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April 17 2006

Buffy's old squeeze Fab Filippo co-wrote and stars in the new TV comedy Billable Hours. Discusses his career including his role as Scott Hope.

I read the whole thing, but didn't see where he discussed playing Scott. There was a brief mention of him being a 'post-Angel' boyfriend...
Ah, sorry Willowy. I meant the article discusses his career, along with references to his role on Buffy. In fact they use relatively few quotes from him in it, making me wonder how long the interview was. I found it a pretty interesting look at the differences for actors between Canadian and U.S. television, however. Not to mention being amused by this comment:

This smart Hollywood-insider satire starring Jay Mohr was on Fox, the wrong network; if HBO had it, the show might still be going, judging by its later ratings success in reruns.

Perhaps they should just start calling it "FOX TV: Check out excerpts from our DVD catalogue"
I always forget that he was on Buffy, I more associate him with the indie flick Waydowntown and his part in Seasons 2 and 3 of the North American version of Queer as Folk. I also barely recall his strung out actor part on Action, though I remember him being super-hot in that. Really need to pick up those DVDs.

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