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April 14 2006

"Friend"ly version of the Buffy opening credits. It's just a coincidence Sarah Michelle has the same last name as Ross and Monica... or is it?

I thought this was pretty dman brilliant, lots of kudos to the creator of this movie.

(first post) I had to comment that I've already shown this clip to 3 people and they all think its amazing. I'm definitely adding it to my favorites on youtube.
I love it. Kudos to whoever made it! Just sent it to my AIM list.
Brilliantly done. Too bad it's a mash-up of my favorite show with my least-fav - and that theme song always always bugged the hell out of me . . . still, gotta love the way the creator used the most lighthearted and superficial moments of BtVS to make it look as superficial as the other one.
I liked me some Friends for the first 4 seasons or so. But then they kept recycling the same plotlines - with different characters doing them. I swear, Ross and Phoebe were actually just the same character to the writers after a while. I call them Rossebe.

And whoever decided that Joey would be the ideal character for a spin off... Hmmm. Yes. Move along now.
It also matches up some of the stuff they do with the song, like Anya's dance of capitalist superiority
And whoever decided that Joey would be the ideal character for a spin off... Hmmm. Yes. Move along now.

Dude, it's all about availability. All the other actors wanted to show their independence and try wonderful new things. Like "Derailed" or "Rumor Has It." Or "The Whole Ten Yards." Or "Madagascar." Or "The Comeback." Or unemployment. Mr. LeBlanc was the only one who saw the money wisdom in trying 2 more seasons of network television. ;-)
*giggle* That's damn near perfect. Thanks for sharing the funny, Storyteller - being sent to everyone I know as I type. :)
Buffy and Veronica get Diirty.

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Beautifully done. Some nice shots of Giles, in particular.

Does this mean Angel is Joey?
Made me smile. Mostly just to see the old gang again.

But what's making me smile even more is introducing myself to the new gang. Hello! First post! I've lurked here for years, maybe not since the very beginning (2002?) but for quite some time, and this is the first time I managed to register. I normally come here once a day at least, and have been having conversations with gossi, Simon, Caroline, SoddingNancyTribe, ZachsMind, Saje and others in my head the whole time. Now I finally get to actually converse with you properly. I'm psyched. I've been a whedonite since the first episode of BtVS first aired on BBC2. BTW, does anyone remember when that was?
Hey, dzr! I believe Buffy started on BBC Two some time in 1998. I think about November, but I'm not sure. I was right there with you. Anthony Steward Head appeared on "The Big Breakfast" back then to promote it, and that's what -- oddly enough -- hooked me in to the show.
Hey gossi! I too remember that ASH appearance on The Big Breakfast -- it certainly piqued my interest, but I think I was going to watch it anyway because I had seen the original movie on video (remember those?) and had chortled my way through it. I certainly wasn't expecting what I got -- the best frikkin' show evah! LOL!!! (OMG!!! Ponies!!!) I'm really far too excited about having finally got to register here than a grown man ought to be, although apparently I'm really a Grup.

This is really OT, but who here is connected with the people who maintain the Whedonverse Wikipedia entries? Because I think it would be appropriate to list the original air dates (both for pay and for free TV) of the episodes in every country.
Welcome, dzr! Always good to see a shiny new face around these parts. :-D

And that video was genius. Really, really hilarious.
Here is a image that someone made and posted at BEWARE! It's not for the faint of heart. I'm still recovering from it.
Thank you, delirium_haze, I now need to go gouge my eyes out.

But the Friendsish Buffy credits are hillarious.

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Hee! That's great. Excellent use of blooper reels.
Buffy and Veronica get Diirty.

Now here I was expecting some kind of Buffy/Veronica Mars slash...where's Veronica?? You don't mean the channel, do you? I am just...just speechless. Holy shit.
Well, I woke up this morning, went on the computer and found out, to my shock and delight, that I could finally register with Whedonesque! I've been rendered completely speechless and incapable of any thoughts to put into this first post except...Joss's...*jaw drops and eyes glaze over*

I think I'm going to enjoy it here.
You warned us, delirium_haze, you warned us. But I still hate you. =P

Welcome to the all the new members!
Wow Delirium, way to welcome the newbies! Welcome newbies! Don't click on that link - just don't!!! :)
First post...struggling to contain my excitement. (Wheee!!!!)
I agree with Storyteller, that video was 'dman' brilliant. And that centaur scared the living daylights out of me (I'm glad my image isn't on the net...not that anyone would want to make a centaur out of me, but I digress).

I have nothing interesting to say, I just had to post. Cause I like, totally can now!
You Tube is awesome.
It certainly is. (Our group at Youtube com. Nothing there yet, get crackin'!)
That was funny... Maybe not the best production value of all the fan credits but definitely one of the funniest. Me like.
It's not exactly the same name. Ross and Monica's is Geller.

