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March 21 2003

All Firefly episodes to be shown in the UK soon? reports that Sci-Fi Channel UK will show all the episodes in the near future including the three unaired ones.

I've no reason to doubt this news and the Sci-Fi Channel would be the best choice to show Firefly.

Attention all cappers!
Sometimes living in the UK isn't so bad.

This is fantastic news!
Does this mean a DVD release will happen sooner... or later?

I predict ferocious recording and cross-pond swapping of those unaired episodes.

I recently watched all the episodes in the Joss-intended order. Dang, that's some good story-telling. When "Objects in Space" ended I swore ritual vengeance and a pants-pox on Fox and its minions. Voodoo curses, plagues of biblical proportion, torch-bearing peasants storming the Fox compound! Who's with me?

C'mon, people! Baruk Khazad, and all that.

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