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April 21 2006

Mea Culpa, Mr. Boreanaz. Writer apologizes for underestimating Boreanaz's acting ability.

..and you know? He's Right!

I never saw what people saw in him. But on Bones he has really impressed me.
I won't pretend that I'm enjoying Bones, because I'm really not, but what I do know is that my lack of enjoyment of the series has nothing to do with David's ability as an actor. He had proven himself to me back in season two of Angel and his presence is one of the few things that makes Bones at least tolerable to watch when there is nothing better on.

Just wish that Seeley was half as interesting a character as Angel was.
And, as with Angel, he is not part of an ensemble but carries the show on his back

Um, am I reading this wrong? I always felt Angel was an ensemble show. And all the better for it.
And just my two cents...I like DB, he seems like a decent enough guy, but I was never terribly impressed by his acting. Maybe that was because he was in scenes with the likes of Alexis Denisof and James Marsters, and those two guys just blow everyone else out of the water.
As for Bones, I find it watchable, and DB looks like he's enjoying himself. But it's not must-see for me, I think mainly because something about ED is off-putting(thought at Comicon, she seemed very pleasant), and I'm not crazy about how her character is written-a few too many stereotypes thrown in.

And I will admit, that I'm a little bitter over DB's success, seeing that other actors who I feel are far more talented than him(AD, JM) can't get decent, steady work that is worthy of them. Not that being Aly's arm candy doesn't pay well, I'm sure, but still...
Ok - OUCH - on the emmy Shatner thing.

I wonder if this guy was watching the same show I was. Talk about a matter of perception.

Angel, the character is very defined in his breath of emotions he can show. David, the actor along with the writers expanded Angel beyond the original limitations. After all you can only do so much brooding before it gets boring, but anyone who watched the show for more than a few minutes could tell David is a fine and talented actor. From the facial expressiions he had to the whole change of persona when he played Angelus. The only other character that made those changes was Marsters/Spike and to a degree Denisof/Wesley and in the end Acker/Fred-to-Illyira. Some people assumed that Fred was Amy until they saw her become Illyria, that is why so many people were stunned by her transformation - they underestimated her ability - which is common for actors who play characters for a long period of time. They become stereotyped, granted some with good reason, but those who are talented have no problem busting through stereotypes, people put them in. They all had characters that were constantly in a flux from one degree to the next until they were spinning around like Wonder Woman in the middle of a costume change. Thankfully some people in Hollywood understand that people within the former Whedonverse are more than the sum of the part they played because with Joss and crew writing it, they had to not only be good but extremely versatile.

Onto chemistry, now not in a gay way like most, I think David and James have them all beat. There's just an energy that flows around them that makes you watch, you can't not watch it. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a writing team from the verse write a movie that is not in the verse starring the two of them, like the Hope and Crosby or Newman and Redford films. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing David and James in a remake of Butch & Sundance.
Well I'm a fan of Bones, though not due to any overwhelming talent of DB's. Granted I first watched it because of his involvement, but by this point I'm more interested in the show on it's own merits rather than as just a vehicle for a Whedonverse alum. I mean it's not "must see TV" for me or anything, and it'll never win an Emmy, but it's entertaining and DB does a fine job with his character. (And I agree that he certainly seems to be having fun.)

Now having said all of that I found him a remarkable fit for his role in the Whedonverse. I think it's a testament to his perhaps otherwise easy to underestimate talent that he DID play opposite both James Marsters and Alexis Denisof, two of the best actors on television in my opinion. And then of course there was Amy Acker, Anthony Stewart Head, Alyson Hannigan, and SMG of course. (Hey, I may hate her character but I freely admit she's a fantastic actress.) The fact that he could more-or-less hold his own in such fine company speaks volumes about what his real abilities are.
I thought Boreanaz evolved into a very good actor as the years went on.

As for the comment on season six and seven, I agree more with the link previous to this one. (Roush's review) and the TIME magazine article. I thought that they were brilliant.

