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April 17 2006

Happy (belated) Birthday Sean Maher! Happy belated birthday to Sean Maher who turned 31 on April 16th. (Thanks to kispexi2 for remembering.) And a happy birthday today to Kristine Sutherland.

Happy Birthday Sean!
Wow, there have been a lot of Whedonverse birthdays lately.

Happy belated birthday, Sean!
My twin, I was just thinking the exact same thing (as usual): loads of springtime birthdays for our 'Verse folk. Hope yours was very happy indeed, Mr. Maher! :-)
He had the best name of any character in any Joss show.
Happy Belated Birthday Sean! =)
Happy belated birthday Sean and Happy actual birthday to Buffy's mom, Kristine Sutherland who's @%? today.
Happy birthday Mr Sean Maher, esq. (or, by now, happy hangover, which is to say, I hope it's mercifully short ;).

(and to the lovely Kristine Sutherland as well)
Happy Belated Birthday Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to Kristine Sutherland! didnt know it was hers as well. I knew it was Sean's though!
Happy birthday for yesterday :)
Happy birthday, Sean and Kristine! Hope it was awesome.
Happy birthday to Sean and Kristine!
Happy belated birthday to you both!
I'm still awaiting for the Whedonverse character called Kevin. Or better, Gossi.

Whenever there's a film with a character called Kevin, they're always a dick. Maybe I should change my name to, like, Illyria.
Happy Birthday, guys.

I'm still waiting on my 'Verse namesake too. Closest I've come if the first three Letters of Mr. Cobb's name and the lead from Wonderfalls minus the -e. Last one doesn't really count tho. ;)
gossi, Kevin Flynn from Tron. OK, not Whedonverse but definitely not a dick. He had his own arcade FFS ;).
Happy belated burthday Sean!!

And hello to everyone here. This is my first post. ^_^
I can't believe I just spelled 'birthday' wrong. ack!
HB, Sean! A young 31 - only 4 years younger than Nathan but Mal referred to Simon as 'son' etc. In 'verse they are more like 10 years apart?
I think so... anyways Happy Birthday Sean! And yes quick recovery from no doubt what will be quite a hangover!
Happy Birthday to Kristine Sutherland too! We love you, Joyce!!
Happy Birthday, Sean! Happy birthday, Kristine!
I know it's late on this topic but I really do wish Sean and Kristine wonderful birthday wishes and encouragement for future happiness.

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