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April 19 2006

Summer Glau part of ABC Family movie remake, "The Initiation of Sarah." This was one of ABC's Movies of the Week way back in the 1970's, about a girl who's involved in an evil sorority and witchcraft. It's scheduled to be broadcast in late October.

This time, the remake will include Glau as the naive twin sister of the title character.

I remember this movie the first time around. It was pretty decent for a 70s made-for-tv film about the occult. LOL

I think Summer's character's name has been changed, too -- if I remember correctly, the twin sister was Patty, but now she's called Lindsey.
I remember watching this movie on my tiny B&W TV in my bed and being scared and loving life. I want Summer to do a remake of "Trilogy of Teror" next. No, wait.... actually I do. Wow.
So does Summer get to play the naive good twin and the naughty conniving evil twin?

Possible I'm confusing this film with that Hammer one. Hmm, JW, I didn't have a TV, tiny and B&W or not, in my bed when I were a young teen growing up in England. You were lucky . . .
Joss Whedon's Trilogy of Terror, starring Summer Glau as Karen Black, Nathan Fillion as the Zuni hunting fetish doll (he's got the legs for it, I hear), and Morgan Freeman as Wonder Woman. I like it! ;-)

Hi, Joss! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your horror movie remake master plan. Hope you're having a nice evening! :-)

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Hooray the Mouse for hiring Summer!
As long as it's not "Trilogy of Terror II" -- that killer Zuni doll in the sequel's last segment was just so incredibly bad. I mean, if you're going to rip an idea from the original, at least do it well. Actually, I think it was just the laughing part more than anything else about the doll that drove me insane watching it. The puppetry, however, was very MST3K-worthy.
And don't forget Mammoth is on Friday, we'll have some sort of discussion thread for it *waves to Joss*.
More summer on our screens, this can never be a bad thing. I have never even heard of the original (and seeing as I wasn't even born yet in the 70's, I didn't see it on any type of tv in any type of room, either), but I'll be sure to - somehow - catch this.
Hum... trying hard to remember. Premise sounds familiar, but the only image coming to mind is woods by night, girl falling down some slope and crawling back up. How can I not remember anything useful but remember the picture quality looked more like mid to late 80s? At least there's a new challenge now. Finding some 70s ABC TV movie in Germany. Anyway, more Summer is always a good thing.. and maybe it will even save a "Scifi original"? First time I'll see her playing someone more or less normal ,-)
(Just re-watched the Serenity blooper reel. :-P)

If all of you know the original, can you tell me if Summer's role is big? 'Cause "naive sister of girl the movie is *actually* about" sounds like it could be an annoyingly small, one-or-two-scene role. And we can't have that, of course.

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Great! The more opportunities we get to see more of Summer makes me happy! :)

And, since this is a first post for me. I'm happy it's on a Summer-topic, and also... Hi Joss! :D
I now declare Summer and Nathan man and wife of horror(ish). Except not actually married.

Okay, so this post was supposed to be funny in a good way, and then I ended up with funny in a Charmed way.
Ah, I reckon that's what I was thinking of too SNT ([letch mode on] Is it wrong that i'm sort of disappointed ? [/letch mode off - well, ish, i'm still a guy] ;-).

Blimey, a TV in your _bed_room in the 70s ? We used to dream of such luxury down t'pit. Only 1 family in 20 had hot and cold running electricity (but we could share since, luckily, we were all in the same shoebox), we had to go outside to use the indoor plumbing and the neighbourhood kids would hunt for bread with bows and arrows (wholemeal loaves were the fastest on their feet).

(ah, the 70s. Telephones had dials and enough heft that they had to be registered as lethal weapons, digital watches still seemed like a really neat idea, 3 TV channels all of which shut off at about midnight, Mars Bars were 9p, Marathons were Marathons and 640k was enough memory for anyone. Happy days).
What I remember about the original "Initiation of Sarah" was Shelley Winters' overacting, as the sorority mom who wanted to get revenge on the snobby girls at the school. You never saw a younger Morgan Fairchild age so quickly (thanks to the spell Shelley cast). I don't know how they'll make this movie scary while leaning towards "family-friendly", since Pat Robertson owns part of ABC Family, but it should be interesting.
Of course, ABC Family has recently shown what some people call a true film of horror..."The Cutting Edge II: Going For The Gold".
Who needs more than 512kb memory anyway, Saje? That's madness.
Why is she only getting parts in TV movies? Isn't she better than that? She was in a major motion picture!
While I also would love to see her in another major motion picture I'll just take what I can get for now. I'm happy she's getting work at all.
It'll be different seeing Summer play the normal, popular sister. She's branching out.