I have watched our Buffy/Angel actors in other projects and while they still shine brightly, it's not the same. My problem now is trying to find a television show that is as addictive and all around well acted as my beloved Buffyverse. (um..Preferably with James Marsters in the cast. ;))
"Angel And Spike - Grumpy Old Men", hell, I'd watch that.
Who did he have the torrid affair with?
I never heard that before, but confess to not paying much attention to the rumor-mill when it came to crap like that. The same "newshounds" would have us believe that James and Sarah had a "torrid affair" during Season Six. *rolls eyes*
I haven't watched Bones since the pilot but I always believed he could play another character. Based on Angel, DB is very talented at dry comedy, dark characters, and drama. I didn't think he was that great at the beginning of Buffy but his acting improved year after year and I expect the same to continue long after these current projects.
Who did he have the torrid affair with?

We don't talk about unsubstantiated gossip like tha. Speculation here often leads to "OMG WHEDONESQUE SAID ITS TRUE LOL" comments elsewhere and more importantly it's insulting to the actors.
“And, as with Angel, he is not part of an ensemble but carries the show on his back (along with Ms. Deschanel).”

I have to disagree with this. I believe Ms Deschanel’s character is the focus, even as Bones is becoming more and more of an ensemble. DB provides a lighter, easygoing counterpoint to her intensity, but I always feel the stories are more ‘Brennan & Friends’ than Brennan & Boothe as equal partners.
I’ve never though much of DB’s acting and he doesn’t turn me into a puddle on the floor, but I think he’s is doing okay on the show. I believe his character was a sniper who may have had some less than desirable assignments, but I guess he’s decided not to play on or hold any of that darkness. I suppose he’s had enough brooding for a while. He’s not really asked to do anything that demanding, but has a certain masculine presence that I guess can be a substitute for purely great acting ability and charisma that actors like JM and AD have. Which kind of proves that it’s a lot about luck or a certain look or someone saying “you’re the guy” and not necessarily loads of talent to get you own series or a movie.
Anyone who saw him destroy the orderly world of Martha Stewart and her roasted sardines on her show (him holding a potholder over his face to combat the smell was most amusing!) knows he can hold his own.Against sardines, anyway.
Regardless of anything else, one thing says to me that DB is a great actor. I watched him avidly in 8 years worth of Buffy and Angel. Angel is my favourite character in the whole of the Buffyverse, in fact it was his character that intrigued me and got me watching Buffy in the first place. And I do mean his character and not the fact that he reduces me to a puddle on the floor - in fact when I first saw him I didn't really find him all that attractive, it was the character that intrigued me and not his face.

So, after watching him as Angel for 8 years, I have now watched about half a season of Bones, which as an aside I am really enjoying. The first half of the first episode I was, oh look it's Angel in the FBI. The other day I stuck my Angel Season 5 DVD in and it took me a good half an episode to get used to him playing Angel again. I thought DB would always be Angel to me, but in Bones he has more than proved that he can make me believe he is another character.
That whole thing about the alleged affair was so out-of-place in that article. The author is describing DB's career development and then seems to just randomly insert a whole bunch of stuff about his personal life, including an unnecessarily snarky comment about DB's current wife's acting career. What a way to apologise!

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I think David has always been a great actor. And like great actors he grows. With Angel he was lucky to have amazing actresses such as SMG, ED and JB to work off of when he needed the emotional stuff, and incrediable actors lik AD,NB,ASH and JM when he needed to do the down and dirty.

But watch Bones if you want to see how much he has grown. I love Seely because of how much personality David puts into an otherwise dry character. I have never seen a man smile so much! He does a perfect balance of wit, dangerous, slapstick, and sensitive.

Most importantly, he has been able to get away from being stero-typed into the same genre and character. Booth is nothing like Angel, and almost eveything David has done since has been all over the map, from comedy to drama. He has crossed into mainstream Hollywood and they are showing an intrest.

