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April 18 2006

Alan Tudyk in the musical version of 'Xanadu'. There's a first reading in three days time and if you're one of the chosen few, you'll get to see Alan perform a role from the cult (well that's one word for it) Olivia Newton-John film.

Cheers to Theatregirl for the heads up.

YAY for Alan. I have to say reading about his work on that page made me sad. No mention of Firefly or Serenity. *sigh*
It seems that Alan is in the perfect place career-wise. Able to move between film and Broadway as he pleases. Good for him. He deserves it.
Could be good for Alan. The movie was pretty godawful (except for a nice little duet with Gene Kelly and Olivia Neutron Bomb), but the right sensibility might work for this, though the camp thing can wear thin.

But couldn't they have at least included Serenifly in his credits? It is one of his biggest parts and it's not like it's some totally obscure student film or something. On the other hand, looking at how actors get unjustly typed as genre people (which is I guess why we see Lucy Lawless on BSG and Veronica Mars instead of in the cast of, say, "Thank You for Smoking", which she would have been just as good as Maria Bello), maybe they're right.

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Well considering how bad the movie version of 'Xanadu' was, I can't be very excited about this, but of course it is always good to be cast in a new production (but I really wish they had listed 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' in his credits).
I've never seen the movie, but I might try to get tickets to see this just to see Alan. If they're not outrageously expensive, I think it'll be worth it to go whether it's any good or not.
Terrible movie (so bad it's good terrible) Great soundtrack! Alan was awesome in Spamalot! I am curious!
I suppose there will be singing? I loved the soundtrack too.
"But couldn't they have at least included Serenifly in his credits? It is one of his biggest parts "

I wondered too, more about Firefly than Serenity. I know he had more speaking lines in Firefly than in Arrested Development, but his part in Serenity was pretty small. Think about how many speaking lines he had: he had fewer than any other member of the crew, including Book. He had more lines (and a bigger part) in Dodgeball.

I don't think it is a genre thing, though: they mention I, Robot.
Alan was fantastic in Spamalot :) While I am sad to see no mention of our beloved 'Verse, I am likewise un-surprised to see I, Robot. It was what some might call a 'movie with an easily salable premise'.
When publishing credits, the actor is often forced to choose those with the biggest box office, the largest draw, the best name recognition.

Trying to pare down tremendous accomplishments stinks, worse is having the PR department savage what you've written and go by your resume and not what you chose to be publicized.

Judging from what they listed, they proved his Broadway chops first, marketability second, name recognition and association third.

The Playbill is usually where an actor can list his or her favorite accomplishments, their fondest memories. Press releases usually never give them that freedom.

As a side note, when Hugh Jackman was in Boy from Oz, his bio was chopped up to showcase only what the PR dept. thought were his best roles, in the Playbill he listed the projects fans were more familiar with.

The roles I listed for press releases and the ones I wanted named were far different from what appeared. It's an industry thing.
I thought Xanadu already was a musical? I guess we're talking big-time, $100 a ticket, Spamalot/Hairspray/The Producers type, Broadway musical, then. Yay Alan! :-)
Interesting!!! Never saw the movie but am a big fan of the RUSH song by the same name.
My friend and I went to see Spamalot just to catch Alan's performance (which was hilarious), but managed to miss getting his autograph or picture afterwards. We're not usually autograph hounds, but we were pretty fangirlishly (my new word of the day) disappointed. So now another chance to watch him perform and (maybe) tell him how much we love his work in the 'Verse. Yay!

And I just have to say that I'm so excited to finally be able to post!
I agree the film was so bad it was good (kind of the epitome of all that was excessive in late 70s/early 80s cinema), but I adore the soundtrack. With Alan playing the Michael Beck role of Sonny Malone, this should be interesting...I may have to work a trip to New York in my schedule for next year. ;) I just hope they ditch the rollerskates. LOL
Three glorious words -- Electric Light Orchestra.

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