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March 20 2003

Buffy Game Sequel "Reports circulate the net suggesting Buffy 2 is on the way - we uncover some of the rumours behind the game thus far."

Aw dude...Ethan! Can an appearance from Jonathan be far behind? If this isn't just a false rumor, this game is going to be pretty cool. Maybe there will be a Clem level where you have to go buy hot wings.
I want Ethan in the Buffy finale. Him and Giles can ride off into the sunset, muttering 'bloody yanks' under their breath.
Lets hope it's a cross platform game as I have a Playstation 2 and have no intention of buying an Xbox at the minute.

There's some more details about the game from an old post of mine here.
I got the original Buffy game for Xbox and it was pretty gosh-darned good. The actress who did the Buffy voice even sounded like SMG. Can't wait to see more from the sequel. :)
I loved the first game! My only complaint with it was that you couldn't play any of the other characters. If the sequel offers that than I'd say it stands a chance of being even better than the original.

Here's hoping and praying you get to play Spike and/or Faith...

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