I think as fans we have to remember that we are not in control of our favorite actors/actress careers. Chioces they make about work is not our buisness. Some actors would rather small roles or to stay behind the scenes, no matter what their fans think. As fans we are here to enjoy or move on. And like everything in Hollywood, who is a better actor then who is subjective.
That same website also has an article about the wide range of quality in DVD commentaries. Joss is praised highly; Jane Espenson and David Greenwalt are also covered. If you go to the main page and scroll toward the bottom you'll see it.
When I click on the link I am getting an article about Eva Longoria for some reaon.

But I must say I love DB in Bones. He's really made me buy into a new character, and his delivery in Wednesday's episode was great. His character is totally hardcore, but at the same time a lot more humorous than Angel. "Jesus was NOT a Zombie!"
I think as fans we have to remember that we are not in control of our favorite actors/actress careers.

I think we all realize that. Because, oh my, would we all have our favorite actors in vastly different things!

Chioces they make about work is not our buisness.

Hmm, I'm not sure I entirely agree about this. Obviously, it's not our place to say what they should do, but I think as soon as an actor puts himself in an acting role that he wants the public to see, it does become our business in a way. I mean, I think the only thing that really IS our business when it comes to an actor is what they want us to see, what they are making our business.
Still a line I NEVER thought I would hear, much less someone have to defend.

DB was perfect in that scene!

ETA: What I mean is to come down on the choices they make for their lifestyle, family or other reasons. Many fans get too invested and start thinking they are owed something for being fans in the first place. First, the actor is doing it because it is their job, second it is for the fans. They are important, but not more so then the actors own creative desires.

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I agree with DB improving from the first season of Buffy when he was mostly yummy eye candy in my opinion.

The role of Seeley certainly gives him more comedic moments and he is good with that. While on Angel/Buffy I think he especially shined in the Angelus moments, though not exclusively there.

And I certainly disagree with the notion that Angel was anything but an ensemble show and I also believe (similar to bloodflower) that Seeley as the love interest in the wings for Tempe is maybe the second most important character next to her in an ensemble show.

As to the show itself, I may have learned about "Bones" through DB being cast as Seeley but I already was a fan of Kathy Reichs books and now increasingly also enjoy the show. I think its loads more interesting than any other purely procedural show (even if they try to give them more human interest these days, e.g. CSI)
I really enjoy Bones and think DB is great in it. My daughter, gasp, even likes Seely better than Angel!!! I think he was wonderful as Angel but Angel was supposed to be rather dark and moody and we didn't get to see a lot of his acting range accept when he was allowed to be Angelus (which he was fabulous at) and when he got to show his comedic side!

Yes, Bones is no where near as great as BtVS, AtS and Firefly, but it is a very enjoyable show and I love the chemistry between DB and ED and the rest of the cast.
I think David is a higly underrated actor. There were certain scenes in Angel that sent a shiver down my spine (remember him trying to smother Wes to death with a pillow) cause he was so intense.
I think most of the actors of the Buffy/ Angel verse do not get the due they deserve outside of our own fandom, it's partly a genre snub, and perhaps an intimidation about the iconic nature of the characters they once played. but I have to say I'm loving JM on Smallville and it's so not Spike with dark hair...

And well, if I ruled the world all of the Whedon folks would be on TV every night of the week... (takes a moment to dream on Monday JM night, Tuesday AD night, Wednesday ASH night...)

David can act and quite well IMHO. I do think he grew through out the run of Buffy and especially Angel. Like JM he can do humor very well and yet can be so chilling moments later.

I'd love to have an opinion about Bones, but they keep changing the dang time on me and I never know when it's on.

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Good call, Simon.

WRT Bones, I, too, was worried it would be hard to shake the Angel character from my viewing of it. I needn't have worried - I hardly even thought of A while watching B (presumably while on my way to C :-)
I too am getting to like "Bones", though the first few episodes weren't the best. I agree that it is more of an ensemble as things go along, but Brennan and then Boothe are the leading characters in that Ensemble.

