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April 24 2006

Tony Head's talk from the SciFi Summit which was held in Pasadena last month. Snippets include Joss worship, auditioning for Giles and of course Ripper (headed for DVD?).

Spike DVD movie followed by Ripper - please oh please oh please let it be so. My two favorite Buffy-dom characters side by side, so to speak. Is there any non-scary, non-obsessive way we can help make this happen? You know, kidnapping some top studio execs cat and holding it for ransom, or creating a robot clone of Joss or.....

Oh by the way, thanks so much for the link. I am looking forward to Tony's new series (should it happen, and I think it will) and it's always nice to hear Joss being reverencized in that way.
"He who should be worshiped every morning" Hee. Glad to see ASH is still having fun with the Joss is god thing.
"back stories" ??? Blast. I hope it is front least for most of the characters. Ripper is the only one I can think of where the back story has not been pretty well covered. I am getting on my prayer rug that ASH is expecting them to be back stories because Ripper is slated to have alot of back story. That would be fun. Spike's story on the other hand will be going forward...after Angel S5...right?...please?...pretty please?

I suspect begging does not become me but I'll do it anyway if it will help.

Hell, I know it won't help. Joss will do what he envisions and it will be really good and I'll love it.

I just want to know where Spike's character goes next...not physically, all the other ways.

Back to the point: ASH always comes off well. I was so sorry that the one con I attended cancelled him. He was one of the three reasons I decided to splurge and spend the money to go. (The other two were Andy Hallet to got sick, poor guy, and james Marsters who ended up carrying most of the con himself. ) I am so glad Riper is not dead. It would be great to see Giles again. I also hope that his new series goes through the roof.
I thought Joss already said that Spike's story would be post I hope this has not changed. We got enough back story for Spike on the shows, at least I feel we did.

I don't need to see more Spike/Dru or evil Spike...I want to see his story go forward and find out what he does after he survives the battle in the alley.
Ripper though, would be great as flash backs as we never really got much of that story at all.

Lets just see if anything truly comes of this.....or if it's just more of the
Faith has no real backstory either. Like Giles there really were just tiny teases.

I would love to see a Ripper movie, but I also have a need to see the Scoobies and Giles and see their version of COW in living color. And where Xander is, if he ever came home from Africa. Or if the very unlikely relationship with Faith and Wood survived and if she is with the group or on the run. Well if there is never dvds, I guess that 4 part mini comic next year might answer some of that.

I can only hope one day, with the new wave of tv shows on the big screen, SMG and DB will grace movie screens around the country.

As for ASH, I hope his new series does as well as Bones, and we can see him on our screens for many years again.

ETA: Was this not reported last month when it came out. The Ripper following Spike was actually what ASH thought, but had no real idea what Joss was doing?

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Plenty of potential for back story when it comes to Ripper. The only problem I would have with that would be that the young Giles would obviously need to be played by a different actor, which would lessen the amount of time that ASH appeared. As long as the flashbacks were kept to a minimum and the majority of the story was set in the present, I guess it wouldn't be too bad.

As for the rest of the characters, I'd prefer the story moved forward. For Spike especially. I have loved how his past has been fleshed out over the years but if this is going to be a one off movie deal then there needs to be some forward momentum. Same goes for Faith, Willow, Illyria or anyone else, really. I'm a lot more interested in their futures than I am in seeing what happened in the past.
I remember reading this last month.I think Simon linked to a different report from this convention in one of the threads.Any DVD movie will be post NFA which Joss already confirmed but that does not mean they can't or won't include flashbacks or reveal more back stories while being set in the present day.I would love to see a Ripper movie too.Ever since Ripper was announced as a BBC series back in late spring/early summer 2001,I've been wanting to see a Giles project.I will admit that I'm much more interested in a Ripper movie then a Spike one at this point.

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I like that idea. Flashbacks and present day.

Then you could have Dru in a Spike movie, show Prague maybe, as a way of showing something in the present day. We all know he will have to incounter her again. Maybe this time with Illyria by his side. Dru would be prefect for a Spike dvd. With Tim writing you know it will be dark, painful and full of emotion. Who better to bring that out in Spike, huh?

More Ethan Rayne, past and future never a bad thing. With Faith, there is no restrictions on what and who she could meet before and now.
I'm just glad Ripper is getting mentioned again. I have always loved the Ripper project, but I had completly given up hope on the Ripper project, and while I still am afraid we will never hear from it again, Tony still talking about it does give me a small bit of new hope.
I've been dying to see Ripper ever since it was announced way back when.

