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April 18 2006

Batty Legislation. Apparently assemblyman Lloyd Levine's office began promoting his Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 on Friday, Sarah Michelle Gellar's birthday (reg req).

"Assemblyman Lloyd Levine's office began promoting his Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 on Friday, which seemed like perfect timing: It also was the birthday of Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress who played Buffy, the vampire slayer, on the hit television show.
Instead of regulating use of Gilroy garlic, the bill requires appliance makers to label how much energy their products consume while in standby mode. Appliances that drain energy while inactive are dubbed "vampires."

It was one of the first bills highlighted by new Levine communications director Alex Traverso, who's leaving Assembly Speaker Fabian Nez's press office.

Will Traverso advise his new boss to show up in committee wearing a Dracula costume?

"He is a pretty flashy dresser, but I don't know if he'd go in with a cape with a popped collar and slick his hair back," Traverso said. "But I wouldn't put it past him. Last year, he asked members to bark 'aye' " for a canine-related bill."

Hang on. Is this a joke? It's a really important bill. If it's actually called Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 and it gets passed, I may die in geek heaven.

PS: Italic HTML madness goin' on.

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Is "vampire slayer" not a copyrighted phrase?
I doubt it, Simon. Many people would be able to claim prior art.
I don't think you can copyright phrases (or titles) though it might be trademarked (even then I think there's some rule about it having to be 'confuseable' to infringe). I Am Not A Lawyer though (and don't even play one on TV ;).

Very cool idea. The guy clearly knows how to drum up a bit of publicity and (hopefully) support. I read a statistic once that if everyone in the UK switched their TV off instead of keeping it on standby we'd save, as a country, 12 million pounds a year, as well as being that little bit kinder to the planet.
Wasn't there something in the news just recently about the term "superhero" (or some variation of same) being the joint property of Marvel and DC? Some legal "blah blah woof woof" nonsense.

Oh, the strange and pointless times we live in. It's getting to the point where we will all have to carry recording devices around with us in order to keep a record of every single word we speak, just in case anyone takes you to court over uttering a word they own. I'd suggest that people got a life but that would put thousands of lawyers out of work.
All in favor, say "Grr."
All opposed, say "Argh."

For those too lazy to RTFB, it's dealing with what it calls "vampire appliances" that continue to suck electricity even when they're in "off" mode. The bill would mandate basically labelling how much energy your appliance uses in standby and full power modes.
However it grants an exception for: "(b) The appliance has a low power mode that it automatically switches into during extended periods of inactivity and consumes no more than five watts when it is in this mode."
So it seems like appliances that sleep during the day and work at full power during the night are exempt. I think a certain slayer has been slacking off on the job...
Wasn't there something in the news just recently about the term "superhero"...

It cropped up a couple of years ago but, yeah, it's back in the news recently. Things are worse than you think The Immortal since DC (TM) and Marvel (TM) actually already own 'super hero' (TM) as a trademark in comics but they're trying to broaden the uses their mark is covered under and I think they're also going for 'super-hero' with a hyphen (not quite TM yet) since apparently some folk have been using that bit of 'super-villainry' (possibly TM) to get round it.

Right load of bollocks (Patent Pending) if you ask me.

(a few bloggers have started using what I think is Warren Ellis' term 'underwear perverts' instead, presumably both as legal protection and piss-take)

'Grr'/'Argh' indeed Anusien ;-).
Heh, this is just too much fun. Here's hoping it gets passed (more so because it seems like a good idea).
Hey, my first post!

Anywho, I admire this legislator's innovative way to get press regarding his legislation. And heck, it seems to be working, since we're all talking about it.
Hey, if it gets attention and is a good bill (as this one would appear to be), that works out to being a Good Thing, I reckon.

(First post - woohoo! Hopefully later ones will be more interesting ... just wanted to test out the new membership n'stuff.)
I think you might have to see Bram Stoker first , he may of called Van Helsing a vampire slayer (or hunter). Also persons like the "Holts" character on Angel did exist in ye olde days, as demon/witch hunters , thus appearing in various stories of those times.
But using "Buffy" The Vampir Slayer would be a violation.
So this bill is a slayer of the Vam-pyrs? I miss Andrew.
This is one of the most enjoyable threads in a while...! Very amusing!
Great idea for a bill and a great way of getting it noticed! And thanks Anusien for the great laugh with the "Grr-Argh" bit! Cracked me up!
I was amused even after this turned out to be from here in the lands of fruits and flakes (I live in California). Cute way to promote what would normally be a very dull subject. And to honor SMG's birthday too!
You can't copyright a title or short phrase like "vampire slayer." And even if it's trademarked (or as I imagine in this case, part of a trademark) it can still be used by other people unless it creates a likelihood of confusion. So another TV show called The Vampire Slayer would be a problem, but a noncommercial thing like a bill in the assembly wouldn't :) Basically, it's ok for the same reasons why Reagan could nickname his weapons program "Star Wars," much to the chagrin of George Lucas.

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