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April 24 2006

Alexis on Tonight's How I Met Your Mother. Alexis makes another appearance as the anchor Sandy Rivers.

HIGH-larious. But wasn't his name Sandy Rivera in a previous episode? Sandy Rivers is funny, but I would've sworn it used to be Rivera...
According to the credits of the last episode he was in (Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.) it was Sandy Rivers.
Must've heard it wrong... (although I'm pretty sure my wife and I double-checked it on our DVR when it aired). *shrug*
But of course the joke works with Sandy Rivers. My home town had a DJ called Sandy Beach when I was growing up - or perhaps Sandy Beech to make it less obvious.
AD was very funny here.As obnoxiously self-assured as an early Wesley.
I just love this show.
I almost died when I saw him on the last episode - I literally almost did not recognize him. Can't wait to see him again.

"I never get tired of hearing that", Yosemite Sandy, the telepathic conversations...All of it was candy.

Oh, and Damn you, Severe weather! I missed about 10 minutes of the program.
It was funny as hell! I loved Yosemite Sandy!
He cracks me up. :) And talk about range!
As funny as AD was, I'm sure my catch phrase for the week will be "Lawyered!" ;-)
I haven't laughed this hard at a sitcom in a long time. Great episode, and having Alexis there just made it that much better.
Dang! I missed it due to some in-house drama with pets--don't ask! Hope it will be repeated!
Lawyered! is my new catch phrase.

I also really liked the scene between Lily and Sandy last night - nice bit of subtext for the Whedonites. :-)
I'm sorry...I'm new here and I hate to make waves but "How I Met Your Mother" just doesn't do it for me. Now I did watch about 10 mins. of this episode just to see Alexis and of course to get a glimps of Alyson but I just can't seem to get into the show.

I did try. I watched the very first episode and caught maybe the third but I just didn't get it. The show was exactly set up then punchline, set up - puchline, set up - punchline. The bad thing is I could see each punchline coming a mile away. Throw in the "Three's Company" wacky misunderstanding and you've got "How I Met Your Mother" I believe that Alyson does a great job and Alexis doesn't have to prove anything to me, I think he's terrific. I just don't believe that this show could ever showcase their talent. I'm missing something while viewing this show right?
Alexis(Sandy) was a tool again and I loved it...For the last hour I have been putting things in Sandys hair and he has not noticed...seriously!!!

Sandy was lawyered.
Soulless Vampire ED: don't worry, this has come up before; many people here, including JW himself, love this show to bits, while others, like you and me, fail to find it funny.

I'm actually an objectivist about most things. That is, I tend to think that most things are not "in the eye of the beholder", or "just a matter of opinion". But I think humour might be an exception to this. Different people find different things funny, and there is a brute bottom-line to finding something funny: did it make you laugh/smile/guffaw? Yes or no.

With things like literature, film, cuisine, wine, there are all kinds of processes whereby our critical faculties and sensibilities can be cultivated and refined, and there are sensible ways in which one can argue a case for one thing being better than another. That doesn't seem to be the case with humour: having a joke explained to you generally doesn't make it any more likely to make you laugh at it.

With other things there is a plausible distinction between "finding something to be x" and it "being x". In the case of humour, the only way I can think of drawing that distinction is by appealing to the test of time; but that appeals to the idea of what "ideal judges" converge on over time, and again in the case of humour I'm not sure what an "ideal judge" would be.

Certainly there are many posters here whose opinions and judgements I respect greatly, and who on most things I find my judgements more or less converging with. We even tend to agree on what things in Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity we think are funny (although the fact that we are here is probably adequate explanation of that). But for all that we still widely diverge on what other things we find funny. Maybe it isn't a case of "missing something" at all. Maybe that's just something we have to accept.
dzr: I agree. Humour is fickle and maybe I'm not "missing" anything and "How I Met Your Mother" just doesn't tickle my funny bone. As a fan of both actors (Alyson & Alexis) I just don't feel that this show is a suitable platform to showcase the talents of these great actors.

I didn't mean to get off topic. The purpose of this post is to comment on the performace of Alexis on "How I Met Your Mother" not to bash the show, so I apologize.

So here is the best I can do:

Alexis showed that he is willing to give 100% to any project he is attached, that is an admirable quality.

It's an admirable quality I wish I had...I mean just look at the Half A$$ job I did on this post.
While I'm not a fan if HIMYM, I did watch the episode last night. The best part... I didn't tell my husband Alexis was going to be on the show. When Sandy made his appearance on-screen, I turn to my DH and said, "Huh, do you know who that is," and watched his face for the next five minutes as he tried to figure it out. "Looks familiar, but I don't know... um..." When I finally told him he couldn't believe it and nearly stared a hole in our set in amazement.

That's good acting, my friends.

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