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April 16 2006

The Comic Wire discusses the "Freshmen" trade paperback with Seth Green, Hugh Sterbakov and Leonard Kirk. "You've got these kids who are all away from home for the first time, dealing with being outcasts or misfits of one kind or another, and then you add the physical deformity of super powers."

In-depth, funny interview with these guys, including anecdotes about securing promo quotes from SMG and Joss. I hadn't given this series much thought, but this interview has piqued my interest.

I'm glad that they have confirmed there will be a second miniseries. I might just have to pick up the TPB for the extra features.
This comic sounds absolutely wonderful. Any chance of finding the first series, or is that a lost cause? I'm very new to comics, and sort of dumb about availability and stuff.
numbereleven: I think what the original article was saying was that the first series is being reissued as a trade paperback, i.e. all in one volume. Or were you asking something else?
Aha! See, I totally just skimmed. Saw that they were doing a second series, and then skipped to the part about the premise of the whole thing, and their powers. Thanks!
*Adds voice to chorus of those who've never heard of this comic but are now going to rush out and read it*
Those guys are frikkin hilarious ! I don't think i've ever bought a comic based purely on an interview with the creators but this could be the time to start (the premise has potential too).

Might have to watch out for the artist though since, clearly, there can't be two Emperors of the Known Universe. In the spirit of fair and honest competition I may have to pre-emptively utterly destroy him and all who stand with him.
If any of the folks in this thread who haven't read the series would like the issues, just e-mail me and I'll send you mine. I'm planning on getting the collection anyway. I'll even mail them out first, then you can pay me what you think's fair depending on your enjoyment of it. If you don't like it, all that I'd ask is for you to pass it on to someone else (though even if you do like/love it--share the comicy goodness by lending to family/friends!)

Canadian and U.S. residents only.

That was an awesome, funny, in-depth interview.
Joss' quote on the cover of Freshmen issue six can be enjoyed by "clicking" on this here link thingy.
What about the SMG quote.
SMG's quote is in the article but here's the actual cover (scroll down).

Really like these snarky cover quotes, hopefully they'll be in the trade somewhere.
Wow, this actually sounds like a pretty cool comic. Missed it during the original run, but I'll be sure to check out the trade.

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