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April 23 2006

Firefly series starter DVD out soon in Germany. It will feature the first two episodes. And there will also be Buffy and Angel series starter DVDs out at the same time as well at a bargain price of 5 Euros each. Cool items for collectors and a good way to get newcomers into the fandom. Stay tuned to see if this will happen in the rest of Europe.

Thanks to Marcus who sent us the following info.

Coming Thursday, April 27th, Fox will release a series of "series starter" DVDs in germany. The series starters are intended to draw attention to Fox tv shows and include 24, THE X-FILES, BUFFY and FIREFLY.

The single DVD contains the first two episodes of a series and will cost around 5 Euro. (which is about 5 US Dollars). Especially the FIREFLY series starter would be a great way to hook new people on the show and at 5 Euro will make an excellent and reasonaably priced gift. (The FIREFLY series starter contains the pilot SERENITY and the episode THE TRAIN JOB).

Ah, that's a great idea. That's definately something I could see myself giving someone as a gift.
Nice idea, but in reality how much is the full DVD set now? I've seen it in places for a shockingly little as 10 (which would be about 15, for comparison). And for that, you get, um...WAY more.
Hmm. That's actually three episodes. Not a bad intro, but The Train Job isn't really anyone's favorite episode, to be diplomatic about it.

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I love the Train Job as a second episode. As a first, it has problems. But it had so many cool bits.

Niska's intro, man through engine, the holographic bar window, Jayne going crazy and falling asleep, the chain of command, "I was aiming for his head," "If you die can I have your share?", "We tried to move him to the infirmary, he's just...heavy," "Time for some thrilling heroics," the zooming of the screw, the TRAIN, "Two by two, hands of blue," "I've had plenty worse an....OWWW!"

Don't diss the 'Job.
Regardless, its nice to see starter sets and the like. Shows that the PTB in the movie biz are more willing to try different ideas than they used to be. I saw a story yesterday where they are selling no-frills movie discs with more competitive prices in countries where piracy is super-rampant. Shows that they are finally thinking with their brains instead of with their lawyers.
The German Firefly DVD set is almost 50 euros, so a 5 euro starter set is a hell of a deal.
If my German is right, I think you also get 5 Euros off the boxset as well. Well that's what I think the writing on the front cover says.
I agree, it's nice to see the starter kits. In the same breath, I'm feeling a bit down to see Joss' work delt in this matter. Nevermind, I'll always find something to bitch about. Anyway, this is quite a deal.
You're right, Simon. Too bad I can't read the small printed disclaimer on the picture - I'd really like to know what it says.
I think thats a great idea... especially since you get the price knocked off the whole set. Im not sure the first two episodes of Buffy are the best way to get someone into that tho.
Totally agree Pat32082 about "The Train Job". As the pilot episode it doesn't work so well as an introduction but if you get to see "Serenity" first and the "The Train Job" it's a great episode because you've already got a sense who the characters are. it's all the more funny to see the whole Jayne being drugged, passing out and ultimately aiming at the guys head bits because it's some of the best funny Jayne stuff in the whole series!
Simon you are right, it means that you get the 5 Euros back when you buy the whole box. I think in general its a good idea,cause about 50 Euros for a season ( or for half a season back with Buffy and Angel) might have scared some people off.
I think this sounds great, and also shows that Fox still supports the show -- after all, the other series in the deal are all shows that went on for seasons & have lots of boxsets to sell (and 24 is still on the air, even more to "sell"), and here we are, on the raggedy edge, with 1 boxset available for sale. Yay us! :-)
lol. I had totally forgotten about Jayne going crazy and falling asleep. Man, its been too long since I've watched that show.

But back on topic, are they going to bring these things to North America, or is it going to be a Europe-only thing? I agree it's a great idea. I'm thinking it would be a great way to introduce other buffy/angel-wary Sci-fi fans to the show, if they were available at conventions and such.
I'm glad about this. How much are five euros in American? If it turns out to be less then ten dollars, I can envision a lot of new Browncoats in my general vicinity.
I think Euros and American dollars are about the same. They're both approximately double that of Australian dollars. Unless I'm very wrong, which is possible.
Right now 1 Euro = US$1.23
>>I think Euros and American dollars are about the same. They're both approximately double that of Australian dollars. Unless I'm very wrong, which is possible.<<

Wish that were so, since I just received a nice check in US dollars. Unfortunalety, that figure will dwindle to four fifths of its original size once I cash it.

Still, don't forget that the FIREFLY box costs about 45 Euros in Germany, which translates to way over fifty dollars -> about twice the sum you pay for it in the US. So, for us, yes, a five Euro starter kit is quite a bargain.
we are getting about 74c US to the Aus$ at the moment, and Euro is 60 to the Dollar..but sounds a great way to get more people into the 'verse

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