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April 20 2006

(SPOILER) Steven DeKnight posts on the Kryptonsite forum about his work on Smallville. Click here for more of his posts, the latest of which reveals that he and James Marsters will be doing a commentary for the episode "Splinter" on the Smallville DVD (that post contains spoilers for an upcoming episode as well). DeKnight also encourages people to go to his myspace site and give him feedback on his work.

DeKnight says that he hated how some of his own episodes of Smallville, like Ageless and Spell, came out. "For the most part, we don't get to comment on how the show is cut together, unlike on Buffy and Angel, where the writers were always involved and always had strong input on the final cut. Smallville's just a different animal."

You really wouldn't want to miss his posts. *g* Believe me they incl. comments about exploding babies *g*
I loved "Thirst" it really reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Carrie Fisher was it in too, which was cool.
Interesting posts. His work on Smallville has just been so patchy, I wondered how much interference there'd been on his episodes (a fair bit by the sounds of things).

'Run' wasn't bad, 'Onyx' pretty good and 'Splinter' was one of the best non-mythology episodes the show's ever had (great choice for a commentary) but then he also wrote 'Spell', 'Thirst' and 'Ageless', for me at least, easily 3 of the worst episodes in the series' 5 year run. Very variable (but it's pretty refreshing to hear him fess up when things don't work out well).
The folks at Smallville must really love James if they're inviting him in to do DVD commentary. :)
I thought that as a co-executive producer he would have more clout on how his episodes were made. In season five of Angel David Fury and Jeffrey Bell were listed as co-executive producers and in interviews they said they were practically running the show together under Joss's guidance.
I'm not surprised.They had the actress who plays Lois,when she was a only a reoccurring guest-star last year,do a commentary.

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