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April 18 2006

The Signal #7 now available. This time, the show wraps up "Adventures in Serenity", reviews "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", compares the movie DVD versions around the world, and discusses the "Into the Black" fan project.

How are they reviewing Buffy? From the p.o.v. of a fan who discovered Firefly first? Cause that would interest me.
Into the Black, Done the Impossible, Serenity HD, Whedon fan commentaries, Serenity/Firefly Easter Eggs AND Tim Minear's "Breaking the Story" screenwriting DVD all discussed on Pan and Scan in past two days, as well.
I'm a rabid Buffy fan who discovered Firefly first. After that I made a multi-dimensional (I wish) Buffy review site and have people who shower me with compliments all the time. Good times, really. Everyone should try it. ;)

The Signal's review of BtVS seemed more like a comparison between certain characters in it and Firefly than a 'review' per se, as I don't recall much in the way of analysis or opinion on the subject. :)
I enjoyed the Signal quite a bit, they do better than I could, but I've always had a beef with their idea of a "review". Usually, it would just end up being a recitation of what happens, something you might better term a "recap".
Well, these segments aren't "reviews" -- they're "comparisons" between Firefly/Serenity and other genre shows.
Me too, mikejer! Went to see the BDM with a friend, immediately devoured Firefly, and am now plowing through S6 of Buffy and waiting to buy S3 of Angel.
My love for Whedon is now multi-'versial. Or maybe it's just "bi-'versial?"
Oh, and first post! So glad to be here.
Try 'tri-versal'. With more to come, I'm sure...
Yep, bring on the fourth iteration. I for one am quad-curious ;).

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