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April 24 2006

Buffy Sing Along! Come on down to The Coolidge Corner Theater in Boston, MA this Thursday, April 27 at 7:30pm for the FINAL Buffy Sing Along!

That's right! This is the LAST Buffy Sing Along to take place at the illustrious indy Coolidge Corner Theater! Grab your interactive goodie bag at the door (complete with plastice vampire teeth) and get ready to sing your heart out! The evening will start off with a screening of "Once More, With Feeling, " (don't worry there are subtitles for those who haven't memorized all of the lyrics) and will end with a special Buffy episode (to be determined by vote when the evening starts). Come to the final sing along at the theater where Buffy sing alongs started! 9.50 at the door! The Coolidge Corner Theater is located at 290 Harvard Street, Brookline MA 02446

Aww...I wanna go...could someone foot my travel expenses? :-D
Aw, I wish I could go! I went there to see a midnight Firefly marathon and it was so cool. But I can't get a ride this time.
I wish I lived closer!
I'd kill to go to this. Why does it have to be the "final sing along" at the Coolidge, though? Why the final if it's so popular?
It's probably the last becuase the program director (a huge Whedon fan) is retiring from the theatre.

Also, FYI....There will also be a screening at 10pm as well.
Aww...I wanna go...could someone foot my travel expenses? :-D

Travel-Schmavel!!! I want these in MY area!! And I want them often!
...Well I guess maybe I should do somthing about that, then... other than the sing-alongs we already have in my home (and car). Anyone in Southern Oregon, or Eugene know of a nice small rep. theatre run by Buffy-fans?
By the way, I've found that the German single episode release of OMWF (or NEMG), though lacking in special features, has a music video of, as the cover referred to it: ...the Single-Hit "Walk Through The Fire" . It was kind of neat. Does anyone know if it actually got airplay in Germany as a music video or on radio? Or does anyone know what other countries had a single episode release of it?
I'm making my first appearance at the last singalong. :-)
Sigh...I miss living in Boston...Although the mortgage on my house costs less than my rent was for a crappy apartment there...but still, Buffy sing alongs with goody bags?
I moved to Boston (last year), and I get to go!!!! YAY! It'll be my first Buffy outing!
I've been to the previous two sing-a-longs, but I'll be missing this one. I'm so sad it's the last!
I'm planning to attend the 10 pm show - looking forward to it!

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