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April 24 2006

Nathan interviews fan. A completely off the wall link. Last November, Nathan used a moment of his Q&A time to interview a fan - the lovely Bauer. Prepare to say "Ouch".

I'm not even a fan of Seinfeld, but that gets a George Costanza "That's gotta hurt!".

On another note, Nathan is such a great host/emcee. He does it so effortlessly. I remember a panel once where Nathan wasn't there, and someone (Jewel? Morena?) was like "this is so much harder without Nathan here!".
I think I would've broken more than just my arm if that'd happened to me. LOL Poor Bauer.

Nathan is just a force unto himself, I think. :D
Bauer, a tougher chick than I. :)
OMG I'm so embarrassed!

a) I'm a girl - the short hair was for the film role and I was dressed for Alan Tudyk night - the back of my shirt said "if Zoe chose Mal..." well I found it funny at least!

b) I hadn't told my friends I was Edmontonian (Canadian) so I had to keep a Scottish accent - so that's why I sound weird.

Did I mention I'm embarrased? I posted this on a private forum and now its got over 1500 views or so LMAO! I've even had people (no joke) ask for MY autograph! :oP.
Um, wow. That's not cool. Owie.

I like Nathan though, "aversion to winter" OMG! That's great.
No need to be embarrassed, bauer - you coped extraordinarily well in the situation. You looked great too. I hope the arm is better now.
Did I mention I'm embarrased?

bauer: In all seriousness and I have to say this, if you're not happy about the link being posted here I or another admin/mod will remove it.
My arm is fine now. My ear healed - only slight scarring and my hair is longer so it covers it anyway :o).

Oh and that reminds me, if the girl who ripped my ear half off AGAIN (and a little more than it was cut originally!!) at the convention because she was jealous is reading this. Next time you pull a stunt like that - I'm going to rip both of your ears off. I had to walk around the rest of that con with my ear TAPED to my head!! Oh - and it hurt!

EDIT: I'm embarrassed but it's fine. This has been seen by everyone at the con itself + all those who saw DVDs and has had 1600+ views on you tube. No point pulling it now so you hereby have permission to keep this up if there are no objections elsewhere.

[ edited by bauer on 2006-04-25 00:41 ]
bauer... You just made me scared of people again. Somebody yanked at your lugs at that convention? Bejebus!
bauer...damn. Um, glad you're okay!
Haven't been able to watch this yet, being at work. Still,

I hadn't told my friends I was Edmontonian (Canadian) so I had to keep a Scottish accent

bauer, that just begs for a more detailed explanation . . . but it sounds like you've suffered enough embarrassment for one lifetime. :)
I was adopted over to the UK when I was 10 and a half and just took on a Scottish accent. I never told my friends I was adopted because I was adopted by relatives so I sort of looked like the rest of their family and blended in. I told my mates after the con because my accent was slipping back to Edmontonian.

The thing is, I had an older brother called Nathan Fallon and Nathan FILLION (from now on I'll use Fallon and Fillion) reminds me SO much of my brother (my family died when I was near 7). Fallon sounded a lot like Fillion and so being at a con all weekend where there's someone who sounds the double of my brother, meant my accent started slipping back.

And cue the violins!! lol

[ edited by bauer on 2006-04-25 01:41 ]
*violins playing*
*tears wiped*
*hugs Bauer*

Man, I would have wanted to just about kill that director!!

Also...Go Bauer!!!, You ROCK babe!
Bauer: You, to put it simply, rock.

What a story! Hope you're feeling better. (I only got to watch this now, at home.)
...whoah... (and I count 3 Nathans in the story, wacky.)
Bauer, you haul serious booty! I'd say a sympathetic "ow." but I think that goes without saying. Don't be embarassed, I admire you for getting up there in the first place. As for the jealous girl, I wouldn't trade her for her karma for anything. Glad to hear you are doing better now wounds-wise. :)
That is the craziest (and most painful) true story I've ever heard in my life. At least something good came out of the whole ordeal: you got pulled on stage by Nathan Fillion! I both envy and pity you, Bauer.
Damn, Bauer! Like others have said, you (a) *rock* and (b) GO, girl! ;-)
And now that I've watched the clip - thanks B for agreeing to share that with us, and for the explanation about the accent thingie. Very cool.
Okay, ow. Thanks for sharing though. And dayum, was Nathan hot in that vid. Sorry, shallow moment.
I actually saw this a few days back -before it had been posted here- I was searching for Nathan/Firefly clips on You Tube. . .

It's a great clip, thanks for sharing it!

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