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April 16 2006

Meet Seth Green at The Freshmen TPB signing this Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Would definitely go to that if I was in LA. Freshmen was good fun. Some of the characters and their abilities were inspired, I almost felt surprised when I realized that no one had really done a humorous (yet still dramatic and emotionally brutal at a couple points) take on college-age superheros.

The book was a bit restrained content-wise by being published at Top Cow (under Image Comics), it may've been a better fit somewhere where they could've gotten away with more like Oni or Slave Labor Graphics. It didn't really fit in with the rest of Top Cow's line-up...

Didn't pre-order the collection a couple months ago 'cause the six issue mini-series hadn't finished yet and I wasn't entirely convinced I would want them all in one book. Now that it's over though, definitely picking this up, especially since it has a new 10-page story included in script form. Hope it won't be too hard to get a hold of.

Volume 2 might be in jeopardy of not being greenlit, so if you were at all considering Freshmen and can afford a moderately-sized trade paperback at the moment, pick it up soon to and maybe you'll like/love it enough to end up hoping for more like I am.

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