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April 17 2006

A couple of Whedon goodies in print next week on April 26th, with the releases of both Astonishing X-Men #14 (Marvel) and Angel Scriptbook #2 (IDW), which covers the season five episode "A Hole in the World". In related news we'll see the release of the final issue of Angel: Old Friends #5 this week.

I the IDW solicitations Angel: Old Friends #5 was listed as being released in march does anybody know why it was delayed.
I got my copy of Angel: Old Friends #5 last week.
Where did you get it from killinj.
I got mine from my comic store. Some might have delayed shipments or back-orders they had to fill first.
IDW's own site has Angel: Old Friends in the "new this week" section.
I have a subscription for Old Friends - maybe that's why I got it last week.
Cool. I've patiently kept the first 4 parts without looking at them so I can read the whole thing through.

I notice there's no mention of Superman/Batman #26 (the Sam Loeb tribute issue). Has it been pushed back and does anyone know why ?

(also seems like the Illyria Spotlight has been pushed back too since I can't find mention in the release lists for this week or next but IDW has it down for April)
Wait. Does it come out in Australia this week or in the U.S?
IDW doesn't seem to be very good at giving a specific date for when an issue is released. Usually they just give out which month it is released.

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The link I posted is for the Diamond distribution, it seems that it's more precise when it concerns Marvel, DC, Dark Horse or Wizard.

IDW seems sort of troublesome regarding selling to other coutries, which annoys me a lot. Haven't got any issues of Old Friends yet, or the ones from the Spike OSs and Mini Series ( and they're all in my pull list in my comic shop). Only got my copies of the first two issues of Peter David's "Fallen Angel" a few weeks ago, but in the US is already like 4 or 5 issues ahead. It really makes me miss the old Dark Horse days. The pontuality kind of compesates for the better printing paper and for the higher price from IDW comics.
Looks like Superman/Batman #26 got moved back to May 24.
So that's why it disappeared from DC's April schedule.

Damn it.
Superman/Batman #25 hasn't come out yet. The title has always been delayed. Looking forward to 26 though, especially after seeing the panel at WWLA, with Joss.
I hear you, Numfar. The IDW comics have been arriving late or sometimes not at all at my local comic shop, even though they order them for me every time. Now, obviously, it might be a problem with their suppliers, but it might just be IDW as well. But I end up having trouble getting all these single issues here in The Netherlands, whereas with other comics (like Astonishing X-Men) there's no trouble at all.

Anyone know of an affordable place that sells single issues online (most US bound stores have insane shipping costs if you're in Europe, for single issues)?
GVH, if it's just the odd single issue you're after, have you tried ebay ? I've used a seller based in the Netherlands a few times and had good results (postage was a bit pricey to the UK but i'm sure it'd be more reasonable for yourself and, even for me, it was nothing like the $10+ some US shops charge).
Thanks for the tip, Saje. I have never used Ebay (yes, I'm one of the few left, it seems), but this might just be worth a try!

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