I've seen a video of just Angel credits with that theme song on it. It was perfect.
I've seen a Firefly Friends one too, it was lovely.
Ooo, today is a good day - I've finally been able to join after years of lurking! And this seems to be an (un)official newbie thread so I thought I'd post.

And I was also going to mention the Firefly-Friends vid (which is super cute), but Simon just has. So I really have no useful information to bring to this thread.
That was pretty funny, especially the Spike bits. Just made him seem so ... chipper ;).

dlirium_haze thanks for spreading the wealth, I can understand why you wouldn't want to be alone in having that image inside your head. Maybe we should start a support group ;).

(and to whoever actually created it, have you thought about using your powers for good instead ? ;).

I enjoyed the Buffy Aguilera skit too (i'm assuming it was from SNL ?). One of the things i've always liked about SMG is her willingness to have a laugh and send herself up a bit. Here's another one (not sure where from, the Oscars maybe ?) she did with Jack Black which made me chuckle (possibly not safe for work if you're unlucky enough to be in that predicament at the weekend).

(and welcome dzr and all the other newbs. Newer newbies than me, does that make me a middlebie now ? ;)
The video was cute but the image of Joss as a centaur was definitely disturbing ;-).

Welcome to all the newcomers, especially GlowWorm whose first words to me last night were "" with a huge smile.
That was fun!

Oh and look at all the fresh members!
Welcome Everyone ; D

I just joined our youtube group, and funnilly enough, had already spent most of the afternoon uploading a BC Shindig from last October onto youtube.

ETA: Ahhh Caroline, your love of U2 is one of my favourite things about you! I'm going thru all your videos, it's a treasure trove.

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I know, off topic and all, but can I join the thrilled chorus of this is my first post too? And according to Geos BtVS was broadcast on BBC Two on 28th December 1998.
That was really funny! I was wondering though, where did the shot of all the Buffy characters with their hair sticking up? I didn't recognise it. Anyway, that was a great link, thanks for posting it!
Kirstie, that was from The I in Team, when Willow did an ionizing spell to disrupt the tracer that the Initiative guys had used to tag Spike.
Kirstie, that shot is from season four's "The I In Team". Spike gets shot with a tracer by the Initative, and the Scoobies are trying to remove it. Willow uses a spell to "ionize the air" and that is the result. A classic bit of Buffy comedy. It would have been even more priceless if it had have affected Spike's hair too.

EDIT- Oops, I've had this page open for an hour or two so I didn't see that the question had been answered already. My bad.

[ edited by Razor on 2006-04-15 13:23 ]
It would have been even more priceless if it had have affected Spike's hair too.

I thought it was glued. Ken doll hair but peroxided ;D
Let me add my welcome to the newbies.

What a great thread to wake up to. The Friends video. Dirty SMG. And I'm still reeling from the centaur image. That'll stay with you.
Fainting Xander gets me every time. :D
The Jack Black/SMG sendup of LoTR is actually an easter egg on the deluxe box set can find directions to it on the official easter egg was actually done for the MTV movie awards...

Hi! And glad to be here....
Now that's the whole reason I've been trying to register on Whedonesque for so long. You've all been having the bare-chested Joss-centaur dreams too, haven't you?

Haven't you?

That's why we've all come here. It's like "The Stand".

Hey, I'm new too! Good to be posting here finally!
We're being invaded by noobs! I was wondering when we'd get someone to make the coffee around here.

SMG as Aguilera was good casting, but she didn't dive bomb into the role enough. She looked like a high school student doing an improv scene during a drama class for which she was about to get into trouble. I know it's heresy to be a fan of Buffy w/o being a fan of SMG, but the girl really needs get her freak on when it comes to comedy. She holds back. For example, I didn't see SMG lick a single thing on the set, and that's just not Aguilera.

Friends kinda grew on me but only in reruns, and only so much. After you pick up the formula's limited dynamics, it's time to change the channel. Joey is utter dreck. I gave it a shot early on but it was so poorly managed and had no focus. It was an example of 'creative writing by committee' which is hardly creative and even less is it writing. ...I'm speaking about it in the past tense... It HAS been cancelled by now hasn't it?

Makes me long for the days of Trapper John MD and Lou Grant. Now THOSE were spinoffs!
The Scoobies as Friend-ies video was so cool (and peppy), the way-too-much of Joss pic was also cool in a very disturbing kind of way. And I finally found the right time to register! (I picked right up on the "my very first post" posts) so - this is my very first post too.

