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April 21 2006

Not Another Wonder Woman Poll. TV Guide has decided to do a poll on who should play Diana based on who had the 3 highest votes on's poll. Its on the right side of the page and you need to register on their site to vote.

Here are the current poll results

Who should play Wonder Woman?
Morena Baccarin (Firefly): (23.4%) 23%
Nadia Bjorlin (Days of our Lives): (18.6%) 18%
Charisma Carpenter (Veronica Mars): (58.0%) 57%

Morena Baccarin FTW! Charisma might fill out the top better, but imho, Morena looks exactly like my "Wonder Woman".
They are all extremely beautiful exotic-looking women.
I don't know if it's simply because I'm in love with her, but Lauren Graham has the wonder woman look. Maybe Joss will take over Gilmore Girls because the Palladinos left, and she can be Wonder Woman.
These polls aren't ending any time soon, are they?
Umm i didn't even make it to the poll because I got caught at the article that says Amy Sherman Palladino is leaving Gilmore Girls. I am a hugggge GG fan, and her leaving would be like Joss leaving completly and having no say in Buffy's seventh season. I'm like crying.
These polls aren't ending any time soon, are they?

Yeah we've kind talked them to death. Anyone here interested in the plot and what it could be?
Just to clarify--

Actresses expressing interest in the part=not o.k. to post.

Random internet polls on who the fans like for the part=o.k. to post.

Correct? It seems some breeds of wild speculation are kosher while others are not.
I have only a very basic knowledge of Wonder Woman (Marvel Zombie and proud of it) so discussing the plot is a little out of the question for me. Very little info to work with. That actually might be a good thing when it comes to seeing the movie because I can go in without the preconceived ideas that I normally have when I see Marvel movies for the first time.

Returning to the question of who should play Wonder Woman, I don't know if she has been suggested before but I think that Mia Maestro would be absolutely perfect for the role. She has the right kind of look and build for a young Wonder Woman and, as anyone who has seen her on Alias will agree, the girl can kick ass. Definate potential, in my opinion.
MrArg if you have a problem with something at Whedonesque send us an email and we'll talk about it.
I think it would be very interesting if Wonder Woman is set in the modern day and explores what it is like to be an outsider (foreigner) trying to understand America, its culture, its government, and its politics.
I am starting a new Wonder Woman poll, by the way. Which media outlet that has not yet done a Wonder Woman poll really needs to do one soon:

a) Accessories Magazine (bulletproof bracelets connection)
b) Flight Journal Magazine (invisible airplane connection)
c) Cowboy Magazine (magic lasso connection)
d) Amazonian Fishes and their Habitats (okay I might be stretching here)
I think it would be very interesting if Wonder Woman is set in the modern day and explores what it is like to be an outsider (foreigner) trying to understand America, its culture, its government, and its politics.

I'd like to see how she copes in a "Man's World" as well.
Kendall as Wonder Woman? I just can't see that.

Morena is made for this role! Just look at her picture from the IMDB and tell me you can't picture her with a lasso in hand. She is Wonder Woman, and I hope that Joss can pull some strings for Morena if she really wants the part.
Simon sez check your inbox. I probably could have phrased that question a little more delicately, my apologies. There would appear to be some do's and don'ts on the topic that I've any case, I'd be a little shocked if it was a Whedon regular. I can imagine a variety of 'name' actresses are hard at work right now getting their agents to throw their hats in the ring (note to Joss: Don't take Sean Young's calls).
Definitely Morena. She'd be perfect.
I say as long as Joss sticks to the source, he can't go wrong. While very vocal, I think the comic book readers are in a minority around here on Whedonesque. As such.....I'd like to recommend anyone that is not familiar with Wonder Woman the comic book character, run (don't walk) to your local comic shop, book store or Ebay and purchase a copy of Alex Ross' amazing comic book called, "Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth." Alex Ross is known for his photo-realistic paintings of iconic super heroes and Sprit of Truth, IMO, is his best ever. As you read the comic, you can almost believe this is a real person, living among us but when you are actually in her presence, its completely awe inspiring.

I am certain Joss has read this book and that he understands the challenge ahead. I would not be surprised if he used the theme of Spirit for the movie...much like the new X-Men movie will "borrow" themes from Joss' much ballyhooed Astonishing X-Men.