I haven't seen the original, despite being almost exactly the same age as Joss. Of course, unlike him, I didn't have my own TV until I was about 22. I'll bet he didn't realize what a seething pit of class and/or cool parent resentment he was unearthing with that "had my own TV at 14" revelation.
Wasn't Joss in the UK at 14, schoolin'? Oh, Joss, I still love you if you had a TV at 14. And yes, this is less gay in my head than when typed. And, yes, I had my own TV at 14.

Why is she only getting parts in TV movies? Isn't she better than that? She was in a major motion picture!

Unfortunately, appearing in a major motion picture doesn't mean a whole lot. An awful lot of people appear in an awful lot of films each year.

Those films which explode for the studio... They tend to get a lot of cool offers, as people are willin' to take da risk then. (I did NOT just say 'da').

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I know it is availible on VHS in Canada, it was made in 1978.
I have very vague long-ago and far-away memories of watching that movie - which is actually surprising since I am not actually a fan of horror movies so not sure how I stumbled on that one. It was probably destiny - (pre-destiny I guess cause Summer wasn't even here yet then). And now I feel old....and much less cool since I didn't have my own tv at 14 - I got to watch exactly what my dad wanted to watch, which is probably how I ended up watching that movie in the first place -
Well, hey, regardless of quality, the ABC Family Channel has wrangled another viewer in the form of my Summer-lovin' self.

And as for the question of why is she only getting parts in TV movies...well, I always like to think of Virginia Madsen. For a couple of decades, Madsen was in dozens of Z-grade features--and, I'm sure, some decent ones--that nobody saw (Candyman was the pinnacle of her career). Then, in 2004, she was in Sideways and exploded after decades of hard work and determination.

It can happen!

(Hi, Joss!)

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Morgan Fairchild and Jennifer Tilly?
I'm already scared! ;)
Yay Summer, though. Of course I'll be watching.
Is that the one that had the older (blind) sister from Little House on the Prairie?
I think Summer's character was originally played by Morgan Brittany (sorry if I screwed up her name). Also, I believe it was a fairly large part in the film.
Should be interesting to see, tv sets in our rooms or not :) Whatever puts more Summery goodness on our screens. Although, having said that, Simon just reminded me of Mammoth. We'll see ;)
rkayn -- I think the one you're thinking of is "Midnight Offerings" with Melissa Sue Anderson. That one came out a few years later than "Initiation" and also dealt with witch sisters. Not that I watched a lot of tv horror movies as a kid or anything. LOL

gossi -- you're killing me here ;D
I also had a tv in my room as a kid, but it was one of those mini-b&w ones with the 5" screen that was housed in what looked like a spaceship helmet complete with closing visor. As a kid heavily into sci-fi, that tv was the shiznit.
They're filming at my campus! I'm going to sign up to be an extra. This could be exciting!
Go for it, itmustbetuesday!
Simon - Mammoth is on Sat Aug 22 at 9pm ET on the Sci-Fi channel in the US. Is it playing on Friday in the UK?
Since Joss' father was a TV writer, wouldn't having a TV in your room just be like going to your dad's office to watch him work? ;-)
Mammoth has not yet been purchased for broadcast in the UK. Fans should email the acquisitions department at the BBC to persuade them that they should purchase the movie. Otherwise we might not actually get to see this film on these shores!
For some reason I thought it was on Friday. Apologies to any US fans I confused.
Summer's part is pretty major. I've heard mixed stories about "the virgin" who is supposed to be sacrificed, but supposedly it's Sarah. And Summer was filming some shots with her today, and supposedly her character gets in the sorority, so... yep!

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