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March 21 2003

No Buffy spin-off for Fall 2003. A poster at the Buffistas board says Mutant Enemy killed off the idea at a meeting yesterday.

It still means we could see some sort of a Buffyverse show happening in the long run but a reliable source at the Buffy Cross and Stake Board has said Mutant Enemy may close after this year. That, of course, is unconfirmed.

Where's ZachsMind? It's his theory at work!
I think this is good news. For marketing purposes and to prevent being lost in the shuffle, the new show needs to be AT LEAST a mid-season replacement next year.

I believe if Firefly had been a replacement, it would still be on the air now, because it wouldn't have had the haphazard marketing and placement, with so many episodes postponed.
Not terribly suprised by the news of no spin-off next season. Whedon was pretty non-commital about a spin-off in the Variety article announcing the end of BTVS so I thought the show wasn't going to happen in the immediate future.

The news of the alleged end of Mutant Enemy is a a little suprising though. I mean do they know something about Angel that we don't because if it's still on the air then there is still a Mutant Enemy. The poster at Cross & Stake may be referring to cutbacks at the company and not an out & out closure. Whedon has stated (I beleive in the Onion interview) that he has no intention of being a David Kelly or Steve Bochco who just keep turning shows out one after another.
Okay, now wait a minute... This link only talked about there being no spin-off this fall. According to what was said there, a spin-off is still possible for Jan 2004 or the following fall.
Where is this info about ME closing down?!
Dammit! SOMEBODY get me Whedon's cellphone number posthaste! I can't BELIEVE he's not even gonna try a spinoff featuring Xander, Willow, Spike & Dawn. Heck, at this point I'd just need Xander & Dawn to write a kickbutt spinoff series premise. Doesn't that guy read this website? The problem is coming up with an idea that'll be more inexpensive but retain the quality of the past M.E. offerings. That's not as difficult as it sounds.

...No really. I'm serious. Somebody tell Whedon to call me!

okay I'm only half serious. Well maybe 20%.

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The info about ME closing down came from a poster at the BC&S board. He has connections inside ME and has been extremely reliable (and responsible) with info before. In response to a thread about the spin-off being "cancelled," he simply replied "Mutant enemy may close after this year." Personal spec? Inside track? Take with your own grain of salt.
The thing is, Joss may simply not want to do a spin-off, of any kind, right now. He certainly hasn't sounded full-bore enthused in the last few interviews. He's talked about wanting to do a feature, he may still have Angel to run, and he has a newborn baby to play with. I certainly wouldn't blame him for being relieved to get a large chunk of work and responsibility (i.e., Buffy) off his plate, and not taking on a new show right this minute.

And I don't see it being a huge thing if ME shuts down. If he starts a new show, he can just form a new production company. It's mostly just a name, a logo, and office space. He'd have to hire more writers, but he'd probably have to do that anyway for a spin-off, with Marti and maybe others leaving.
My Dream writing team: Joss, Tim Minear, Drew Goddard, and Jane Espenson.
God I'm virtually drooling at the idea.

jlp: I agree about Joss' possible feelings. He has been coming across as worn-out and just plain sick of the whole TV thing lately. I think the Firefly debacle hit him really hard and sucked away a good chunk of his enthusiasm for this kind of media. Can't say as I blame him all that much.

But if there's one thing we know with relative certainty about JW, er... besides being freaking brilliant, is that he's a workaholic. So I'm holding onto the belief that he'll be back at some point with some new brilliant, fabulous creation for me to obsess over.
I just hope it's sooner than later. I'm not sure how long I can wait.

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