So now - do I re-watch the Buffy gang be peppy, or re-look at the disturbing Joss pic? Decisions, decisions....
In all honesty, Zach, I don't think the script was good enough to dive bomb into that role. The bit where the blonde chick (who I think may be The Blonde One from Veronica -- but open to corrections) points the megaphone in SMG's ear is amusing, because she doesn't break character. Which would be quite hard if a megaphone is in your ear.
I'm another newbie joining the bandwagon!! After lurking for SOOOOO long, I am thrilled to be able to join in the fun!
Hey, spontaneously joining thread now! I can post! I'm a member! (This thread has seen other newbies enter, so I felt it's somehow appropriate.) Hi, all! *waves frantically, and somewhat creepily* Also, thanks to the other first-posters; otherwise I wouldn't have noticed that Whedonesque has opened its gates again!

The Buffy-as-Friends video is brilliant. (My only complaint is that I wish they had used all-fullscreen; the widescreen images interlaced are jarring.) The Joss-as-centaur image is...uh, I think "sad and wrong" just begins to cover it....

Zachsmind, I never saw it, but I was under the impression that "Trapper John, M.D." didn't star Wayne Rogers, making it have a tenuous connection with "M*A*S*H" at best. Was his character the same or were there major differences?
Hello. I'm yet another lurking newbie finally joing today.

Fantastic video. I love that it has the shot of Giles on the swing, it's one of my favourite things from Restless.
Loved the Cave Buffy...and the Spike 'thumbs up'. Hee! I love a good fan vid!
My favourite shot is of Giles the Mexican. Gets me every time.....
Now THAT was fun :>!
gossi, I'm fairly certain the megaphone lady in the Dirrrrrrrrty video (I never know when to stop with the R's) is Amy Poehler, who was an SNL regular at the time, and still is, I think she does the Weekend update with Tina Fey now. Mmmmm...Tina Fey...definitely not Kristen Bell, though...

Really. What a post to welcome them. It's so fitting, somehow.
human_loser - oh dear, how wrong am I? I've never seen SNL, being all British. That's my excuse.
Welcome everyone! I might not be around for a while. I have a feeling Simon will be taking away my posting privileges.
Nah, delirium_haze, you have to post fake joss porn to loose your posting privileges.

(My google for fake joss porn for the above post -- by the way, this is the strangest thing I've ever written -- produced this gem: "Does anyone else get the vibe that Joss (or the other writers) are taking jabs at veg people? Like buffy is almost always wearing leather (pants, jacket, whatever) and things like when they are cooking out at the beach and Buffy says "Cow me" when asking for a burger. Love the show, but those things is just a touch annoying.")

[ edited by gossi on 2006-04-15 18:35 ]
gossi-hey, these days you don't need an excuse to not watch Saturday Night Live. The only reason I occasionally watch it is because I know if I wait long enough, I will see Tina Fey (Chorus of Angels: Tina FEEEEEY!). Oh and also The Lonely Island Guys and their digital shorts (Narnia Rap, etc) are worth a look too.
Yeah, but you know that when they air a good Digital Short, it'll end up on YouTube the next day anyway.
I've learned my lesson. I am not clicking that link.

And yes, that is Amy Poehler (with the megaphone) in the SNL Dirrty clip. She is one of the reasons I still watch SNL (there's also times like when Pearl Jam performs, tonight, woohoo!).
Hey! Man! Outrageous! I can comment on Whedonesque! Between this, Easter candy, and Star Wars day at the museum I volunteer at, I think this may be the best weekend in a while! Yay for being a newbie.

I have to admit, centaur!Joss was a little disturbing....
It certainly is. (Our group at Youtube com. Nothing there yet, get crackin'!)

Caroline what sort of content is being looked for?
Hey. Welcome newbies, i was once a newbie, not exactly a regular myself... still a newbie of sorts...Ok I will stop now.

And people mentioned the firefly friends vid and the angel friends vid? Could people link them here? I was unable to find the firefly one on youtube.

ETA: I found one site that has the firefly friends vid: Here

[ edited by kurya on 2006-04-15 22:52 ]
This is an unbelievable day. Not only new posters to greet (hi, all!), not only is gossi mistaken in his field spotting of birds blondes, but a newbie is the first to supply the corrected information (and in a very polite & friendly post)! I love our newbies! (And our middlebies, Saje.) ;-)
yourlibrarian, let's talk about it at youtube, ok?
The Jack Black/SMG sendup of LoTR is actually an easter egg on the deluxe box set edition..

Not on the UK R2 edition it's not as it was removed because including it would have pushed up the age rating of the DVD
You all are EVIL! I have gotten nothing done today. Youtube is a time sucker of incomparable quality. Evil, I say!

What episode is the Spike thumbs up from? My mind has gone blank. And I think I must have watched that episode fairly recently too, because I'm halfway through season five at the moment, and I think it's in season four. Restless perhaps?

