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April 21 2006

Adam Busch in the new movie American Dreamz. Warren of BtVS's Nerd Troika, has a role as Sholem Glickstein, a contender for America's wildly popular singing contest. The movie opens today.

I'm not a fan of the American Idol or anything that closely resembles it... but this has Mandy Moore and a bonus Adam Busch... I cannot complain with that. I'll be seeing it in about an hour.
This was basically serving as a reminder to those who wanted to see it.
The review in New Yorker this week, which pans the film, singles out Adam's character, wanting to see more of him. Unfortunately doesn't call Adam out by name, but still one of the only positive things they said about the film.

Loved About a Boy and adore Mandy Moore, so I hope this one is good : )
Anyone see Bettie Page? As that stars Mr Woodward and has opened very recently.
I saw American Dreamz this afternoon, and I enjoyed it. Adam had a lot of good screen time (not enough, of course) but I was very pleased. There were a FEW laugh out loud moments, a few moments that I wondered why I was watching this movie, and a few that really made me wonder how it was all going to play out. Overall, I enjoyed the film and do not regret seeing it. And this is coming from someone who absolutely hates American Idol-esque things. Keep that in mind, kids.
I saw it this morning. It's brilliantly written, not-so-brilliantly directed, but the acting makes up for a lot. Dennis Quaid, oh, boy ...
I want to see it more for the political satire than the American Idol stuff. Dennis Quaid's character looks pretty funny. ;) I never bothered with watching AI until this year because my roommate loves it... um, yeah, I'm not a fan. So this parody might be funny actually. And of course the main reason I want to see it is for Adam! He was always so nice at conventions, letting us take pictures with him for free even though we weren't supposed to. Plus I love Common Rotation. So yes, I'd like to see this if I get the chance.
Saw it. Found it mostly kind of disheartening and depressing, but I *really* enjoyed the acting. Adam was WONDERFUL, though I fear the other patrons got sick of us bursting into spontaneous applause and giggles every time he was onscreen. :-) Ooo! And it was GREAT to hear him singing!
Dennis Quaid was very funny on The Daily Show Wednesday plugging this movie. Although, he didn't mention Adam during his interview; what's up with that? ;-)
I've been planning to see this movie since I first heard Adam was in it, and I was all set to pick my sister up and head to the movie theatre, only to find... it's not showing here. I live in the state capitol, and it's not showing anywhere in at least a thirty-five mile radius. So depressing.
I have to say, I'm really looking forward to this and to it'll be cool to see Adam Busch in a role other than Warren.

For me, the Weitz' have a decent track record. I still genuinely love the first American Pie movie and About a Boy was also very good.
I like me some Hugh Grant and the movie looked funny, so I was planning on seeing it this weekend. Now that I know scary Warren will be singing, I HAVE to see it! Now, if only Tom Lenk could make an appearance...
It's got a very small (well, 1500 theatres - not indy, but not wide) release in the US. I believe the UK is going for wide release.

I plan to see this. The director is actually pretty talented -- at writing.
Simon, Bettie Page is only out in limited release in a very few cities. It may not reach my town for months if ever.
Hahah... I was going to comment with essentially the same thing that greenhair00 just said.

I like me some Hugh Grant. And I would like me some Tom Lenk.

(as a sidenote, I think Mandy Moore really shines in offbeat movies, and I'm so happy she's found her niche.)
We just went to see this: my and solarpdip's verdict, entertaining enough but flawed movie.
A friend saw Bettie Page and liked it quite a bit. The reviews were not as favourable, liking the actress but not the movie.
I saw it with 8 people last night and no one was overly impressed. Everyone thought it was okay, too much pre-show, not enough of the actual contestants part of the show (more Adam would have helped) and the ending was just awful.

Most agreed that the best part of the movie was Omer's cousin Ichbar(SP?)He was great.

The acting was all fine but the story was unengaging. So were the characters. Other than the cousin no one really cared one way or the other about anyone.

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