And while I want to say that this is all just wishful thinking, and that these DVD movies will never materialize, well...that's exactly what I said about Serenity, so movie-sized miracles do occur.
Well, if they do a Spike movie, definitely, I prefer a backstory with Dru.
I know I'm a bit radical, but I prefer him to stay dead in Chosen.

Ripper... oh Ripper is a great backstory material for sure. I really want to see that, as an introduction to the new series starring Giles, Faith and Illyria :D
I know I'm a bit radical, but I prefer him to stay dead in Chosen.

Yeah, it is pretty radical to pretend an entire season of Angel didn't happen.
Both radical and so very wrong, killinj. No Spike in season five of Angel? Just don't want to imagine that at all. Way too much good stuff would never have happened, all of which can be summed up in one quote.

"You're a bloody puppet!"

Priceless moment of television. For me, and for many others, Spike was a large part of what made season five as brilliant as it was. I really can't imagine it without him.
Completely agree with you there Immortal, he was a fantastic inclusion in season 5.

Ripper would be great, so much untapped story potential there.

I hope we get some more concrete answers about whether or not more Buffyverse is happening sometime soon. The wait is draining.
"You're a bloody puppet!"

"Priceless moment of television. For me, and for many others, Spike was a large part of what made season five as brilliant as it was. I really can't imagine it without him."

Oh I am so there right with you Immortal...without Spike I think Angel would never have come to integrate both sides of himself in order to 'take care of business' in the finale.
So many priceless moments in both series wouldn't have been the same without Blondie Bear.
I want to see Spike's story CONTINUE...not be stuck in past history. He has moved way beyond his former evil self and I want to see what happens next!
I'm glad "Ripper" is still getting mentioned, and hoping that one day something will become of it though wondering how the story would continue post-NFA. Giles running the new Watchers' Council (and even training Andrew as a Watcher) does not seem compatible with the dark little story I had always imagained "Ripper" might be. Maybe it would take place during some time in Season 6 when Giles was in England before the destruction of the Council, or even better it tied in with other DVD-movies. I don't really mind though, I'll take whatever comes (crosses fingers). Like fryish, I'm hoping that we hear something soon about these DVD movies. Surely it's not in the interests of 20th Century Fox to let such a franchise with so much potential fade away.
What did the questioner mean about Buffy being "shorter" in England? Huh? That, plus the reference "the metal" for Rickman left me confused. (Did Tony Head mean "the mettle?")

Yes! Please bring on Ripper and all other DVD installments of the Buffyverse, please oh please. I'll take Ripper any way that Joss wants to write it (or oversee one of his former ME writers writing it. Drew Goddard or David Fury or Jane Espenson or Tim Minear, please. Ahem.) I agree with fryish. The wait is draining. A definitive statement one way or the other will be great when it comes. What Dalton (great name; great character) says makes sense to me: the Buffyverse does seem to be still such a potentially lucrative franchise. Let's hope something eventually comes of this.
While I have no interest in a Spike movie - frankly, I think we saw all of his story already - I would KILL for a Ripper movie. But since that's been talked about for years and nothing more than talk has happened thus far, I'm rather out of hope that it ever will happen.

Oh, and I disagree that Angel *needed* Spike in season 5 - but I did enjoy the season 5 incarnation of Spike. He was back to being what I liked about him - snarky and funny - plus the writers on AtS finally got it right with him again. Spike didn't become the story, it was still firmly about Angel. And I am just happy I was able to like Spike again after season 6/7 of Buffy.
See, for me it was always Spike. He was the number one reason why I was hooked on the Buffyverse. Don't get me wrong. I adored the other characters and enjoyed seeing the lives of Buffy, Angel and their family and friends develop of the eight years that the two series ran. However, whilst I was a big fan of the seven seasons of Buffy and the five of Angel, I was an even bigger fan of the six seasons of the Spike show.

That is how I tend to view BtVS seasons two, four, five, six and seven and Angel season five. Whilst they were busy telling the tales of Buffy and Angel, there was also a third hidden series going on in the background. The one that really had me enthralled. Spike's series.

