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April 17 2006

James Gunn talks about fake Nathan blogs. Weird one, this. People are setting up blogs pretending to be Nathan. They aren't him. What's creepy, however, is the candid photos of people he knows.

You need to be a Myspace member to access the full fake page thing. There's also a fake Nathan LiveJournal.

That is creepy. I woulda left a comment on that MySpace, but you have to be someone's friend to leave a comment, and I don't wanna endorse the whole imposter thing by doing that...
Hmm, my work blocks the pic page for some reason, but not the rest. Also not a member, so who are the piccies of? Other Serenity folk?
If we're all looking at the same one, its just pics of Nathan sitting at his computer, and one pic of a woman in a bikini, who I guess might be his girlfriend.

While on the subject, does anyone related to the Buffyverse have a Myspace?
Imposters are rampent on myspace. Heck I have found fake Hallett, Marsters, Boreanaz, Acker, Denisof, Hannigan, Blucas, and many others, they were all created by the same person. Except for Kane who is on myspace because it's a way to get his music out and it is run by his management team. They keep an eye out and shuts down anyone who tries to put up a Christian Kane space on myspace.

ETA: LOL killinj, you can do a search and find the fakers.

KBP - The only real verified one I know of is Christian Kane on myspace

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RavenU sent me a link some time ago to a site like MySpace where someone posted a whole bunch of sites pretending to be various Whedonverse actors - can't find it now, but it was really odd.

LOL ... looks like RavenU posted while I was writing.

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So this is what the kids do nowadays!
This is the fake James Marsters page, his friends are all actors from Buffy the Vampire slayer

[ edited by Simon on 2006-04-17 20:49 ]
Yeah listen I have no objection to people talking about fake LJ/MySpace pages (as it's an exceedingly odd aspect of fandom)but I'd rather we didn't link to them (I'd rather not give these people the oxygen of publicity). So I've edited the subject line and the above comment.
I don't think I needed another reminder of why MySpace is a pox on the WWW. That people must have put so much time and effort into this kind inanity (the fake accounts) is truly, desperately pathetic. I mean, there's nothing funny or clever about it. What on Earth is the point?
There are alot of fake celebrity myspaces. I see it as a form of roleplaying.
Simon, that's cool. I did debate about adding the links or not.

I think it's at least 6 months since somebody pretended to be Joss online. He must feel so unloved.
Maybe it's Joss pretending to be Nathan :)
Now there's a plot twist.
Sorry about adding the link to the fake James page, you are right we shouldn't be giving them publicity.
eddy just to add to your comment. I understand role playing characters, which is fine IMO they make RPG and sell them but I think when you start to role play a person it gets a little freakish. I'd be wigged if I was Nathan and stumbled across this person who tried to be and sound (in the sense of word usage) like me.
And you know, I really believed it was him. Oh well

Jewels one is real though I'm assuming. The pictures are completely MySpace, and could only be real. And she doesnt seem to be promoting anything.
I do NOT understand why people go so far out of their way to dupe people. It's just plain mean.
I don't understand the appeal of MySpace, anyway. Seems like a waste of time. Now, creating a MySpace pretending to be someone else ... now that's the bottom of the barrel.
There are several fake James Marsters pages, or were last time I looked. The one that creeped me out was the person encouraging women to contact him via IM. Icky.

You'd think it was blindingly obvious that they were fakes, but I've run across several people who've posted elsewhere going "Oh my God! So-and-so is on MySpace! I wrote to him, do you think he'll write me back?".
Additional information about

Rupert Murdoch and his business interests bought the site awhile back. The site is now used for market research to examine trends in the 18-24 demographic. Everything posted in MySpace is sifted through and interpreted by marketing monkeys.

It's a shame with all that sifting and analysis MySpace officials are still not smart enough to recognize a fake page when they see one.

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Maybe it's Joss pretending to be Nathan

Would Nathan look better as a Centaur than Joss? Hmm. Someone want to framegrab a bit from 'Trash', fire up Photoshop, and see which one of them is sexier with horsie parts?

Ewww. You know, changing the subject is sometimes more painful than talking about myspace dweebs.

[ edited by jclemens on 2006-04-18 01:02 ]
Great, now I have an itch to make Centaur!Nathan. I've even got Photoshop open already 'cause I'm working on tonight's Fang Gang Lite. Thanks, jclemens, I needed more crazy in my brain tonight. *g*
Well, that is nice to know Hjermsted I knew there was a reason I hated it with a blinding passion. Although, my kids do love it. They meet a lot of people through it also, but still...argh! *harry potter pain to forehead*
Um, I have no idea what you guys are talking about, mainly because Im all untechnological when it comes to the internet. What are myspace's??

But I get the gist of whats happening...I think. Some wannabe ppl with no lies are pretending to be celeb's, right?
It's like Friendster, JigSaw. MySpace is a collection of gajillions of profiles where you can put up information about yourself, pics, etc., and get comments from people who are browsing. Advantages: you can find people with similar interests in your city or across the world, like nixygirl wrote about her kids (she's in Australia, yo!); lots of people use MySpace for hookups. Disadvantages: lots & lots of people lie their a**es off in their profiles (esp. about age!), or, in this case, pretend they are someone they are not.

Yes, sadly, you are absolutely right about what's happening in this case. Whatever rocks your world, celebrity imitator people. I guess you think it's funny to fool people, or get attention. *shakes head*
I have a MySpace, I assume I'm not alone on this, considering there are millions of people who use it. As far as the fake celebrity pages, I've come across dozens and as far as I can tell the only genuine one from the Whedonverse is Jewel Staite, colour me gullible if it's not. I say this because her husband also has a MySpace, and the photos in her profile are pretty convincing. Would I be able to link that here, just to see if anyone can verify it or not?

[ edited by escapist_dream on 2006-04-18 04:25 ]
There was a thread the other day about the latest "Dear Roj" letter/blog entry from Jewel, escapist_dream. Roj runs Ms. Staite's website or fan club, sorry I don't know exactly which. He posts letters from Jewel, and she sends him photos, too. Maybe if you check that thread, it will help you judge the page on MySpace? HTH! :-)
Found fake profiles for Jewel and Sean Maher now. Fun! At least they aren't using them for 'bad' purposes, though (as in, using them to slag off people and such)
Jewel has an actual myspace. It is her, I talked to her at Flanvention about it. Plus back when I first found it, I had just seen Serenity in Dec of 2004 at the first screening. So I sent a message and she wrote back ALL about the movie and only someone that has been in or seen the movie would know the stuff she knew.

There might be some fake Jewel myspacers out there but she does have a real one.
Arhaw. Is username Jewel her, then?

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