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April 19 2006

(SPOILER) TV clips from tonight's Alias featuring Amy Acker. Alias returns tonight(wednesday) at 8 pm with Amy Acker in the opening credits.

and don't forget next week features our very own .

Heres a picture of Amy Acker at the 100th episode party and I just noticed that Drew Goddard is in this pic to the right of Victor Garber in the background and Jeff Bell is to the right of Carl Lumbly.

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eddy, there are far too many beautiful people on that photo.

I have to admit, I haven't seen Alias for years (since about season 1, actually) but I've tempted to pick it back up this year for the simple fact of Amy and Rachel to the cast. They is hotties.
You know, I've never really gotten into Alias, despite my respect for J.J. Abrahms. My suspicion is it would be better for me to just pick them up on DVD at this point, so as not to watch it ridiculously out of order.

But Damn them for pre-empting Lost. I guess I'll just have to watch Veronica Mars or Bones instead.
Veronica Mars moved back to Tuesdays, Resolute.
It also had Xander's landlord as the CIA tour director! Wow, I'm a total Buffy nerd.
Resolute, check your local listings. Veronica Mars is airing again tonight in some markets, and Bones is an hour earlier, at least here, so you can watch both.
It also had Xander's landlord as the CIA tour director! Wow, I'm a total Buffy nerd.

You aren't the only one. My kids and I saw that right away, too.
Amy Acker was awsome in tonights episode! At first I didn't think her acting was that great earlyer on in the season but after tonight it was awsome!!
Great episode - too long in coming though! I'm getting old - it's hard for me to remember what happened leading up to this because it's been so long that the show has been on!

But, excellent episode tonight. I always love an episode that focuses on Syd and her Ma and Pa!! And yes, Amy was fantastic in this episode.
What a crappy cake for such a "hip" hit show.
From what I remember Kristin at E! Online said the Alias finale will be on at the same time as the 24 one.

Goddard versus Fury. Whose side are you on?

It would work better if Fury is writing the finale.
Only one hour of Alias will be up against 24. Alias will start at 9 pm, 24 at 8 pm.
Fury. 4 eva.

Goddard's gotta write for a better show.

Goddard's on Lost next season, TheZeppo. Well, for 2 years I think.

What a crappy cake for such a "hip" hit show.

Did you see Buffy's cake? Or Angel's cake? I think the same company makes them all. Possibly.
I thought it was an excellent episode. It was so good to see AA in the credits, and I thought she was very good. (And I knew I recognized the tour director from Buffy, but I just couldn't place her. Thanks for identifying her.) I just enjoyed seeing all the old familiar faces back for the last episodes, and I really am looking forward to the return of next week's guest star.
Hee. Next weeks show will have 3 Whedon related actresses. How I Met Your Mother will have two. And 3 for the finale. Glee!
I enjoy the way Alias writes to Amy's looks. She seems little and innocent and they give her these lines which play that up, that allow her to mock what she appears to be but you know that there is a cold blooded killer behind those eyes.
Who's the third Whedon-related actress on Alias next week, gossi? I know Gina and Amy, but is there someone else?
Well I heard that the Gilmore Girls season six wrap party had a cake that replicated Stars Hollow.

So... big one-up on these crapcakes.
acp - Rachel Nicols (a regular now?) was the lead actress on The Inside, which Tim Minear/David Fury/Jane Espenson all worked on.
Oh right. I never watched The Inside, so I forgot she was on that. I can't say I find her hugely impressive, but it was fun to see Amy last night, and I'm looking forward to Gina. I haven't watched this show since mid-way through Season 3, when it lost my interest, but I figured I'd tune in for the last few eps of the series to see how they wrap it all up. It did mean I was a tad lost with some of the characters and plots last night, but I figure Alias's plots are always so convoluted anyway that it doesn't really matter...
I've never watched it. But I might now that it's ending.
Great news about Amy, and I hope that she has a slightly more substantial role and a chance to bring more depth to the character, as I have heard she has been pretty unimportant up to now. I'm currently watching season four of Alias on DVD and still really enjoying it, and I hope it ends on a high. Also nice to see Merrin Dungey in the 100th episode picture- I haven't heard anything about Alison Dorien or even Francie reappearing so I'm assuming she was invited even though she wasn't acting in any episodes.
Well, this comment is in fact OT, but I am just going mental over a story I just got alerted to that touches on many "six-degrees-of-Whedonverse" people, especially from the Abramsverse: an article at says that J.J. Abrams is going to direct, produce (with Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk from Lost) and co-write (with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, formerly of Alias and the Xenaverse) Star Trek 11, which will be an origin story of how Kirk and Spock met at Starfleet Academy and had their first adventure in space, the final frontier. The president of Paramount who hired them all is none other than Gail "And They Never Spoke Again" Berman. Lots and lots of 'verses!

Why do I keep seeing Nathan as Academy!Kirk? It must have been that Shatner impression he did on Best Week Ever! ;-)

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