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April 15 2006

"Greg the Bunny" (with Seth Green) starts on ITV4 tonight. Probably the first showing of this comedy series on UK terrestrial TV.

Episodes 1 and 2 are being shown back-to-back, at 20:00 and 20:30. Episode 1 (only) will be repeated at 03:35 on Sunday morning.

I loved this show.
It's definatlely the first showing of the series on UK TV...but doesn't terrestrial mean, um, not digital? Which ITV4 most certainly is - you at least need Freeview to get it.

(First post! Sorry that it's so negative...)
Terrestrial, I believe, now includes Freeview. I could be wrong.
Ah well. On a totally unrelated note, being a new member, I have no idea how to edit my old posts. I assumed there would be an edit it boring and complex and boringly complex, or am I just missing it? Thanks.
You'll be able to do that in a few days time.
This show is so great!
Welcome, new posters! And welcome to Greg the Bunny, UK people, yet another show strangled by Fox because it was entertaining and I loved it. I loved Seth and Sarah Silverman, and of course Count Blah and Tardy the Turtle. Heh. ;-)

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Wow, I thought I was the only one who remembered/loved this show. Long live Count Blah, blah! I especially liked the episode where the producers insisted on "modernizing" the show with techno music and Count A'ight! Lucky Brits.

The sad thing is, this was a great show, but it was only my third-favourite great show cancelled by Fox in 2002 behind Andy Richter Controls the Universe (please tell me someone besides me remembers this one!) and that space western thingie. Ah, Fox...
I am so glad that people are getting the chance to meet Greg the Bunny and the whole crew. I have been pimping this series over here since it first emerged on US TV. I believe it was cancelled by someone at a network called Fox! They seemed to have tried to market it as a family comedy or a kids show (yeah right!) Still loving it though (blah!).

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GlowWorm, you will definitely find other Andy Richter Controls the Universe supporters here! (And for that space western thing, too.) ;-)
I watched the first 2 episodes last night. Great fun. Count Blah was obviously the inspiration for Smile-Time Angel (blah). ;-)

BTW I only knew this was going to be on because it was featured in the Highlights section of the Radio Times web site. Not bad going for a short-lived imported comedy on ITV4.
There's also another show that stars Greg the Bunny on the Independent Film Channel; they are film parodies, and they're on a much lower budget than the Larry Sanders-esque Fox tv show was on (and there's no Tardy the Turtle due to legal reasons and other factors). I didn't know about this newer Greg the Bunny show until recently, because I don't have cable. There's a new message from Greg over at his MySpace journal, in which he updates the situation on the upcoming DVD release of the first season of the Independent Film Channel show:

"Posted: April 14, 2006 9:35 AM

We're still puttin' the finishin' touches on the new IFC dvd and they say it should be on the shelves sometime by the end of the summer! You're not gonna believe some of the extras that we are sneakin' on this hehehehe

'Til then, just keep checkin' my site or my myspace for more up-to-date info! Gotta go...lot's of pals to write back to.


There's even more info that I compiled into this thread over at Home Theatre Forum
Yeah, I've seen the IFC Greg's. They're not as great, since they are just within whatever movie spoof it is, and it's just Greg, Count Blah, Warren the Ape (drunk as ever), and some "human" puppets whose names I don't remember, blah. Also, they are very short, blah, like 10 minutes max. I think Seth did a short appearance in one of them, too. Blah. ;-)

The spoofs are really, really close to the originals, and they are picking really stylized films like Eraserhead, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers (in which they slaughter network execs, heh heh), and so on. There was also one where Greg thinks he's been vamped, but he's really just staying up all night and being whiny (proof: he still can walk around New York in the daylight and not incinerate, which he attributes to wearing sunglasses). ;-)
LOVED that show. I have an autographed photo of Tardy beside my desk.

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