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March 21 2003

AiCN on Anya, Buffy Spin Off and Finale Party Aint it Cool reports: "She mentioned a possible "Slayer School" spinoff, using some of the Potentials (who would be recast), but that did not seem that likely as it doesn't feel right..."

AiCN article on Anya, Buffy the Game 2, Buh-Bye-Buffy-Blast, possible spin offs.

That original Anya actress must be spitting chips. Meanwhile, I quite like the idea of "Slayer School", but at this point, anything sounds better than nothing.
I swear I was sitting around with my wife the other day and we were talking about where are the 'Buffy' writers headed and at the exact same moment, we turned to each other and said "Jane Espenson - Gilmore Girls". I feel very cool right now.

Jane does confirm that the 'Faith' spin-off was seriously considered (I was never really sure if this was more than just a fan rumor).
Not knowing who was the first choice before Caulfield, it's hard to say if the same thing would have happened. Sounds like the Anya character turned into a sort of "X Factor" replacing Angel's role in the chemistry of the series. However, that was due more because M.E. liked how Caulfield played the role. If the other actress didn't have Caulfield's natural spunk, the role coulda been just those two episodes like originally planned. Caulfield is a perfect example of that old adage, "luck is ninety percent practiced talent and ten percent opportunity." Or words to that effect.

Anya didn't replace Angel's role in the chemistry of the series, she replaced Cordelia's -- the semi-outsider who speaks her mind openly and without apology.

I've never heard that particularly version of the adage, but it would make more sense to me if it went, "Luck is ten percent practiced talent and ninety percent opportunity."
Her website gives a little bit more detail on what she will be doing on the Gilmore Girls (I don't think they show it in the UK) and the pilot she is working on.

Jane's Plans Post-Buffy

And regarding the actress who was orginally down to play Anya, I wonder if she has appeared in the show since then.
I was at Ball State in Muncie yesterday and heard Jane say all these things. I'm trying to type up a transcript of what she said, but I sat in on two separate one-hour discussions and got a five minute interview as well so it may take some time.

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