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April 18 2006

ASH as Frank 'n Furter. Tony will be a guest performer at the Rocky Horror Show Tribute in London on the 3rd of May.

Dayum. Wish I could be there! Giles in fishnets . . . *swoon*
gossi and simon and everyone else in the UK. Please go and give us a report. thanks!
A report and pictures. Richard O'Brien too! That will be some event.
Try clicking on the prices. 2-300 for 1 hour 50 minutes? Makes current Con prices seem reasonable.

Yes, I know it's a benefit. And for a very good cause. And I hope they sell out. But I think I'll wait for the filmed version to show up on telly.
Shop smart! Shop S-Mart!

Oh, Anthony Stewart Head? Well, that's nifty too!

*puts away the boom-stick*
At the con I went to, they were selling photos of ASH in his Rocky Horror costume. It was a must-have!
Very fun to see when some performers would sweep it under the rug and try not to acknowledge it. Gotta love ASH :)
Can we please avoid using acronyms when we don't need to? Especially those that are not unique? I don't think there's any other use of SMG, but ASH is a common word and another character in geek culture.

Unless you're talking about Rocky being played by a man with a chainsaw for an arm, who says "hail to the king, baby." In which case, I'd totoally watch that!
ASH as an acronym in all caps is pretty easily distinguishable from Ash the chainsaw handed retail employee of Raimi fame. Given that, I'm all for avoiding obfuscation, at least the unintentional type :)
And in this crowd, where ASH has been an accepted acronym for Tony Head for quite some time, I would guess it is generally understood. We can't use AH because that belongs to Alyson Hannigan!
zeitgeist, obfuwhat? Huh? ;-)
RayHill: "I don't think there's any other use of SMG..."

Well, there's always the Sub-Machine Gun, but I think that a news article about a Sub-Machine Gun signing on for a role in an upcoming movie would send up a mental red flag.
For my part, I myself vigorously endeavor always and ever to eschew sesquepedalian obfuscation.

Usually. Well, mostly.

ASH only means Tony to me!
Even when you add the price of the airfare and hotel to the ticket cost, it would still be worth it, if I could get hold of that kind of money! (Of course, if I could round up that kind of money that easily, I guess I'd be rich enough that I wouldn't mind the high price of the ticket in the first place!) Yay ASH (and, always, yay Raimi!Ash, too)! ;-)
There's also Sodium Mono Glutemate...oh that's not quite right is it?

Back in '99 or so there was some kind of ROCKY HORROR tribute that aired here on VH-1 in the States. Different celebs showed up to do some songs. Both Tony and Amber performed. Tony sang "Sweet Transvestite". I'm not sure but I think Amber sang "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me" As I remember it Tony wasn't in full drag, but I think he was wearing fishnets.
Funnily enough, I first got into Buffy because I really liked ASH, having seen him on stage in Rocky several times. He was just amazingly sexy and charismatic. One time I went to see the show with a friend who didn't really feel he'd had value for money unless he managed to get a response to a heckle from one of the actors. When it got to the line about offering hospitality, my friend yelled out 'How about a cup of coffee?' (because this was when ASH was primarily famous for the Gold Blend adverts in the UK). ASH shot back with 'Coffee, coffee, coffee. Does no one talk about sex any more?' He'd probably used the line before, but the timing was perfect and it got a big laugh.
*Sigh* 2-300 pounds seems quite cheap, really.
I had to think about this for a second.Then I realised who you were talking about. I think it would be great to see ASH in Rocky. I wish I had the cash to make a trip.
While I think using ASH in the comments is perfectly acceptable (and there of course should be no confusion here at Whedonesque who that is), I do think his full name should be used in the post headline.
Shop smart! Shop S-Mart!

Oh, Anthony Stewart Head? Well, that's nifty too!

*puts away the boom-stick*

I had that same issue of confusion.

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