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April 21 2006

German opening for SLITHER postponed.

UIP Germany has postponed the opening of SLITHER to June 22. Don't ask me what that means, though -- the press screenings are through, and fun was had by pretty much everyone who's seen it here so far. (Scroll _way_ down the list to find the new date.)

Boo. So what were your thoughts, bschnell?
So it won't be up against MI III, which I think is a good thing. But a lot of the reviews have already been published, so I guess it's not gonna get much press in June ...

OT, but I can't believe that Napoleon Dynamite is gonna be released here on May 18th! I had no idea it wasn't on here already - it's from 2004! *shakes head* talk about living under a rock ...
Gossi, looking at the other films that open that day (versus those opening in early May) I guess they are trying to move it to a date that has less competition. Of course, given the speed with which these lists change, that reason may not be valid for long, but it's my best guess. And the UIP press person I talked to this morning (when she showed us AMERICAN DREAMZ, which could be a bit faster-paced but is still a _hoot_, and it stars Adam Busch) simply shrugged and knew only _that_ it had been postponed, not why.

Ariane, the reviews in the periodicals may be done already (then again, the press screenings were too late for them anyway, so some may use the chance to actually publish something in June), but the daily press will hold theirs back until the movie comes out.
Boo indeed, but then again I might wait for the DVD version anway, since Im not much for german dubbing. Oh well.
Glad to be seeing it coming wednesday at the AFFF... But May is indeed a very difficult spot for films that are not MI3, X3 or DVC...

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