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April 15 2006

"Scenes From Next Week's Buffy The Vampire Slayer" - a poem by Stephen Burt. This is collected in "Alone Together" which tomorrow's Washington Post rates very highly. And if your cup of culture still needs to be filled, check out The Buffy Sestina (very clever indeed).

If you're not sure what a sestina is, check out the relevant Wikipedia entry. And if you have any Buffy poems you'd like us to know about, post or link to them in the comments section.

Nice idea to have a post about BtVS-inspired poetry - there's so much good stuff out there. Here are four poems that I've enjoyed and admired:

Spike Makes a Garden by macha, also available in an audio version, here.
descant descending by macha: cante fable in ten parts
The Wanton Folly of Me Mum by Sylvia: one possible incarnation of Spike's second poem in NFA
Illyria Writes a Poem by Stultiloquentia: a sestina

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Nice to have these pointed out, Simon. Particularly liked those last two dopplereffect.
I haven't read the cante fable yet, but I really enjoyed Spike Makes a Garden and Illyria Writes a Poem. I might even b inspired to try my hand at a sestina, a form of poetry I didn't know of before today. New knowledge - that's one of the many reasons why I love Whedonesque!
Nice link, thanks Simon.

Wow, I hadn't heard of a sestina before but I respect anyone who can write in such a formal style. 'Illyria writes a poem' was particularly well done (I would love to hear Amy Acker read it in character) since it overcame what, for me, is sometimes the problem with very restrictive forms i.e. they are often clever but distracting in their cleverness, something to be admired intellectually rather than felt.

Might pick this up at some point since I quite liked the 'Kitty Pryde' poem too (he's clearly a huge Joss fan what with the Buffy and Gifted/Dangerous shout outs).

(BTW, the collection is actually called 'Parallel Play', Alone Together is the article heading and partial explanation of the concept)

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