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April 14 2006

Cool, Refreshing Zimas: A Buffy Podcast. An indepth season-by-season analysis and review of "Buffy" from the perspective of female high school students that can be downloaded on iTunes or individually here.

Someone post about how this is worth downloading. Or not.
Read the profiles on the girls that did this. They're newbies to the 'verse so like The Zeppo, I'm reluctant.
Three high school girls talk about each episode of the season's podcast they're doing. There's lots of giggling, squealing, and an undying love of Spike and Andrew. Their show is a blend of casual comments and light episode synopsis, but rarely goes really in-depth. I kind of find listening to three hyper girls talk about Buffy fun, but it's definately not for everyone. :)
I kind of find listening to three hyper girls talk about Buffy fun

Very Xander kind of thing to say.;)
Love that people (and maybe especially teenagers - given the other stuff constantly clamoring for their attention) are still getting into BtVS. These girls seemed to have found the show as of November last year. There'll be no squelching of youthful ardor from me. :)
I'm always happy to see new Buffy fans.
I nominate SNT to send the girls an e-mail explaining what happened to Angel after Season 3.
I adored The Succubus Club.

I only just discovered them about a year ago and downloaded every episode available (which was about 50). I wish so much I could hear all of them since the archived shows start about three years in.

There you had your equal share of squealing and in-depth arguments and insight. I was really sad when I finished all of those eps.

TheZeppo, Candy just updated The Succubus Club site saying that she hopes to have the old shows available soon. I love that show so much. I've listened to them over and over when rewatching Buffy, so this is exciting news.
I've listened to every episode, and I love these girls!!! I also downloaded them for my daughter who loved them as well. I think it's great that these girls have a Buffy podcast for all the world to hear. What did I do at their age?
One can hear that they really love the show (and especially Xander, so they've won me over). I've had a blast listening to them.
True, it may not be for everyone, they have tech problems (of the budget microphone variety), there is squealing (and not just from the microphone, mind you), they are, after all, high school girls, but they know their "Buffy". And Buffy is about high school kids. I like their perspective, it's refreshing after listening to the rest of us "Grown-Ups".
That is GREAT news, ElectricSpaceGirl. I haven't checked the site in a while. Sort of given up hope.

Have you ever met either of them?
I was also extremely pleased to hear that Candy will be trying to get some of the older shows up soon, I have been literally praying for it to happen for some time. I only discovered The Succubus Club this past summer, having just got an iPod a few months before I downloaded all the available shows onto it and it thankfully eased many hours spent travelling by car on holiday or when I was cutting the grass (of our 2 acre garden).

I just really loved the whole tone of TSC, it wasn't always the most professional but that made it so much better, it was just like listening to a few friends chat and occasionally make some really interesting observations. It was so cool to hear all the little catchphrases and stuff. I really went on a crash course, and listening to all the shows within a few weeks, and to be honest I haven't had much time to listen to them again since (or Podcasts like The Signal and Firefly Fans which I had been following loyally) because I have been so busy, but I am looking forward to catching up with them all this summer, especially if there are earlier SC shows to listen to.
Hey - I'm actually Nan from CRZ (one of the main squealers) and even though not all of you enjoy our podcast, I just wanted to say thank you for at least giving us a try. Again, it's not for everyone, but that's alright. What is?
jemima/Nan, thanks for saying hello! You make a good point: it's not for everyone, but nothing is for that matter! There are rumors out there that there are people who don't like Joss Whedon. Or don't like Jah Swedon. Or Josh Weldon. See? Everyone has their own opinion! ;-)

Yay for the people who try your podcast! Yay for the people who really like it! :-)
I just finished listening to the CRZ podcast and I think it's great! Looking forward to the next episode.

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