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April 18 2006

Happy Birthday KRAD!!! Our favorite Serenity novelization author turns 37 today.

Happy Birthday, Krad. Hope you have a great one.
Happy birthday, with many happy returns, and birthday wishes coming true! :-)
Felicitations, Keith! Enjoy!
Happy birthday, and hope you have a rich and fulfilling year.
Have a great birthday Keith!!
Happy birthday fella ! Have a cracking day, relax, take a breather.

(and then get the hell on with the Buffy novel and Superman essay due out later this year ;-)
Happy Birthday!
Thanks, everyone! *smile*
So, I'm late to the party here. All the best, Keith. Hope your day was all you wanted it to be.
Wow, krad, I had no idea you were younger than me! Pretty close in age, though.

Hope you have a great one. Happy BD!
I get older the longer you know me. *wink*

Thanks again, all!
What happened to his purpleicious-ness? My world is all askew! And cockeyed…

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