Okay, he never had his name in the titles of a fancy opening sequence or a cool theme tune to call his own but make no mistake, Spike's story was as important to the success of the Buffyverse as either of the two official leads. Without Spike I'm not sure that I would have been quite so dedicated to the Buffyverse, and I'm sure that I speak for many others when I say that. With that in mind I believe it is only right that the first movie, assuming any happen, goes to the lead character that never was. Spike has earned a theme tune.
Maybe we could ease up a little on those who express a preference for one thing or another, here, in the place where we're supposed to be among (enlightened?) friends? It gets me a little twitchy to read someone's opinion dismissed as "so very wrong." Sometimes we jest, but it's hard to tell in keystrokes, and this topic has a tendency to bring out the worst in us.

I mean, sure, one side of me says: Spike was most certainly my favorite character across all of our shows, and I could watch new tales of his (mis)adventures 'til the cows came home. The other side says: as painful as it was, I treasured the way his death brought his story and character-arc full circle. And yet, it's not hard to flip back to admitting that there were certainly moments on Angel where he shone and episodes where he was riotous and even approached extraordinary. Though i thought he really stumbled at first, in the end, it was at least cool to have some more of him to love. Cheapened, though it may or may not have been.

That's my roundabout way of saying there's room enough for differing views here and respectful is the preferred way to play it. I LOVE me some Spike, but I grow weary of the firestorms that tend to rage when someone has an opinion that doesn't mount our shirtless beloved high enough on his smoking cross. *sings kum-ba-ya, shakes magic gourd, tries to smoke magic seeds* Peace, y'all. /cough
Don't worry, barest_smidgen, the comment was made in the spirit of good natured disagreement, I promise.

Having said that, Angel TheVampire really was SO very wrong! ;)
Ah, Immortal. Sorry if I jumped too soon there. It's just that I've found myself staying out of the very threads that often interest me the most here because, despite the big love, myopic Spike/Marsters shrillness exhausts me. Clearly, you suffered from the baggage. Retracted for you. :) Still intended, generally and globally. Cheers.

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I could say the exact same thing for Faith. The spin-off that almost was and was not. I want to see her have her time to sparkle.

No matter what, I think these shows have always been about all the characters, without any one, there would always be something missing on both shows. Every character has a right to have their moment to shine and there are many fanbases out there that want to see their favorite characters story be front and center. But like Buffy and Angel, they are always only as good as their supporting cast.

We all like diffrent things, but if we start dissecting the shows down to only one character's story, I think we could miss all the fun stuff happening in the background. IMO.=)

I also agree about the endless fights about my vampire being better then yours. They become pointless and start tearing apart fandoms and friends.
Not a problem, barest_smidgen. Believe me, I've seen enough examples of what you are talking about to know where you were coming from. :)
I agree with THE IMMORTAL about Spike and I really REALLY adore Buffy, too...but Spike..Guh. It's a girl thing.

I'd love to read confirmation that they were going to do a Spike movie. I think the longer we wait, the more unlikely it will be. When Spike is filmed, then we can have hope for Illyria, Ripper and the other characters to get their movie, too. I just hate to think that this is the end of the Buffyverse. I can't find anything on TV that is even half as good.
If this were ever to happen, I would not be surprised if they are all filmed around the same time. And then released like once a month or something.Sounds to me, like these dvds are now a package deal Joss is trying sell. Which is good. So we could have Ripper, Faith, Willow and or Xander in addition.

I also would not be shocked if Illyria is in the Spike dvd movie, not one of her own. Not sure there is enough of following for her to get a movie of her own. But with all the chemistry Jm and AA had, I would love to see them again. It would deffinatly make sense after the alley for her to go with Spike over staying with Angel.

I still think in a few years a we will see Buffy/Angel casts in theaters. Everything comes in circles.

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I agree Zip-ity-do-da. I think that if we are going past NFA, Illyria would be a likely choice to be in the Spike movie.
Then we can have Dru be the evil baddie.... and we could have Illyria and Dru saying crazy things back and forth and poor Spike trying to save the day...hmmmmm maybe to light for Tim.
I would be thrilled to see a "Ripper" dvd and equally excited to see Spike and Dru onscreen together again. What would I DIE to see? Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, ASH, NB and AH reunited with JOSS for a kick ass big screen movie. Spiderman was great and Batman rocked. Wonderwomam will no doubt rock the house as well but there is one thing better than all those combined. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy, Joss style.
Wasn't it already confirmed that Illyria would be a part of a Spike movie?I remember a report from last year where James Marsters was caught by surprise that AA had been approached to do the Spike movie if it happens.The thing is,JM's time frame is running out.In his most recent interview he said there was only about a year in half left in his time frame.If it dose not happen soon,it will be too late for him.I kind of get the feeling that if Joss can't get it going by the end of the year,then that will be it for a Spike centric movie.

