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April 23 2006

Kane playing 2 gigs in Germany in May. Christian Kane will be doing acoustical performances in Fulda on May 20th and Munich on May 22nd.

That's pretty cool. Guess I need to visit Fulda *g*
I've already told my Munich friends whom I've introduced to the Whedonverse to go!
They will not be disappointed, I was at the Vegas charity event last night and they were on, except for the first song which was ummm, interesting. Steve started playing one and Chris started singing a different song, then they both stopped and looked at each other and then cracked up laughing. It was a great ooops moment, then they had a little banter about whose fault it was and the audience laugh and then the rest of the performance went on.

I was happy, they even let me request a song because I had to leave to catch a plane.

BTW: They got a record deal but they cannot say yet which record company they signed with until everything is finalized but it may be only a matter of days.

So even more reason to go see them now or next time it may be an arena or theatre show they will be touring at.

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