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April 20 2006

Eliza Apparently Cast In Theo Avgerinos's "Zoe," along with James Van Der Beek. The movie is still being cast. It will shoot in Montreal.

Weeks ago Eliza said she had three projects "in the basket". So maybe this is one of those or a whole new one. Either way it is good to see her out there working.

More on the movie:The story takes place in a small New England town, where two brothers are trying to revive a Greek family restaurant. Both brothers are in love with the same girl, who works in the restaurant.

Interesting. Probably also worth mentioning that the director, Theo Avgerinos's first feature, "Fifty Pills," a "fish-out-of-water comedy," stars Kristen Bell.

Personally, I've never found the fish-out-of-water thing funny, what with the flopping and the gasping and the expiring . . . but to each his or her own, I guess.

(ETA - I amended the link title a little for snappiness' sake)
Thanks for that completely disgusting image, SNT! I usually hate those films just because they are usually so lame (and often involve a best friend who's a complete opposite, but they come to respect each other anyway!), and now I have another reason to find them revolting! ;-)

The six-degrees tidbit about Kristen Bell is very interesting. She is just so close to being in the Whedonverse herself!
SNT, are you at all concerned about Wonder Woman having fish-out-of-water aspects, since Joss has said it's an origin story about a character who had never left the island she was raised on, and must then experience the wider world--or something along those lines?

The Eliza and Kristin films might be interesting, but if they were combined with both in the same film I would definitely be there. As long as they didn't play billz' best-friends-who-are opposites--oh hell!; I could never find either of those ladies revolting.
Sorry for the lack of interesting stuff in my comment, but there's only one thing I can say right now:

Montreal? As in...HERE?!?!?!? OMG. OMG. OMG. (etc)
This is like the best news ever for Faith/Dawson shippers.
And, this F/D fandom, Simon -- a large & influential population, is it? ;-)

jaynelovesvera, my mind is just reeling thinking of a film with Kristen and Eliza. That's a whole lotta hot! I wouldn't care if they played garbage collectors (no offense to the garbage collecting community), I would so be there! ;-)
I once wanted to read a piece of fan fic where Faith attack's Dawson's forehead. I was a troubled child.
Dunno, sounds like a big job for just one Slayer. Might need an army to attack 'The First Forehead'.
A slayer coming to Montreal?...GREAT !! Maybe she can get ride of those blood suckers at Revenu Quebec (our IRS).
demon magnet, great idea :)

And while she's at it, she could also get rid of my neighbors. She'd save the world twice in the same day, it'd be good for her redemption. :p
Hey, picked up the story and had this to say:

The all-round best goddamn Joss Whedon fansite on the web, Whedonesque (yeah OK guys, you can quote me on that….and this : ‘CW, get the flaming’ “Spike” movie happening, will ya?!), reported the news, which surfaced on a site called acorn-online.

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