On the whole, I agree with the author, that Boreanaz as Angel wasn't necessarily proof that he could act. By portraying a very different and much more human (in many ways) person, he has proved to me that he can act and with luck will be doing so for years. Yes he improved as Angel, but I didn't know how much of that was better writing for the character and how much was David growing as an actor.
Bones is stable at 8:00 on Wednesdays. It has I think four eps left of this season.
I agree with Simon that DB was always underrated as an actor. Lets not forget that David wasn't a theatre guy or a trained actor when he got his role on Buffy. He was pretty bad as an actor for most of season one but as he learned he grew as an actor and was quite awesome in season 2. The one thing i found he was always underrated in was his comdey on th show. He had a humor that always made me laugh. Maybe cause it wasnt really part of his character but some of his one liners were great.
Angel was never my favorite character - certainly not while he was on Buffy - but it is a testament to DB abilities that he made me care about Angel and his world for 5 years and then lament his departure. You might not want him to do an Irish accent but it takes a great actor to carry a show the way he did. Definitely underrated and I suspect there's still plenty he has yet to show us.
I'm one of those came to the whole Whedon-verse late people, and really never enjoyed Angel - the show or the character (which is amusing, given every paper I've ever done on Buffy has actually been about Angel, how odd). In fact, I sort of have a violent reaction to Angel.

I was NOT happy DB was going to be on Bones. months later, I'm a huge fan of not just Bones, but DB. He is an *amazing* actor - not just because of how he delivers Booth's lines, but because of how he embodies Booth. His body language is completely different than he was on Angel, and he quite often sells a scene not by vocal intensity or delivery, but by the raising of an eyebrow or his reaction in the background when the focus is on other characters.

Anyhow. I still can't abide Angel, but I'm now an unashamed DB fan. :)
...really never enjoyed Angel - the show or the character...

*gasp* Sacrilege! Heathen!!

Oh well, to each his or her own. For my part Angel is my favorite Whedonverse series (it arm-wrestles with Firefly often for the position, but at the moment it's in first place). And DB played a part in that, so great job David.
Even though I think there are more talented Jossverse alum actors, I believe DB is a talented, growing and improving actor, but more importantly IMO, he has that rare 'star quality' that is going to allow him to become very successful in hollywood.

He has made 'Bones' an entertaining Wed. night hour for me by making me believe he's an ex-snipper FBI agent with a wicked sense of humor and, yes, the sex appeal to turn me into a puddle of water.
MMMM, Angel... The Furies had it right.

I loved David as Angel and I've loved the few episodes of Bones that I saw whilst holidaying in America. Australia still doesn't have Bones - am anxiously awaiting it - but it will make as big a splash here as Angel did.

I agree that David's acting abilities grew but he could definitely hold his own and showed us what he's made of - eg Passion (BtVS), Release (AtS) and Waiting In the Wings (AtS). He can do serious, brooding and he can do comedy which was a lovely surprise.

Joss's comment of the BtVS ep "I Only Have Eyes For You" (one of my favs), was "Boreanaz plays a man possessed by a woman with dignity and passion. I start thinking about a spin-off."

Nuff said.
Acting isn't easy, it's a skill that has to be developed. The really great actors worked very hard to develop those skills and that DB was a total amateur when he started on Buffy and turned in that performance on "I Only Have Eyes For You" a year later is pretty impressive, I think.

Plus, yeah, he's got some of that charisma.
In my opinion, David started out good and got better with each episode he was in. Not an easy thing to do for an amateur actor, but he pulled it of. I haven't seen Bones yet, since it's not being aired overhere in The Netherlands, but I'm sure he's doing a good job.
Umm, why should Buffy Season 6 not be mentioned in polite circles? It was one of the best seasons of the entire season, and....let's just leave it at that.

I'm really happy for David. I hope Bones gives him the recognition he deserves, and I sincerely hope he has a bright future ahead of him.
Mr. Odell says he felt David was still a little green in Season 2. Not when he played Angelus! He really came alive (I guess that's not quite the best word) when he became bad. Whenever I watch S2 I always think: "Man, is he good at this!"

