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April 20 2006

Buy a piece of Firefly. Chris Bridges spots that The Prop Store of London have added the first Firefly prop to their collection.

Has anyone here bought a Serenity prop from The Prop Store? If so how it is displayed? I ask with the zeal of a collector who is trying hard not to think about his credit card balance.
It depends on the prop. Most of their props are loose and the display is up to you. Their packaging is excellent though; items shipped to me here in the states have arrived in fine form and took a fair bit of work to get out of the wrapping :)

Some of their items -- generally the paper items or other small, flat things -- may be already set up in a frame display. I bought one of the bank heist money displays; it was in a matted frame. There was a cutout for the cash and a cutout in the shape of the Serenity logo underneath. Very nicely done. Other framed props may also include small posters from the movie or screenshots showing the prop being used onscreen.

What you see on their site is what you get. If it's in a frame, you'll get it in a frame. If not, you'll get it loose. Either way you also get a small certificate of authenticity.
Something else to keep in mind: the price doesn't include shipping, and the heavier the item the more that'll add to your cost. After you place the order you get a final amount total e-mailed to you.

Does that help?
Yes it does thank you :). I may go a purchasing now.
I bought a Bank Heist display and an Alliance hanky. The display is gorgeous, well worth the money. The hankie was free packaged in a plastic bag inside a protective sleeve.

I plan on mounting the hanky in a frame, alliance symbol facing out.

My credit card may never forgive me, but hey. As far as I'm concerned, it was totally worth it. The heist display looks awesome on my wall.

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