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April 22 2006

Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures confirmed. 1950s Angel from "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" and Spike from "School Hard" will be released this summer. And get this, there will also be a "Exclusive Hawaiian Shirt Two-Pack" which includes Angel from "Sense and Sensitivity" and Spike from "Doomed".

One thing I think many of the Angel figures haven't gotten across is how broad David Boreanaz's shoulders are. The very first Angel fig from the Buffy Series 1 line was especially guilty of this. Something's a bit off with this "Are You Now Or Have You Every Been" version as well. Aside from the hair maybe not looking quite like how it did in that ep (wasn't it even more slicked back/flat?), it might be something with the neck that's bothering me?
I have one of the Angel character figures (The Trial one). It's OK. Everytime I look at Diamond Select action figures of the Angel character I have been disappointed, they all look "off" to me. Spike looks much better.

I wonder if these are the same height as the other Angel series figures. I love my action figure Illyria but she would like a figure of Spike (to keep as a pet).
The Spike figure looks quite good, but I think I'd have prefered him to have his 'vampire face' and his trenchcoat.

I'm looking forward to seeing the hawaiian shirt figures though.
Personally, I'm still holding out for the Spike puppet
"Exclusive Hawaiian Shirt Two-Pack"???

Hmmm... I'm not much for action figures, but for some reason, I think this particular offer may prove irresistable.
malcolm, whilst that would be very cool, the fact that they couldn't even do a good copy of the Angel muppet of which they had an existing source and specifications, doesn't bode well for anything else.
I saw the Hawaiian shirt pack at Wizard World LA. It's absolutely hilarious and I plan on buying it when it's available. I asked the rep and he said they should be available by San Diego Comic Con.
Razor: argh, don't remind me. The commercial Angel puppet makes Statler and Waldorf look ruggedly handsome.... But of course this maintains the fine and depressing collectible-industry trend. For example. Hmmm, so Marilyn Manson DID appear on Buffy.... Actually, this could be the basis of some sort of competition.... "Find the Xander doll that looks like it has the Chumash-Transmitted-Disease" well yes, ok, it's all of them.
The Angel figure looks like Weyoun from Deep Space Nine.

Or I'm crazy.

But the head and the neck and the shoulders. And the color.
I found a picture ofthe Hawai'ian Shirt guys and I do think they look very funny indeed.
Spike looks hi-larious! Angel looks grimace-y - and I despise those ball joint legs.

I must have the Spike.
The Angel figures all seem to be of Grumpy/Broody Angel. They need one that is Silly/Sarcatic Angel.

AND STILL no Gunn figure. I desire...I desire....a hupcap axe accessory.
malcolm, whilst that would be very cool, the fact that they couldn't even do a good copy of the Angel muppet of which they had an existing source and specifications, doesn't bode well for anything else.

Razor: I have the Battle Scarred Angel puppet, and I absolutely adore it. It's not exactly the same, but it's pretty close.

But I, also, haven't been very impressed with the figures of Angel. Most of the other 6 inch figures are pretty good, but the Angel ones are just a little off. I just don't even try for the 12 inch ones any more.

Selannia: I completely agree. They need to do a Gunn figure next. That would be great. And while they're putting out the new Xander figures, they should think about a new Giles figure, as well.

I'm just glad they're doing a lot of the male characters, now. For so long, there were only female figures available. Maybe it's because they couldn't get the male figures to look right.
Just checked out the link Gill provided and I don't even see a resemblance to Angel/DB in the figure. The Spike one looks good but the Angel one looks like an anemic old man!
They apparently are making a new Giles.

But you didn't hear that from me... ;)
Sigh, I wish Sideshow was making a Giles!! Us Sideshow collectors haven't even had one Giles yet!
If they'd done a Hawaiin Shirt 3-pack, I would've been completely sold on it. But for that they would've had to do a multi-verse set and have Wash in there. For Wash though, for a Wasg figure I would've repeated on Angel and Spike.
Firefly Flanatic - I am so looking forward to the release of the new Sideshow Angel figure. I have one on order, if the quality is as good as the picture on Sideshow Collectibles website suggests, I will be very happy indeed.

I have some of the Diamond Select action figures and I'm fairly happy with them. I was dissappointed though when Spike arrived and he was a smaller scale than the Angel line figures were. He looks silly next to Angel, Loren, Wes, and Illyria.

I didn't buy the Serenity action figures because of the poor resemblence to the characters. I really hope Sideshow Collectibles makes a Serenity line in the future. I would love to get a Mal figure know...actually looks like Mal.
Passion, we're definitely letting Sideshow know how desirable a Serenity/Firefly line would be. The subject has come up many times over on the Sideshow Freaks board. It seems just about everyone who posts in the "Whedonville" forum over there would be more than eager to start spending money on Firefly figures!

And I totally agree that the new Angel figure looks awesome in the preview photos. One of the Sideshow VIPs who posts on the Freaks board said that is the actual sculpt and not the prototype so he should look that great when we get him.

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I have the Battle Damaged Puppet Angel as well and it is pretty good. The others are awful but they got lucky with this one.
And his nose comes off. Hee.

I actually think they do a worse job with the females. The Faiths are horrible, so are the Willows. Buffy is hit and miss.

The School Hard 12 inch Spike I have seen on ebay selling at times for over 600 dollars because it is one of the few figures that actually looks good! The Subway Spike, on the other hand, I'd like to know whose teeth were they looking at when they made that.

And poor school girl Darla. I hope Julie Benz doesn't take that one personally.
Malcom ha, Thanks for reposting that old link. I'd forgotten about my 'Spangel puppet slash!'. Oh that brings back some old memories! And yes, there is a Spike puppet knocking around based on the Spike that you see in those images. James Marsters has a copy infact! *hee*

As to these figures, well cash flow permitting I'm going to get some of them, more of the Spike's then the Angels as poor Angel does look like he's been on a bit of a crash diet doesn't he?

I very much like how they have treated the sculpt of Spike's duster and his body and likeness also seems great, it's just a shame that Angels sculpt couldn't have reached the same standard.

As to the DST puppet Angels'...well my opinion hasn't changed all that much I'm afraid. Considering that they had access to the original prop I don't know how they managed to make it so 'odd' looking. Oh well, maybe next time....

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