her site. The 'my blog' part includes brief descriptions of how she got some of the photos; at conventions in several cases.

There are also pictures of other items to be auctioned such as a poster of demon Giles from 'A New Man' signed by ASH with the words "Don't be scared... it's only a mammogram!"
Hmm... I know it's not cool to post a link to something that you've done, but, it's okay to respond, right?

In any case... Hi, I'm Lisa. :)

I'm glad you guys are enjoying looking at the pics for Project Teddy Bear... if you check out PTB 2005 you'll see even more Whedonverse folks... including that Joss guy. ;)

(You may notice that some of the pictures are repeated from 2005 (or even 2004) to 2006... sometimes I'm able to get a second signature from someone, but, not a new picture, so, I re-use the old ones. In fact, I'll be adding last year's photo of Alan Tudyk to this year's page since I just got another signature from him today. :))
It's twelve, if you include Tracie Thoms, who is tangentally Mutant Enemy related, as she was Mahandra on Wonder Falls, Tim Minear's awesome, but short-lived, FOX show after Firefly.
Lisa, it's perfectly OK to respond - and thanks for the great work you're doing. Even I must admit to the cuteness of these pictures. :)
It's 13 if we are including Wonderfalls people as Rue McClanahan was a guest on the episode Barrel Bear.
Good for you, lisaspo, for finding a creative way to help fight cancer! Congratulations on getting a new signature from Alan -- were you at a con? Anyway, thanks for doing something great for charity! :-)
Thanks SoddingNancyTribe and billz. :)

Actually, what was so weird was that the day after seeing a link to my page on and seeing someone wonder if Alan would be signing one this year, I just randomly saw him on the street! (I live in NYC). I saw him going into the Tower Records near Lincoln Center and talked to him there. He was incredibly nice and friendly and happy to sign another tag. :)
That's amazing! Coincidences like that really make you think, don't they?

Glad to hear Alan was so nice! :-)
Yeah, last year, it was great... I got him to sign the first bear at the stage door of Spamalot... and when I was auctioning it off, I said if the bids went above $100, I'd try my hardest to get him to autograph the picture of him with the bear personally to the winner. The bids *did* go over $100 and I went back to the stage door and he was great... signed the picture with a little note to the winner saying she was "the greatest."

I should also point out that when I sent out letters to probably about 100 people who signed last year asking them to sign again this year, Morena was one of the very first people I got a signed tag back from. And I'd never gotten Nathan to sign before, but, sent him a letter... and he responded and sent back the signed tag, too. :)
It's so great to hear stories like yours, lisaspo. I became a fan of the Sereni-fly actors for their acting talents, but then reading something like this, I really can admire them for being "good guys" (the menfolk and womenfolk both, it's a generic term) in real life! :-)

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