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April 24 2006

(SPOILER) Tony Head in Doctor Who. Watch the trailer and the Tardisode for Tony's episode of Doctor Who, showing in Britain on Sat 29th, now on the BBC Website.

I'm really looking forward to this episode.
Where's the trailer for his episode?
Doesn't seem to be up yet, the TARDISode is (there's a picture of him in that), but can't find the trailer.
I worked out the URL of the trailer (I knew those days of fiddling around with the WB's Angel trailers would come in useful). So it's now linked to on the subject line.

And we'll probably do an episode discussion thread for it on Saturday.
Ooh, Doesn't he just look wonderfully wicked.
I am SO looking forward to this ep!! I love ASH and I'm sure he'll be suitably scary and evil, loving this season so far.
ASH, K9 and Sarah Jane Smith! Happy overload!
Their tiny videos don't do the visuals justice.
I have a great screencap on my flickr account.
I just wish he was a multi-episode character...
You can also join in the Doctor Who fun at if you're a fan...

ps. Sarah Jane last appeared THIRTY years ago on Doctor Who
Elisabeth Sladen (the actress) looks freakin fantastic!

pps. Last week's episode is a great warmup for this one (Tooth and Claw)
and most any Buffy fan should enjoy it, even if you haven't watched Who before...

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I love this series! Never watched any of the original. Should I go back or like the new Galactica(which I adore)should I just enjoy this ride?
Zip-Ity, the reality is there is a TON of legacy Doctor Who. It would take you years to watch it if you only watched a few episodes per week. It's very possible to enjoy the new Doctor Who without seeing the old but there will always be little stuff (like K9) that is being put in as a fan-service for those that did watch all the old.

Makes me wonder sometimes if there will one day be a "Buffy 2025" or something like that which references the little stuff we loved so much. Or maybe one of Joss's kids will make "Fray" when they get older :-)
Zip-ity-Do-Da, Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi series ever and so as TaraLivesOn says there's a lot of history there (something like 720 episodes - though the older ones were only half an hour long) so you could spend a lot of time catching up.

If you wanted to check out some old ones i'd probably recommend some Tom Baker episodes (e.g. 'Genesis of the Daleks' or 'Talons of Weng Chang') or possibly one of the specials like 'The Five Doctors' to give you a feel for the Doctor's previous incarnations. Be warned though, BBC 'special' effects weren't anywhere near as special back then so you have to kind of squint past the wobbly sets and dodgy 'laser' beams and just enjoy the fun scripts and gloriously eccentric performances (especially Tom Baker's - man's a legend ;).

After hearing that Steven Moffat is a writer on Doctor Who (and while being interested in the show anyway) I've decided to watch.

But I've never seen an episode. Ever. I don't even know the Doctor Who story.

So I need some assistance. Guide me. Take it slow. Make it easy.

I have yet to watch LAST NIGHT's episode. It's recorded and ready.

What do I need to know?
Zeppo, you might actually want to watch the first (new) season on scifi channel or rent the season one DVD's? Jumping into season two might be impossibly confusing. Imagine trying to jump into the second episode of season four Buffy and figure out what's going on - it could be done but you wouldn't really "get it".

They really do try to guide new viewer from the start in 2005. Amazon has it for $70 (yikes) but it's still around on the net (ahem).

You could also try reading here a bit for legacy background.

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2006-04-24 18:46 ]
Thanks, TaraLivesOn.

Just to clarify, the Doctor Who that's on Sci-Fi now is in season two? Because I thought it just started.
It's still in season one on the SciFi channel. The eighth episode will air on Friday.

[ edited by lalaa on 2006-04-24 19:41 ]
Yeah sorry, I didn't realize which source you had saved it from (SciFi vs BBC).
SciFi = season one /\ BBC = season two
Loving Season 2 (28) so far, Tooth and Claw was AWESOME! Very excited to see Sarah Jane, K9, and Tony Head all in one place with David Tennant and Billie Piper.

ETA: yes, Sci-Fi S1 (27), BBC S2 (28), bit-torr... I mean, *whistle*.
Nice, guys. Thanks. I'll play it safe and wait for the DVDs. Glad it's doing so well. LOTTA great people involved.
TheZeppo, you could try The Sun tomorrow. As much of a scummy waste of paper as it is, tomorrow will feature a voucher where you can redeem "Rose" (the first epsiode of the first new series) which explains the show again for new viewers. They can be redeemed at Somerfield, Martins, Mccoll's, Fourboys or Dillons

During the week there are old classic episodes too.
Thanks guys.

I will go looking for those eps. On sci-fi they are showing old eps? Thanks.

If I could sit through old BSG and the short shorts and bad special effects, I doubt these could be much worse.

Hey Tara,OT, have you been reading the new Wondy/Superman/Batman mess these days?
Very helpful. Thanks, guys.
Zeppo, the episode that will be airing this Friday on Sci-Fi (4/28) is the first of Moffat's two episodes from Series One, and it's fab. If Moffat's what got your attention, that's the one to watch.

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