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April 18 2006

Discussion on Wonder Woman at It seems Morena is coming out on top so far! Lots of usual names being mentioned and some (I think) new ones.

None of the above - Gina Torres all the way!
No contest, it has to be Charisma.
Am I the only one who doesn't really care who is cast? I trust that the right actress will be chosen so I'm actually a lot more interested in the story.

Having said that, I love Gina but Wonder Woman is white. If they had cast Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Storm or Hugh Jackman in the role of Blade it would have been totally unthinkable to all the fans of the comic versions of the characters. I see no point whatsoever in making a movie about a decades old icon and not sticking to the basic elements of the character. Changing something as obvious as the colour of skin is a big no-no, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not saying that it would spoil the movie if Wonder Woman were black, I'm saying that it wouldn't be Wonder Woman and so you may as well just call the character something else.

I'm still ticked that they made Wilson Fisk a black guy in the Daredevil movie. Mind you, I wasn't happy with much of the casting in that film, especially as Daredevil is one of my favourite comic book titles. Jennifer Garner as Elektra? Riiiiiight.
Gina's the only one I'd believe if she said "I can hurt you" though....
redtom, clearly you have never met my sister.
Gina's the ideal choice, I agree, although she may be a little older than they'll want to go, if it's an origin story. My plan B would be Evangeline Lilly, from Lost. She's beautiful, she's got a real presence onscreen, and she's believably tough.
I'm in the 'anyone but Jessica Biel' camp. I cannot see that working at all. She'd probably just pout and try to get out of her contract if things didn't go her way
She'd probably just pout and try to get out of her contract if things didn't go her way

...and you know this how?
I don't know it. That's why I said probably. I've formed an opinion of her based on what I've read, interviews with her and that sort of thing. I could well be wrong but then that's why it's an opinion.
I don't see any point in even discussing this. Joss has a habit of casting the right people most of the time. I trust that the right person will be cast.
I.E. Nathan Fillion.

Oh, and hi. This is my first post.
Regarding the Jessica Biel comments, I think if opinions were limited to the work people do rather than their supposed personalities then the internet would be a much more agreeable place. Too much time is spent making assumptions about actress A or popstar B when the truth is that 99% of what you read on here and in the media is utter rubbish, made up to sell papers or create a stir. I just think that unless you happen to actually be a close associate of somebody, whether they are famous or not, then don't comment on the type of person they are. You just can never really know.
I really think I'd rather see a relative "unknown" cast in the role of Wonder Woman, but maybe I am crazy.

Personally, I think Morena is lovely but also a bit too small and delicate looking for the part (not that she couldn't play the heck out of it, mind you, but she's not my vision of the physical type) and Charisma, bless her, just doesn't fit my image of Wonder Woman either. Of course, I've been corrupted from a very young age by various comics and Lynda Carter, so really I'll just take what comes and enjoy regardless (hopefully).
The Immortal - I checked to see if you were my sister (apparently you're not, neither am I yours.) But your comment

redtom, clearly you have never met my sister.

sounds like something mine would say.
Totally, The Immortal. If you read this months GQ, for example, there's an out of context selection of quotes from Tom Cruise designed to make him look like a nut. Of course, what he said wasn't in the context they painted it.

And, don't forget, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a bitch on set, Seth Green stole his ex-friends knives (?!), Kate is actually Wonder Woman anyway as Joss wants to shag her, and Serenity 2 is being made for Sci-Fi. Oh, and Buffy season 8 is happening with Holly Valance recast as Buffy, and Angel Season 6 is going on NBC. And the Browncoats caused Serenity to fail. And Joss doesn't want to make any more Serenity movies. Except it was all made up to sell newspapers.

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There are too many good actors out in the world that no one has seen. This whole debate over who is going to be Wonder Woman has been getting steadily more annoying since it has started.

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Are you sure? I could swear I heard somewhere that Serenity II would be an animated musical.
Apologies. I like to speculate on stuff like this (some of it is pure ridiculous and some of it might have a grain of truth and I like to guess which is which)but can appreciate that others do not. My finger tips are now sealed on this subject.
Buffy season 8 is happening with Holly Valance recast as Buffy

The thought of Holly Vallance in Buffy has truly disturbed even though it is a complete work of fiction.
I adore Morena, would love to see her get the part, but will be happy whomever is chosen. Gotta trust the "creative vision" that Joss has got.

Though I'd be really excited if it was Morena. I will get all choked up. There might even be tears.
After watching the previous episode of Supernatural I would also have to pick Taylor Cole. The second I saw her on screen I immediately thought "Wonder Woman!"

But if not her, then I would go with the beauty queen all the way. She's definately easy on the eyes. And just look at this picture. WOW!
Personally, I don't really like the idea of Morena as Wonder Woman, and I prefer Charisma Carpenter...she looks exactly like a former Laker Girl I know who goes by the name of Kendall Casablancas.
As much fun as it is to speculate, I have to admit my first thought was, "This again?" But, it's a first for the newbies, so, yeah -- let's do it!