I would love to see a Buffy/Angel theatrical film with all the major players together at some point.They could even potentially use character based DVD movies as a lead in to a big screen film with everyone.

I guess it's all wait and see at this point.
As much as I love me some Spike, I'd take Ripper first if forced to choose. We know loads about Giles, but very little about Ripper. I trust Joss -- he who should be worshipped every morning -- to cook up some devilish twists in Giles' past. And I mean some surprising freaky shit we never saw coming.

It's getting late and I'm starting to curse. Sorry all. Might be time to log off for awhile. Methinks finals have driven me over the edge.
Now you all know what I'd love to see in a Spike movie. You don't? Well...*deep loving sigh*....Pookie and Poppy reunited. I'm thinking Spike has a mission to find Angel, they are literally soulamtes after all, and with the help of Illyria he battles his way through, er, lost of stuff, encounters Dru who goes apes**t over him having a soul, stakes her and carries on fighting.

Then in the last scene we see him approach a building and look up the stairs to hear Angel's voice exclaim "Spike f***ing Twist, erm, Spike!" They embrace and then mega smoochies.

What!? That's epic! lol. :0)

On a slightly more serious note (Although Joss if you're reading, I do really want the above to happen!) any Spike movie would have to be post NFA. He's evolved as a character through evil bad guy, reluctant helper of the good guys, willing helper of the good guys, souled good guy who saves the world and finally souled good guy who battles because he chose to. What would be the point in regressing him now. That's just, imho, silly thematically speaking.
A character is a sum of who they were. So visiting the past and in Spike's case dealing with past mistakes and wrong doings is not taking a backward step. He is on the path, but is not redemmed. Redemption is life long.But every good guy stumbles, falls, doubts, and eventually plays the gray area. Post NFA with Dru would be great!

Not one for slashy, I would have to say ewwww(good naturedly) on Spike/Angel smoochies. I am very glad that there are enough gorgeous ladies in this unviverse to keep both very happy.

Love to see some young Ripper/ Ethan interaction.

I am sure Joss has his ideas for Spike and any of the other movies he wants to do. Ultimatly though it is what Fox wants or is willing to finance. I am also sure Tim will bring all the best of his painful and devious mind to the challange if it ever happens.
Ahhh Zip-ity-Do-Da, how I hope you are right that we will one day see a big screen Buffy/Angel verse movie. I would kill to see Buffy/Angel and the rest of the gang reunite and tell us what happened next...
First you say you're not one for the slashy, then you say you'd love to see some young Ripper/Ethan interaction. Make up your mind! ;)
No not that way! I mean like bad boys kinda thing....Not um naughty boys.....=P::
I actually met and talked to Tony Head the last year of Buffy. He attended a con in none other than Cleveland, lol. During our conversation, he mentioned Joss speaking of doing four telemovies. One that centered around Faith, one for Ripper, one for Willow and one with Spike.
He believed that Buffy and Angel would come to us via the Silver screen AFTER the four telemovies.
One thing is for sure, as shitty as television has become and with the poor quality of Movies being churned out, any return to the verse would be greatly appreciated.
Young Ripper and Ethan would rock although I'm not sure how they could pull that off with the age of the actors. It's kind of becoming the same issue with Spike and any potential storyline he might have...time is the enemy.
Ripper! Would love to see this. I've missed Giles since he left in Season 6. In fact (and I understand that there's a lot of disagreement about the merits of Seasons 6 and 7), Giles leaving Sunnydale marked the *moment* that Season 6 turned awful for me, and it only got better (momentarily) when he returned at the end. But the Giles of Season 7 seemed very un-Gilesy to me. Not exactly out of character, but the presence and authority of the character was gone. Much more passive --not the same guy who called Willow a "rank, arrogant amateur" in S6. By the end of Season 7, he seemed little more than just some guy hanging out at Buffy's house. The soul of the character just wasn't there (IMO). So I'd love to see an all-out Giles-being-Giles-being-Ripper story. I imagine a touch of a Hellblazer vibe.

