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April 24 2006

Details on third and last prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 3: The Mechanicals" is the third of a series of three prequel graphic novels that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin. Info on the second book can be found here and on the first book can be found here. Additionally the movie will take part in the competition showings in the 59th Cannes Festival.

I can't wait to watch this movie! I have a feeling it's going to be good. I hope I can somehow manage to get hold of the three prequel graphic novels before the movie is released.
I'm SO excited about this movie for SMG! And I'm also thrilled beyond measure that it'll be going to Cannes. I knew she would be going places. *g*
Add me to the "thrilled" list. Anything SMG appears in, I'll be there.
The whole project seems totally weird. I'm pretty sure I'll like it.
I'm really eager to see this movie. It feels like I've been waiting for it forever. It's interesting how I really don't have any kinds of expectations for this one, it just seems too strange for me to be able to expect anything (good or bad).

And another lurker (that would be me; I like to lurk) steps out of the closet and into the dustifying sunshine.
I wanna read these prequels comics because they're by Richard Kelly, completely canon, and more or less the first half of the film's story (though of course it was apparently made so that you can understand it perfectly without having read the three comics).

I just hope they don't give too much of the film away. You know, where it's going, what surprises might be in store. That's my only worry about the comics, that they'll telegraph some of the film's developments too much. But I'm such a chronological continuity nut, I'm not gonna be able to wait until after the movie to read 'em. Heck, I've pre-ordered the first two so far through my comic shop.

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