There have been many, many wonderful Wonder Woman artists over the years and another of my favorites is Adam Hughes. He draws some beautiful women. As a cool side note for you Once More With Feeling fans, Adam Hughes did the cover painting for the OMWF CD. (you can see his autograph "AH!" Google "Adam Hughes Wonder Woman" and you'll know what I am talking about, total cheesecake.

Now go find a copy of Spirit of Truth...and then loan it to a friend!
I don't know? I don't think I could see Morena Baccarin or even want her to play Wonder Women. I think Charisma Carpenter or Amy Acker could pull it off. Just my opinion.
Little Amy Acker? What? That'd cause a riot outside of Warner Bros Studio lot. She's just too tiny. Sure if they totally re-imagined the character I could see her playing it(just look at Illyria, that character's non-humor attitude is how I see Wonder Woman only without the wanting to conquer humanity thing..) but her body type can't be hidden by acting or costumes.
Enough of the polls, please. They really aren't going anywhere.

Actually, I like Simon's suggestion about the theme of the movie. Excellent topic. I like the fact that Joss is going back to the original story of Wonder Woman as created back in the 40's. Also the fact that he will give her a darker touch due to the world she finds herself in. Should be quite an interesting story.

Back to topic, my vote is still on Nathan Fillion as WW. ;)
Yes, there is most likely a strong vote for Nathan to become WW, at least he is my vote. Him or some unknown.
Ya thats the only reason id choose Amy cause of her Illyria performance, and Joss is making this set in the 40's????
Another awesome Wonder Woman book is "The Hiketeia" by Greg Rucka. It's not mired in continuity or anything, so any first time reader can read it and not get confused at all. That's the book that got me reading Wonder Woman again. (Of course, I ended up going back and getting all the issues that I'd missed anyway. Ah. The joys of geekdom.)

I don't think Joss is setting the movies in the forties, especially considering the fact that Superman Returns and Batman Begins are both taking place in the present. I don't think WB would fly for a Wondy not in the present.
Long time lurker, first time poster.

Unfortunately, I don't read comics, and my only exposure to WW has been via the old TV series (which I loved, by the way) starring Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner. Ergo, as long as there is no Leif Garrett cameo, no invisible plane (though, I've a feeling I'm going to lose that battle), and she gets to spin around whenever she changes into her WW-gear, I'll be happy with whatever plot Joss provides.

(I will say, however, I enjoyed the series more when it was WW taking on the Nazis. Somehow, the "modern-day" episodes just didn't seem as...inspired.)

As for who lands the role, I'd rather it go to someone completely unknown, almost like Vivien Leigh before she played Scarlett O'Hara. All the better to avoid making unflattering comparisons. And if you don't believe me, just try watching (again) "Mr. Mom" play Batman, and see if your eyes don't roll to the back of your head, too.
I think it would be very interesting if Wonder Woman is set in the modern day and explores what it is like to be an outsider (foreigner) trying to understand America, its culture, its government, and its politics.

*deep-voiced announcer guy with dramatic music*: "In a world where...Wonder Woman is...*sound of needle scratching across record, then in much higher, happier voice with some incredibly inappropriate Kelly Clarkson or Beyonce song in the background that will be the first single from the soundtrack album*: Coming to America? Yes, Coming to America 2: Wonder Woman Boogaloo, starring Eddie Murphy in 7 roles, with Morgan Freeman as Wondy! And in this fish-out-of-water story, Nathan Fillion co-stars as someone who is totally the opposite of WW, but becomes her best friend when they learn to respect and appreciate each other! Hi-larity ensues! (Rated PG13 -- some brief scenes of kilt-wearing, Amazons and bracelet-related violence.)"

I knew if I saw one more Wonder Woman casting poll, I'd totally lose it. ;-)
Joss is making this set in the 40's????

Sorry, should've been a bit clearer. The story "concept" of Wonder Woman as how she came to be. Joss is using the by-line of the author that created WW in the 40's. Back to the roots, so to speak.

Is everyone confused? Great, so am I. Joss tends to do that. That's why we love him so. Which way will that ball bounce?
Khan, I've never rolled my eyes at Michael Keaton as Batman (in either movie). I thought he was very good, showed the various layers of the character. I've said before, I don't think the casting decision should be based on how known/unknown an actor is (or whether they've worked with Joss before). Just get the right Woman!

