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April 24 2006

Empire magazine has a review of Slither praising Nathan in particular.

"Itís no surprise that the majority of laughs are ably captured by Fillion, showing off the knack for deadpan delivery previously tapped by Joss Whedon in Serenity. As Pardy, he fills out the role of an unlikely hero dealing with extraordinary events, bringing bumbling affability to a part that could so easily have been lost to square jaws, steely eyes and other clumsy stereotypes."

Yey! It's a well made point too. I have to agree that some other actors would be unable to pull the role off as well as he did.
Sunday Mirror review. 5 stars. Praises Fillion.

The same trend with Slither is continuing - getting really excellent reviews here. Will be interesting to see if it bombs or not in the UK.
Well it doesnt really have much to compeat with in terms of what else is coming out on friday. Hopefully the teens will have already seen Silent Hill...
I've seen Silent Hill. I'd recommend it. It has some real serious script problems (hint: why do I love these characters? I'm not sure). However, visually it's stunning. There are some great moments in it - the last 20 minutes, in particular, are silver screen gold.
Hopefully, gossi, it will do well in the UK... continuing the trend set by Serenity's opening weekend (UK vs USA)!!
I still find it interesting to see how extremely badly reviewed movies like "Silent Hill" hits #1, when movies with very good reviews like "Slither" doesn't even make top 5.

Hi, btw. My first post :)

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