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April 20 2006

Xander is missing! But Willow is okay. BtVS fans lose a pet. Anyone in Oregon keep an eye out!

Reference to BtVS is on second page of article.

Aww, I hope poor Xan is okay.
I really, really love animals, and I know these folks must be heartbroken, so I'm really hoping they find the little guy safe and healthy, but, jeez, wallabies as housepets? Seriously, dude. Was there any way on earth this wouldn't end badly for the wallaby? :-(
Those tags will come in handy for cross referencing. Y'know, for that 'Wallabies in the Whedonverse' project I've got going.
Aww, poor wee thing. Hope he turns up safe and sound. Might be an idea to build the fence a leetle bit higher given the whole hopping thing though.

lone fashionable wolf, specifically the Whedonverse ? Pheww. Thought you might be duplicating my 'Marsupials in Myth and Magic: Mesopotamia to Modernity' work but I think we're OK.
Saje - phew indeed! I've heard rumours of 'Llamas and Leprechauns in Legend and Literature: A Lexicon'. But I reckon they're just showing off.
The Theuses named Xander and Willow after characters on one of their favorite TV shows - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - as they often do with their animals.

I wonder who else they've had, over there.

And strangely enough, I remember seeing a documentary about two baby... somethings, named Xander and Willow. But I'll be darned if I remember what they were. And they made no note of their names. I was like, "Someone's a Buffy fan..."
Poor Xander. I hope he's ok. =(
Hi everybody, newby here.
I really feel for these folks. I'm an animal nut(ok, nut in general)and I hope the lil' guy turns up ok.
Last marriage we had beagles named Buffy and Spike. I still have Spike, she got Buffy.
I still miss her.(Buffy, not "What's-'er-name")
Oh, dear. Our tuxedo kitty is named Xander. And, since my cats are my kids...I freaked out a bit when I read this. Split second of "Dear GOD, did the cat run out in the yard again."

It's been one of those weeks in my universe. I hope their Xander comes back to them.
Curlyshuffle, did you get your pets from beagle smugglers? Or did you smuggle them yourselves? I hear it's much more manageable than cattle smuggling. ;-)
You just can't beat a smallish dropping for smuggling convenience ;).

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