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April 18 2006

Beware of Vampires on Eve of St George's Day (April 22) . Vampires and witches, were believed to be most active on the Eve of St George's Day, this Saturday. According to wikipedia, placing garlic on windows and rubbing it on cattle, ( maybe the family pet too!!) especially on St George's will protect against vampires.

So go out and buy fresh garlic , so you can start rubbing it on Fluffy and Spot. Those vampire cattle are just nasty, maybe Buffy the Cow Slayer can save us? that's just not right.

What do you do if you want to attract vampires and witches? ;)
Of course, the vampire bats do go after the cattle, so that might make sense.
I'm just sad that Buffy never got to slay a Chupacabras.
I've seen a flat in Glasgow where the owner hangs garlic outside...
Yeah....I was wondering the same thing killinj...what if you want the vamps to show up?
How about beer, hot wings and a bloomin' onion....would that attract a few? Or ONE special vamp in particular?????
**wondering how this is Whedon-y**... *shrug*
**wondering how this is Whedon-y**...

Silly Willowy, did you forget that Joss first came up with the idea of vampires? They were first called Whedonpires, but then Joss, in his infinite wisdom, decided to call them vampires.
If you're really freaked out about undead cows, you should get one of these Whedonpire-slaying kits. I hear they were made by Mutant Enemy back in the middle ages.
St. George? Whatever happened to St. Vigeous?
I remember when Howard the Duck protecting the world from the scourge of vampire bovines, when he defeated the Hell Cow.

Ah, those were the days.
Gee, isn't that taking getting a nicely seasoned steak a leetle too far?
Hell cow ? Reminds me of 'The Tick'. That cow has tasted human flesh, it's a man-eater !

Hmm, would season 7 have been more or less scary if Buffy had been fighting 'The First Ruminant' ?
Yes, my mom has been rubbing garlic on cattle for years. She calls it "pot roast." ;-)
Heh, I read all these comments about "seasoning steaks" and "pot roasts" just after reading this great blog post: Argentina On Two Steaks A Day.

For most people in Argentina, a vegetarian is something you eat.

It's nothing to do with vampires I'm afraid (or Joss Whedon, although neither is this thread really), but it was funny and well-written so I though I'd mention it. And no, I'm not trying to shamelessly advertise something I wrote -- I have no connection with the site. Apologies if this is deemed just too off-topic.
dzr, for that quote alone, it's worth your bringing up this website! LOL! :-)
There is a minor Buffy referenece in the wiki also just type in "Angelus (vampire)" , fun stuff!

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billz: another similar experession I've heard from time to time is:

Vegetables are what food eats.

But now I know I'm risking a ticking off from the mods, so I suppose we'd better stop with the snickering at veggies ...
Well, dzr, I suppose we could always make a try for comparing rare steaks to what vampires, er, feast upon, or make a steak/stake try, or just *shake hands* and agree that (now that I've read the whole essay you linked above) this is about the funniest description of food and drinks I've ever read. Thanks! /OT stuff ;-)

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