As far as Season 6 goes, Mr. Odell and I are in the same polite circle.
Oh, Ameer, I'm there with ya, but don't go down that road here :)

I have to admit that I thought DB was an awful actor in season 1 of Buffy. I was late to the Whedonverse, so I saw all the DVDs back to back. I think I noticed his acting improving very quickly starting with season 3.

Bones is great. No it's not Whedon's work, but DB is wonderful to watch. As Joss would say "He's great with props" know, he really is.
DB has had such a range of characters even within the shows. He had Serial Killer Angellus (my favorite), protector Angel, stuffy father Angel, Bureacrat Angel, Malibu Angel...

I like Bones because it's such a departure from DB's work. In Angel he was an often out-of-touch vampire. In Bones it's the reverse; he's the closeted geek with dark secrets who finds himself in the likely position of not being the biggest dork...
I think David has proven that he is the real deal. I fell in love with him in season 1 of Buffy but really grew to appreaciate his talent in the middle of season 2 as he literally morphed into Angelus before my very eyes.
Season 2, Joss, Sarah and David created a magic that will never be duplicated. I don't think any of them will struggle to find work.
I'd be in the polite circle as well, season 7 was very disappointing for me as a fan but still better than anything on t.v. now.
It was so totally David that sucked me into the first few episodes of Buffy I watched...around four years ago. I was such a puddle. I agree he's underrated. He can hold his own. I realized he was more than eye candy the first time I watched Angelus murder Jenny Calendar.
I fell for David right from the first scene when Buffy knocked Angel on his butt, while it was obvious he didn't have much acting experience he certainly had screen presence, I couldn't take my eyes off him and so it continued right till the end of Angel, I admit I was skeptical about Bones, didn't think I'd like it and couldn't imagine David playing anyone else but Angel but boy was I mistaken!! A slow start to be sure but its now essential viewing for me and he's my fav character of course, David plays Booth perfectly in my opinion, funny, complex and occasionally dangerous, *sigh* whats not to love?
When season one of Buffy premiered DB was one of the main characters that hooked me. He was great looking, and I always wanted to see more of him. I tuned in every week excited to see him. I was all "who is this guy? He's so hot.". Don't get me wrong, I liked the whole cast but he was really great eye candy!

On rewatching the seasons I realize that his acting was not great in season one (IMO he wasn't in the same league as the other actors), but then he blew me away in season two. I think is improvement between season 1 & 2 of Buffy is amazing.
As good as he was in Season 2 when he became Angelus, I always thought DB was at his best when he was doing comedy. Simple scenes like the dance he and Wesley do at the party in Season 1 Angel, or the look on his face when he sings "Mandy" (or even funnier when he admits it to Faith) - he shone when he was being comedic.
I actually cringe when I watch DB in the first episodes of S1. Sometime by the end of S1 the cringing stops and by sometime in S2 I can really enjoy his performance rather than just enjoying the story. I have a lot of respect for that kind of development.

I also thought his comic abilities were very clear throughout Angel and in parts of BTVS. Not to make everyone curse my name for eternity by making this comparison, but I had always thought William Shatner was totally miscast in drama and should only be in comedy as that was what he was really good at. DB is not the hammy dramatic actor that Shatner is, he is quite the opposite, but he has wonderful comic timing that may be what he will be known for by the end of his career. Hey, a more threatening Cary Grant just came to mind. ;-)
IMO David is really good in dramatic scenes with the right director and if he puts effort in it. Sometimes it seems that the funnier scenes are easier for him and more fun to act as well. But on Bones he had some very intense moments that I liked a lot although I'm not a big fan of the show as a whole. And I think he's really good with long monologues. On Angel there were some scenes with Angel almost talking for minutes, but David was never boring to watch.
David just isn't my physical type so I was never even remotely reduced to a puddle but I thought he did his job as an actor and got really good at the end.

The scene of Connor's death was incredible, and his comedy riffs like in Spin the Bottle, or looking in the mirror in Pylea were perfect. And lest we forget "I signaled her with my eyes" HAH
I'd love to see him in a sitcom someday just to see what happens.

I like him in Bones, its not my kind of show but my son likes it, so we watch and bond, but I think David is very good in it.

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