Less interested in a Spike movie, particularly if it's post-NFA. Mostly because I love NFA as the perfect period/exclamation point/epigram to AtS. I don't *want* to know what happened after. (Again, I understand that opinions differ on this point :))

And phlebotinin, I also didn't get the "on the metal" comment on ASH's choice of accents. Is this a British turn of phrase, or just something that got garbled in the retelling?
"On the metal" is no British turn of phrase I've ever heard (unless, like "chav," it's of recent coinage). I'm guessing it's a garbled "on his mettle." But I could be wrong.

Ripper remains my first choice of Buffyverse project too - the combo of ASH and the opportunity to go down a completely different road stylistically are quite appealing.
If they make any of these, they have to be lucrative to generate others. They'll start with Spike. He's the most popular and most immediately identifiable character.

Frankly, I don't care who they start with, just start already! I so need more Buffyverse.
Don't you think Time would be the enemy for Angel, too, since he is also a vampire?

James really is the one who thinks he will be too old, but I'm sure if Joss is willing, he can be talked into it. Look at the Master. I'm sure he didn't look like that when he was sired. I'm thinking I can wank that a soul could cause you to age a bit quicker. Now, if you are going to go back into the past and do Spike/Angel as he was in 1905 (Or Buffy, Xander, Willow in high school) then you'd have a problem.
Fans may not have an age issue,but James Marsters himself does.It's an issue for him.If he's not comfortable playing Spike after a certain time limit then that's his decision.Joss seems to be aware of this and agrees with it.

It might of been a post here at Whedonesque but he acknowledged that there was a limited shelf life for Marsters to play the character again and that he's trying to make a movie happen as soon as possible but understands that there is going to be a point soon where it's too late and he might not be able to get it together before James's time limit runs out.I mean look at Ripper.That was first announced and planned in 2001.It's now 2006.The Faith spin-off series and Buffy Animated never got off the ground.In the case of the cartoon,they tried to get it going starting in 2000/2001 around the same time as Ripper.Many scripts were written and a small pilot was shot.Joss declared that officially dead last fall.

Look at The X-Files movie sequel.That came out in 1998 and they've been trying and talking about a sequel ever since but TPTB just haven't been able to put a deal together with 20th Century Fox even though the actors have been willing and able to go for a few years.

That's why this is all still at a wait and see stage.There are so many factors and elements in getting things together to get any movie going and everything has to line up just right to make it happen.

As for DB and Angel?Yes,the age factor will come into play there eventually as well but at this stage it's not an issue to DB.In a few years though,I'm sure it will be.DB did an interview last fall promoting Bones where he once again said he would be open to playing Angel in a big screen film.He actually addressed the age issue and said basically,he's not concerned about that.If a movie happens before he gets too old,then great.If it doesn't then it doesn't.

So it will be a factor in the future but David hasn't set a specific more immediate time limit like James has.

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I think it matters to the actors. Time is more of thing for them. It is their decission, not Joss's, or ours as fans. If they feel too old or don't have the same need to play a character, then we have to respect that and look to other things they do. It may not be Spike's immortal look that keeps JM from coming aboard once a year is done, it may be that for him that ship and it's creative juices have sailed. Same with DB, if the big screen thing never happens to what and when he wants it to.

Half the things in Hollywood are talked about and never get off the ground. That just is reality. Money is a big thing, the most important. There are always fans out there who want something not be cancelled or want a certain show to be made. Unfortunatly want does not make it happen.

Not to get into a fight, But popularity of any character is selective. I don't think Spike is the only one who is marketable or the most popular of the remaining Buffverse. He is the most talked about, but only because he was mentioned as the hopeful starting dvd. Fans don't only talk about Spike, infact there are many who voice need to see Ripper or Faith first. Joss has mentioned Ripper and Faith too. Both those characters are highly popular and very marketable.Just my opinion.

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Marsters wouldn't have the fan base he does were it not for Spike. You can't say that about ASH and AD. Both of them had careers long before BtVS.

And please. Spike is the most marketable. Look what they did to the promo posters of AtS season five - Spike is larger and in the forefront - and the show was called "Angel"! That's just one instance, too.