And I think the invisible plane is gonna be great. With Joss' writing/directing and today's effects, it should "look" very cool.
I don't think the casting decision should be based on how known/unknown an actor is (or whether they've worked with Joss before). Just get the right Woman!

Point taken, jam2 --

And I think the invisible plane is gonna be great.

But don't push it. ;)

Meanwhile, I'm lost. Why are you guys pulling for Fillion as WW again?
Khan, haven't you seen that picture? He's perfect! And we know he has the legs for it.
Was re-watching an episode of David Greenwalt's "Miracles" earlier and, while enjoying the sight and sound of the criminally underused Marisa Ramirez emoting, I was taken with a vision of her beautiful, exotic, curvaceous, strong, tough, long-dark-wavy-haired personage wearing metal bracelets and a tiara. I'm not advocating on her behalf, but she definitely has the acting chops, and would fill out that costume better than anyone this side of Charisma.
I'm not sure why there's so much hatred for all the polls. Yeah, I get that they're getting old, and most of them are really just duplicates of previous polls. But since the nature of the beast here is that the topics drop off the front page (and almost always fade into archives obscurity) within a day or two of first being posted, I'm not really bothered by the continuous flow of "new" polls being linked. I'm enjoying the discussion of the character/actress.

And since someone already mentioned the graphich novel The Hiketeia, allow me to recommend A League of One. Another "stand alone" story that doesn't necessarily require a lot of foreknowledge of the character to enjoy. Theoretically this is a Justice League of America story, but really it boils down to Wonder Woman's story. And it's beautifully painted by writer/artist Christopher Moeller.
jaynelovesvera, aww... I really miss Miracles. Marisa is stunning. It was definately a top notch show. I want to know what happens next. I grew so attached to their characters. *sad face*
Haunt, I forgot all about A League of One. That's another awesome tale. Seriously, with the right writer, Wonder Woman really has some great stories under her belt. Can't wait for Joss' take on her.
Wanna stop posting these?
almost like Vivien Leigh before she played Scarlett O'Hara

um. Leigh wasn't an "unknown" -- she was fairly known. The story goes that the Selznick propagated the story of a world-wide campaign to find the perfect Scarlett, but eventually went with Leigh, a pretty well-known and respected British actress. No way was she picked out of a crowd; Leigh had extensive theater and film work before she became Scarlett.

And Michael Keaton's Batman remains my favorite. I'm not a fan of the comics, so I can only go on the movies, and he was a great actorly choice for them. Ditto WW, I used to love the TV show as a kid, but the audience that'll make this movie a hit is not the internet/hard-core fanboys, but the mass of normal, non-geek Americans looking for a fun, action-y poporn movie.
All three are favourites of mine (as are the shows they are listed from), but my vote has to be for Morena. She's the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen, and could totally play the role model and eye candy needed for the role.
Well if it can't be Nathan, my vote is definitely for Morena. She is beautiful and I think she would do an awesome job!
1. Morena
2. Nadia

I looooove Charisma. Not sure why I can't see her in the role. *shrug*
Khan, haven't you seen that picture?

'Fraid not. I've been lurking for awhile, but I don't think I have come across that photo on this board.

I'm not advocating on [Marisa Ramirez's] behalf, but she definitely has the acting chops, and would fill out that costume better than anyone this side of Charisma.

Oh, sure, take her away from "The Young and the Restless",
why don't you? ;)

Leigh wasn't an "unknown" -- she was fairly known.

In England, yes. But not so much in America. Perhaps, I should have said, "completely unknown to American audiences"?
Although Morena is my top pick, I would be happy with any of these 3 gorgeous women. They all got the acting chops to go with their fab look, too. Well, some more than others.

The Palladino's left GG???? What????? I loved Amy and Dan, but man would I like to see some Whedonites take over! If anyone wants to discuss this, join me at if there isn't already a thread for this.

[ edited by Harmalicious on 2006-04-22 21:01 ]
I checked, and I didn't see any threads for GG.
Mikki Padilla is the latest name tossed in the mix...

Just so you know.
Khan, look under other shows. We're on page 2 of Gilmore Girls. the Groosalugg posted a link to Michael Ausiello's article which is very, very, sad. Damn, I'm bummed

Mikki Padilla is goregeous, but can she act?
Thanks, Harmalicious.
Does anyone know if this will be Joss' decision to make? If so
I wouldn't want to be in his shoes....

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