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March 21 2003

Dark Horizons posts rumours regarding Boreanaz, Angel Season 5, Superman and Batman.

The problem between the studio and [Superman director] Brett Ratner was that Brett likened a young actor named Matthew Bomer for the role [of Superman], believing an unknown might work. Unfortunately, the studio didn't see this way and were determined to cast Brendan Fraser in the role. At the end of the day, it was an unwinnable fight - and both parties caved in. Another actor was bought in named David Boreanaz, who stars in television's "Angel". Both quite liked David, and believing that his series mightn't be coming back for another season - was eager to do it. But at the 11th hour, word was through that his series would be continuing and he wouldn't have time to do the film. There are rumours that they liked David though, so are considering him for the next "Batman" movie which "Memento" genius, Chris Nolan is doing. An official announcement should be through on that shortly.

Certainly not a confirmation of a fifth season for Angel, but fun rumors nonetheless.

I believe this rumor started cuz of a blooper filmed during Angel when David was in a levitating harness while Angelus was incarcerated in the basement. While he was acting as if magicks were swirling about him (looked pretty funny without the SFX), the harness started making David look like he was slowly leaning to one side. David felt that the scene was ruined, so he shifted his weight the rest of the way and went into a hilarious Superman pose, "da da DAH!" I figured somebody saw that, speculated David would make a great Supes (which of course he would), and a rumor was born.

I don't buy Dark Horizon's take on it. I think there was little to no discussion of David playing Superman. David himself has denounced the rumors. The way he was talking, he was never asked to audition for it. Another blooper I saw recently involved David in some choreographed fighting. He missed a punch, then suddenly started going into disco dancing. So naturally this means he's scheduled to play opposite John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever Part Three.


(looks below at Wren) Okay so I'm wrong. I must have remembered wrong. Wherever I read the recent interview (I couldn't remember my source when I wrote the above) it just sounded like David said it was no big deal. He downplayed it, that's what I remembered.

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No, David actually read for the part. He confirmed it in the E! chat with Kristin here.

I think you'd make a terrific Superman. Is it true you've been cast? I'll just kill the rumor now--it hasn't happened. I did go in and read for the part, but I can't do it because of my schedule with Angel.

That tracks with everything in the Dark Horizons article. I heard that the blooper was an on-set nod to the fact he was auditioning.

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