Not to start a fight or anything...
Yes, they did use him and yet it did not bring in better ratings or get the show a next season. The rating were on par with season three, that did not have him. I would say they just switched Cordy fans with Spike fans, IMO. He was not the only reason people watched Angel. And when the ratings did not go up they stopped using him to promote anything and went back to DB only. Marketing and especially the wb's marketing had little to do with the eps. And in the end, the last poster was just Angel by himself. And that poster was hard to get and used also as promotion. It was always Angel's show and it remained Angel's show, no matter the posters. Angels books, Angel's magazine, Angel's soundtrack. Infact towards the end Spike had a smaller role in the grand scheme of the arch. In the end it was Angel's story. It may not have been why some watched, but it was what kept the show going for 4 years without Spike.

They also hugely marketed Angel's return to Buffy and Faith's return in season 4. Faith was marketed three weeks prior and in every commercial, for Angel. She was the big thing that season. Something they were talking about before the season even started.

Marsters had a musical fanbase and had some fans before he was Spike. Spike helped him grow. But then some fans moved away from liking spike and still liked his other work, so I don't think you can say it is only because of Spike. I never had heard of AD before Buffy.I also am not sure what him having a huge fanbase in Spike has to do with the conversation. Every fan base has a huge following. They lose some, gain some, and continue on. Maybe because they are more quiet, but I can guarentee you there still are HUGE fanbases for the Xander, Buffy,Angel and Faith characters.

Ash and his Ripper/Giles are still widely loved and wanted. Infact people after all these years still want to see his story. That is staying power. Same with Eliza and her Faith character. Marketing only works if you expand your fan base, not just live inside it. Both of those characters have less baggage and are less diversive then Spike. But I would not say any are less loved or wanted more.

I don't see why one has to be better then the other and it always seems that for Spike/JM to be a good character/actor he has to always be better then Angel/DB. They are different. I think that is insulting to the actors themselves and the fans. Except for both being good-looking men and playing souled/unsouled vamps, there really is no comparisons. Both have their own paths of success.

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I don't think Spike was marketed more than Angel - one poster does not a marketing campaign make. In fact, I was happily surprised that they didn't try to usurp Angel/DB's place.

I do agree though, that if not for Spike, JM would not have the fan base he enjoys now. However, Angel/DB is and was hugely marketable. Not sure why there has to be this debate over who was more popular or more marketable...

Spike is a very divisive character in the fandom - and that is something that can work against a Spike project. But something like Ripper would appeal to most, if not all of the fandom.
I can't say anything against a Spike movie happening because as I've already mentioned, I would love to see more Spike and Dru interaction and I think if a movie is ever made, she will be there.
ASH as Ripper or Giles would also rock my world. ALL the characters are awesome and worthy of receiving more screentime, imo.

I have never been of the mind that Spike has the biggest fanbase but then I'm one of those fanatic Buffy, SMG fans. IMO, when looking at who can pull in the numbers, that will always be Buffy herself. Where SMG goes, lots and lots of people follow. It's kind of an established fact. I know we aren't discussing the Big Screen movie here but I wanted to give props to Sarah.
Might as well mention Joss here too, as much as I'd love to see TM write for the Universe again, there is nobody that can bring it to life like Joss.
Not forgetting David Boreanaz as Angel, he has proven that he can pull a crowd as well.

I just wish SOMETHING would happen already. It's been a long wait for all of us, regardless of which character you want to see returned first.
Honestly, I don't have a favorite, I just want to see some of these much talked about movies, or straight to dvd, or even telepics. I figure moneywise, Spike will be the first.

Yes, all the Scoobies have fans, but truthfully speaking, a Spike movie to start would make the most money. That's all the suits care about. If it does well, and it should, then we'll get our Willow, our Giles, and our Faith, et al.

I can respect those that don't agree with me, but that is definitely how I see any and all of this/these happening.
I am not sure any DVD would make a good amount of money. In this day of age with the internet, spoilers and downloads, re-couping money would be hard.Plus If it is one character oriented, many fandoms might pass it by.

There are alot of special effects and even one ep took alot of money to make. I think that is the reason why Joss is having all the trouble.
Maybe Joss should focus all his attention on getting the big names back...SMG, DB, ASH, NB and AH. Guest appearances might make all the difference. Or he could skip the whole, straight to dvd idea and give us a kick ass Silver Screen movie.
Man what I wouldn't give to see SMG as Buffy again. Really both Joss and Sarah seem to be interested in the "Movie" route...why not reunite and make a little more magic? It would work for me.
I think it would be THE cashcow of the verse.
Seriously, we've had every other super hero grace our presence on the big screen, why not Buffy?

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