Four words: Mor. Gan. Free. Man. (If he's not too busy doing Serenity 2, since he's been recast as River.) (Oh, yeah, he's also been recast as Holly Valance.) (And this means Ben is Glory.) ;-)
Wait a minute, Ben knows Morgan Freeman ? Where does Glory fit in ?
Glory is Wonder Woman? If Ben says so...

(popped my posting cherry)
Wait a second. If Glory is Wonder Woman than doesn't that make Ben Morgan Freeman.
So admit it, Mods. You wanted to see more speculation on WW so you opened registration again. Well?
At least this time around we got a new name to bandy about.
And Joss deciding that wonder woman really isn't the best name for the movie, and thinks that "Snakes on a Plane", would work much better.
I'm growing tired of all these speculations. 18 bajillion people sitting here trying to figure out who would be best as if they actually have a say in the matter. I almost wish they'd pick an unknown just to make all of these websites trying to get scoops say "Who's that?"
Hollywood obfuscation + baseless speculation x internet rumor-mongery = my head hurts. "Trust in Joss," I say, like it says on the money.

Whaddaya mean it isn't on the money? Well, it should be.
I'm also on the "anyone but jessica" bandwagon. I think she can look the part but I'm not sure she can pull off the acting. Give her more time.

In the mean time, I guess I'll just sit back and see what comes of this...
Every week I head over to my local comic book store. I know I could pay less with a mail order service but I don't. Why? Because I get to spend those glorious 20 or 30 minutes every week discussing exciting topics like, "Does Superman beat Yoda in a fight?" or "Did you see the SOLO issue of Richard Corben?"

I love Joss' work but I enjoy it that much more when I get to discuss and debate his librbary of work (and speculating on future projects) almost as much!

It's what fans do.

So if people are sick of hearing conjecture being presented as fact, or other fans guessing who will play a lead role, they are in the wrong place!
nickelei, I bet Joss is already kicking himself for not coming up with "Snakes on a Plane" first.

Which makes me wonder: how good a Wonder Woman would Samuel L. Jackson make? I mean, just in case Morgan Freeman isn't available. I don't think anyone can say that Samuel L. Jackson can't convincingly pull off lines like "I can hurt you"....
You're absolutely right, alexreager, as far as discussion and debate of past and future projects goes. I think what some of us are a tad weary of is every new casting rumor/PR ploy/incident of lazy journalism sparking off another round of opinionating based on nothing at all. And unfounded speculation about the personal lives and thoughts of writers and actors is not encouraged on this site.
I'd like to see either an unknown or Evangeline Lily. My mother and I saw her all dolled up at the Golden Globes and she . . . looked SO much like Diana it wasn't funny. She was so reagal and statuesque and beautiful.

Also, cherry popping post!
What about Amy Acker as Wonder Women. After seeing her play Illyria I think she could do it.

BTW lol this is my first post.
Sorry, LONG post!

I've been zipping around on my own, googling WW's stats and seeing who I can discover that hasn't already been tossed into the ring:

Patricia Velasquez - Actress from 'The Mummy' movies, former model from Venezuela, 5'9", can kick butt, although I'm not sure about her acting range.

Maria Menounos - actress, currently a host on Entertainment Tonight. 5'8", Greek descent, pretty enough for Hollywood standards, did a recurring character on OneTreeHill so she may have some chops.

Zuleikha Robinson - if you don't recognize this name, she costarred in 'Hidalgo'... a movie that I was reluctantly impressed by. She was also the female foil on the short-lived 'Lone Gunmen' spin-off on FOX. Only 5'6 1/2", she's beautiful, but not in that Hollywood-clone kind of way, she's got fire in her eyes, and I think that she could pull off the entire range of the character (from naif to justice leaguer).

Alexa Davalos - if you don't recognize this name, for shame! Played Gwen Raiden, the sexy thief in Season 4 of Angel. Also appeared in the 'Chronicles of Riddick' as grown-up Kyra. 5'8", Greek heritage (speaks Greek even, if they decide to go there), already familiar with the ways of Joss, and we've SEEN her kick butt and take names. This is MY top pick!

If this were being filmed 15 years ago I would suggest Jennifer Connolly, but she is actually maturing gracefully and doesn't fit the mold of an eternally-young Amazon. Same with Melina Kanakaredes (another statuesque Greek goddess). Perhaps they could play other roles?
Lucy Lawless - main actress from Xena Warrior Princess, guest star in the Hurculese the Legendary Series, Im not sure if she has seen much acting work since her show. I remember one of our favorite actresses from the Buffy series dressed up as her in a haloween episode. ;)
some pics on

Yes my first post as well, wtb feedback 4tw
Did i just misspell halloween?! >< Maybe I dont belong here

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