I did quite enjoy the Dirrty parody. I have to admit, though, that I don't think SMG's comedic performances outside Buffy have ever been particularly good, however I also think that the projects themselves haven't been very well written so I don't think it's her fault.

Take the LotR and Dirrty parodies, or Scooby Doo, she just seems a little unconvincing, not fully convincing as a character rather than just an actress. But as I said, I suspect that has more to do with the material itself, which isn't particularly intelligent or that funny to begin with. Having seen her perform comedy so well and in so many situations on Buffy, it's hard not to believe she can do much better: the quick one-liners while fighting Big Bads; visual comedy (the masturbation joke in Hush, for example); Buffy being exasperated by the Trio in Life Serial; or simply reacting to someone else (like Giles in his magician's hat) with just a slightly bemused expression on her face. I honestly think she would be excellent in a great, witty comedy role so I hope she takes more of those on. I'm thinking Southland Tales might have at least a little bit of that quirky humour.
You think youtube is bad, just try looking through wikipedia Here mouhahahaha. Great thing about youtube I can look at all sorts of music videos.
I check in here just before going to bed and an hour later, I am still reading the thread and checking out all the links. Why do I think I am going to dream about Joss as centaur tonight?
Welcome to all the newbies!
And who hoo to Whedonesque on Youtube. Obviously we are not waiting for Joss' commands to take over the world on his behalf.
I admit, I've been another lurker, so glad to finally be official! Thanks for all the great links - especially loved this one.
Another former lurker saying hello. I especially like the way that this thread started vaguely sane and has then got more and more surreal as the newbies appear...

The BtVS Friends thing is great though, although I now have to repress the urge to rewatch umm, the entire Buffy run...
Love the Friends music/Buffy vid. Giles on the swing (with that big smile) is a favorite shot of mine too!

Welcome all newbies. You have all been lurking for a while so you already know - Whedonesque is a great place to be:)

Razor The episode with Spike giving the thumbs up is definitely season 4 - he does it right before leaving a conversation with the Scoobies (and Rielly). I believe the thumbs up were for the Initiative's creation of Adam possibly killing Buffy, a "way to go mate" thing. Can't be sure of the episode name. Bad bad me!
I'm pretty sure the Spike thumbs-up is from "Goodbye, Iowa," while Riley is going through Initiative drug withdrawal. I think he gives Riley the thumbs-up, "If you're trying to kill her." (This immediately followed a reprise of Spike's self-description as a friend of Xanderrr's. How I love this show.)
WilliamTheB is correct. It's definately "Goodbye, Iowa". Spike is still at Giles' apartment after the Scoobies removed the Initiative tracer from his back. Very funny scene.
William the B, "...a friend of Xanderrr's" omg, kills me every last time.

Great links! I really enjoyed them. SMG was less than convincing, but she looked great. Kurya, I especially loved the Simon/River "Fade Out" vid on your above link's page. I can see why it was a runner-up for the site's Tearjerker award. I definitely bookmarked that page.

Hey noobs! *big waves* Welcome to the site!

And oh jeez. Centaur Joss. Yikes.
I was trying to figure out why this story got so many hits--then I realized the noobie over-load. Welcome all :)

ETA: Wow, that video made me sad actually. I miss this show so much (even though I still watch it everyday)

[ edited by MySerenity on 2006-04-16 20:56 ]
I'm new I'm new and it's really really funny and I'm NEW!

So yes. Here now and very very excited and I will never ever be able to watch Buffy again without thinking about this. Go noobies!
Heh, this has become quite the thread. So I just wanted to chip in and say welcome to all shiny new whedonesquers.

As far as Friends goes, I've always loved the show. There were some rough patches (I think it was around season 6 or 7 that the show hit a low - but it did pick up afterwards), and the way Ross got treated from season four onwards (from cool, lovable character to weird guy who - at times - was very annoying) did bug me at times, but Friends, to me, never stopped being an endlessly rewatchable sitcom and remains one of my alltime favorites. I own the DVDs and they do get quite some spintime in the player.

As for this clip: fun! Ofcourse I've always maintained that early Xander and early Chandler were long-lost brothers, so this just kinda confirms that ;-).
I just got home from a week of vacation and am almost caught up, so I thought I would also welcome the Newbies.

How many are there in the Newbie family this time, Mods? I hope there is a nice range from Grandpa and Grandma Newbie through to all the little Newbies.

Former lurker now newbie here saying hello and i'm so happy i can finally post! Yay!

I loved the vid! It made me sad though cause I miss the (what i call) Whedon-domination era. Its a sad day for tv when Buffy went off the air.

The clip was so much fun though. I love Giles on a swing, and Anya's dance of capitalism.

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